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Rhythm Heaven Megamix menu guide
By Threeblacknoises
Last updated; september 19, 2016

Getting started
When you first start the game you'll get a prompt that says that extra data was created on your sd card.
Press A to acknowledge this.
This is a one-time occurrence.
Once the title screen appears, press A to get to the save menu.
This is a rapping left-to-right (horizontal) menu with all four save slots.
Select one with the left and right directional buttons and press A, and you'll be asked to choose a MII to represent yourself.
This only has to be done once, and you can change it later.
Once you choose a MII, the main save menu for your file will appear.
This is an up and down (Virtacal) menu with start, then change MII, then erase.
Once you have a save file created, selecting it will bring up this menu.
For some reason, pressing up at the top or down at the bottom of this menu makes the sound as if you might have an unlockable choice in that direction even though you don't.
From here on out, you can just press A on the title screen until the game starts up.
Please note that you'll always start on file 1 each time the game loads.
Please also note that it's almost impossible to erase your file on accident.
You'll need to select erase, then hold L, R and X for three seconds.
Press A or B to get out of this prompt if you find yourself here.
When you're ready, select play to start the game.
One last one-time only prompt.
You'll be asked if you wish to share data.
Yes is on the left and no is on the right.
For the tutorial, advance through the text, then play the drumb a few times with A.
Next, listen for the prompt, then press A to play the drumb.
Follow the music and play the drumb with A
Lastly, try to catch the star by following the music and play the drumb with A.
None of this will effect your game in the slitest, so don't worry about it if you fail this part.
You'll next get a lot of story text, so just go through it with A.
Story text will happen each and everytime you clear a game or advance to a new world, so get used to it.
Once you se some text, you don't have to worry about having to see it again; outside of a few specific circumstances.
After this first bit of text, you'll be in the game's menu system.
The rest of the document will try and explain this system.
Please note: most menus don't rap. I'll give a note if one does.

The game's menu system uses both traditional button navigation as well as touch screen icons.
The world view; where you start after loading a save file; is vary mutch a kind of grid.
Each world is navigated with the right and left dirrectional buttons.
Most times, a world will consist of four rhythm games; one from each game in the series; from left to right.
The up and down directional buttons navigate between worlds.
Gatekeepers; more on that later; have only three options, but the sound when you move between them with left and right is different.
Tower worlds have anywhere from three to seven options, but only two of these exist in the game.
Their is one other tower, but it's by itself and; once cleared; three towers join it on each side for a total of seven.
Towerslead to a vertical submenu with five options going from the bottom upwards.
The final group of three towers is unique in that the middle tower can only be accessed once the two towers on opposite sides of it are cleared.
In the world with seven towers, once the six additional towers are cleared, the 'credits' will role, and you'll then be able to asend to heaven world by selecting the option that appears directly above the lush tower in the middle.
You can get to this option by pressing up on any tower, but pressing down from it will land you on the lush tower.
Once in heaven world, an option at the vary bottom that you start on will allow you to get back to the lower world.
Rhythm games can be accessed in the museum; more on that later; once cleared.
Gatekeepers have three options; or rather, people; each time they appear to block your path.
Saffron; easiest, Saltwater; normal; and Paprika; hardest.
They all lead to the same challenge, but Saffron and Saltwater give you more chances to mess up in return for more coins at the outset.
Because Saffron is the easiest, his trials cost the most coins, but they're consistent, so a guide for the tricky trials will be given here.
on the harder versions of trials, the gatekeepers will give a randomised challenge, but the basic concept behind each group of trials is the same.
The yes and no options for paying the gatekeepers are reversed from normal so that yes is on the bottom.
If you fail a challenge consistently, the gatekepers will let you through; seing as you've paid them lots of money; and you'll be able to advance to the next world.
more on gatekeeper challenges can be found elsewhere in this document.
during a rhythm game, you can press start to bring up the pause menu.
This menu is also displaied when you return to the game from the home menu if you were in a rhythm game when you pressed the home button or if you wake your 3ds from sleep mode.
Most times, it will be a rapping menu.
resume is always at the top, and quit is always at the botum.
The option in the middle changes depending on where you are.
If you're in a tutorial for a rhythm game, it will let you skip said tutorial.
If you're in a rhythm game itself, it will let you restart the rhythm game.
During gamekeeper or perfect trials; as well as the intro or while rewatching sequences in memories mode, the menu doesn't rap, but only has two options, resume and quit.
because you have to pay coins to undertake gatekeeper trials, choosing the quit option will ask if you really want to; seeing as the coins you spent to attempt the challenge won't be refunded if you decide to quit.
You're also asked for confermation during perfect challenges, as this will waste an attempt.
You'll also need to pause the game during the challenge train segments if you wish to abort, but the no coin refund rule stil applies.

The remaining menus are extras related, but the game will make you go into them, so I'll tell you about them.
; First though,Their is an icon in the bottom center of the screen in world view.
It only opens or closes a map, which is useless to us.

The cafe; once unlocked; can be accessed with the icon in the bottom left corner of the touch screen while in world view.
When this option first appears, you'll hear a jingle with a dog bark in it.
At this time, you should tap the far left icon to enter the cafe and page through the dog's text, then exit with the B button.
Most stuff in here won't be inportant to us, but here goes.
Starting from the left;
streetpass terrace.
Once unlocked; It lets you fight in the figure fighter rhythm game against an AI aponent.
Once the first is defeated, more become unlocked in a vertical menu.
The rules are just like the figure fighter rhythm game, except you're actually fighting someone this time.
You both follow the same prompts, and whomever loses all there helth first is the loser.
You can collect powerups that will refill your health, and they are randomly placed on your side of the field on random cues of the game.
Just keep fighting to collect them.
The next two options; once unlocked; deal with the goat that unlocks differint loading icons once leveled up.
fead Goat; well; feads the goat in the goat pachinko rhythm toy.
Use the left and right directional buttons to select what you want to fead the goat, then pull down on the circle pad then release to launch said food.
Food consists of two colors of turnips, golden turnips; won in Streetpass Terrace; and coins.
Every now and then, you'll get a chance to launch ammo rapidly at the goat.
You'll know this happens when the music changes.
Please note: All twenty icons; or mascots; will be unlocked once the goat reaches level 200.
You can keep leveling her up well beyond lv 200 after that; though nothing will happen.
pick turnips, um, picks turnips for feeding the goat.
Two turnips regenerate everytime you finish a rhythm game; weather you succeed or fail; up to a maximum of eight.
The center option; where you start; talks to a random customer.
Right from that; once unlocked; is the shop.
This menu has three options after a bit of text.
Mementos, Music, and Rhythm games.
Mementos deals with text-based items related to the different rhythm games.
Music lets you buy the music from the various rhythm games.
Rhythm Games contains unlocable rhythm games not found in story mode.
The individual shops rap, but you'll be positioned on the first item you haven't bought once you enter one of the shops, so no worries.
Rhythm games must be bought with flow balls found in challenge land, but the rest can be bought with the coins you'll get for completing rhythm games.
Once you unlock all of the extra rhythm games, any extra flow balls you may get from getting perfects on rhythm games or for completing challenges on the challenge train will be automatically converted into coins when you visit the shop.
The conversion rate is 30 coins per flow ball, so don't be alarmed if it takes a good while for the coins to stop poring in.
The next option is the museum, and it's where you'll be spending most of your time once story mode is in the dust.
Here, all the rhythm games are grouped just as they are in world view, with extra games at the top in sets of three.
selecting a game will give you a rapping horizontal menu with options to;
Read Memento, Play Music, view Ending cards, and play the game.
Just press left to get to the play option.
For clap trap, their are two Mementos instead of one.
The only exception to this menu is the one for the gatekeeper trials.
Each one is on a roe by itself, and; once selected, you get the options to;
Read Memento, Play Music and play the game.
Please note; All trials on a single gate must be cleared in order to play its endless variant found here.
You can select the view ending cards option, then use left and right to switch between Ok, Try again on the left, and Superb on the right.
You can also tap an icon on the touch screen to activate a slide show of all of the ending cards you've collected for the selected condition, complete with that condition's music!
Just press B to get out of this.
also, you can hold the L and r buttons while selecting the music for a game to be able to play the drumbs during the song.
You'll need to hold L, r and b for about three seconds to exit the music player when this mode is active.
The drumbs can be played with all four face buttons as well as the directional pad and L and r.
The final option in the cafe lets you talk to the curator of the museum.
Badges and mascots on the vertical menu just give you access to records, but Memories; once unlocked; will let you watch the two credits sequences as well as the cast role.
Their are also three icons that can be activated on the bottom of the touch screen.
The left icon activates the game's instruction manual. Press home to get out of this.
The center icon accesses the settings menu.
This menu is entirely touch-based, so you'll need sighted help if you want to change anything visual-related in here.
Most things deal with sharing data, streetpass settings, resetting your highscores data, and enableing or disableing the timing display.
The only options in here you might want to use are the control type; found in the top left and return to title; found at the bottom right.
Once you select control type, buttons is on the left, and simple tap is on the right.
If; for some reason; you want to replay the tutorial, that choice is on the bottom left.
The choices on the middle left, top right and middle right have no real use to us.
The back option is in the same place as the settings icon in the main cafe menu.
The right icon in the cafe menu switches between English and Japanese audio options.
You'll hear a word in the corresponding language when the icon is tapped.
The final menu is challenge land; activated with the right touch icon in world view.
Here you can attempt a "Go For Perfect!" trial if it's up with the left option.
The challenge train can be accessed with the right option.
This costs coins if you're going solo, so be awhere of that.
Their is also an icon in the bottom right, and it sends the download play version of the game so that people that don't own the game can still play with you in the challenge train.
Like the cafe menu, it's entirely touch-based.
Yes is on the right and no is on the left.

Goe for perfect runs will appear from time to time and are signified by a descending bell tone and text box at the end of a rhythm game.
The first time this happens, a character will explain the perfect challenge to you.
Basically, you attempt to complete a rhythm game without making a single mistake.
Make one, and it's game over.
Clear the challenge, and you'll get 1 flow ball for your efforts.
Timing is extremely precise, but you have three attempts before the challenge disappears.
Please note that any rhythm games you may choose to play instead will count as a strike against you for a challenge.
You can; however; find the game you're being asked to play and use one of your three attempts to go into the game and use the retry option within when the game is about to end to get as many practice runs as you need.
Obviously this means that you can't accidently stumble upon the game you're trying to perfect unless you specifically go to challenge land to attempt it.
You can make the perfect challenge appear more offen by getting high scores on rhythm games.
A game must have a superb rank; 80 percent or higher; to qualify for selection for a go for perfect challenge.
The more games with superb ranks, the more often the perfect challenge will appear.
If all games have superb ranks, the perfect challenge will always be up.
At this time; once a challenge ends, the window will open back up with another rhythm game to challenge.
Please note: You won't ever get the same game twice in a roe unless you only have one game left to perfect.
Also note that skill stars won't appear in this mode.

In the challenge train, you take on various challenges based on the existing rhythm games.
note: Skill stars won't appear in this mode.
The first prompt you get when entering the challenge train asks if you're going solo or with friends.
Solo is at the top.
You'll then be given a vertical rapping menu with the various cources listed.
Select one and use the bottom option to pay five coins to attempt it.
This menu is rather odd, as it raps, but it also has two different menus once all courses are unlocked for a particular gatekeeper's world.
Pressing down in this menu will cycle through all challenges before rapping to the middle; where you start.
Pressing up cycles through up to five different challenges before rapping back to the middle.
These are usually the last five in a world, but if you haven't unlocked those then it won't go through them all obviously.
The amount of challenges on the menu depends on whitch world you have selected.
Once you clear all of Saffron's courses, Saltwater's world; or page; will unlock and can be accessed with the right directional button.
Once you clear all of Saltwater's courses, Paprika's world will unlock and can; once again; be accessed with the right directional button.
Once all three pages are unlocked, the left and right directional buttons will rap through the pages, so left from Saffron's page will take you to Paprika's page.
Please note; You cannot spam one challenge to get flow balls.
Each challenge; once completed; will give you 1 or more flow balls automatically.
After that, you'll be asked to pick a treasure chest on repeat runs from a horizontal menu that will give coins; mostly.
If you fail a game in a challenge, you have two more chances to finish all games in the challenge without failing the entire thing.
Generally speaking, one course will have 3 to 4 games, but some of the harder courses can have as many as 8 in a roe.
Once you complete or fail a course, you'll be asked if you want to keep playing the challenge train.
No is on the right, but you'll always start on keep playing.
If you say no, you'll be sent back to the main challenge land menu.
If you say choose a new course, you'll be taken instead to the challenge menu and will be placed in the world and on the course you last attempted.
.If you say replay, you'll replay the current challenge, but it'll cost more, so it might offer better rewards to.
If you faill a chalenge, you get the same prompts as if you passed it, but the inicial cost to attempt the challange is all you'll pay to attempt it again.
Once most challenges in a world are cleared, you'll be dumped out of the challenge train and given some text rather than the option to play again.
At this time, the next world is unlocked.
when navigating the course and world menu, it's important to remember that the cursor will stay in the place you put it; even when switching worlds.
To reset the cursor, simply exit challenge land all together.

Their are basically three different challenges you'll be asked to complete, and only one can be active at any one time.
The tempo of the song can also be increased, and it can do so regardless of the condission needing to be met.
Score challenge.
This basically works just like normal rhythm games.
The only difference is that you have to meet a sirtain percentage to clear these challenges.
You can only get Try again and superb ranks in these challenges.
Lives Challenges.
This works just like a Go For perfect! challenge except that; most times; you can mess up three times, with the third spelling the end for you.
Don't get Eaten! Challenge.
Now this, is the unique challenge in this mode.
Here, a monster is placed behind whatever rhythm game you're playing.
As you play the game, the visual of the game shrinks so that more of the monster is visible.
If the game gets eclipsed by the monster, game over.
So, how to you prevent this from happening?
You score aces.
As you play the various rhythm games, you'll hear a unique sound.
This means you scored an ace.
Keep scoring them to keep the screen visible.
Note: You'll need to hit the cue perfectly to get the best ace possible.
You can still score them without hitting them perfectly, but you won't get the full benefit from them, and the sound will be lower as a result.
The catch?
well, the starting size of the game screen, the speed at whitch it shrinks, as well as the placement and number of the aces, are all completely random.
So, you'll probably die several times during these challenges.
Don't get discouraged if you fail.
Sooner or later, you will succeed.
Lists of the courses in each world are below; courtesy of rhythm heaven wiki.
They have been reformatted so confusion won't set in when dealing with rhythm games that have multiple versions.
The description for each course is provided; along with a list of the rhythm games in that course.
The conditions for each game might be added; provided I can unlock everything.
Note: The first course on the list for each world is where you'll start.

Saffron's World

Simplicity Is Best
"Let's start out simple, shall we?"
1. Karate Man (Story)
2. Spaceball
3. LumBEARjack

Punch! Shoot! Smack!
"Remember, the only problems you can solve with violence are rhythm problems."
1. Figure Fighter (Story)
2. Shoot-'Em-Up (Story)
3. The Clappy Trio (Story)

Bringing Topknots Back
"Get in touch with your inner samurai."
1. Power Calligraphy
2. Sumo Brothers
3. Super Samurai Slice

Aim True
"Don't sweat it, just feel the groove!"
1. Tongue Lashing
2. Sneaky Spirits (Story)
3. Exhibition Match

Group Activity
"Find harmony with other, like-minded individuals."
1. Micro-Row (Story)
2. Blue Birds
3. Flipper-Flop (Story)
4. Flock Step

Pattern Play
"Bouncy and lighthearted."
1. Air Rally (Story)
2. Bunny Hop
3. Rhythm Rally (Story)

A Tale of Dietary Fiber
"Why eat fruit when you can play with it instead?"
1. Catchy Tune
2. Rhythm Tweezers (Story)
3. Fruit Basket (Story)

Monster Maw
"Land aces to escape the gaping maw!"
1. Figure Fighter (Story)
2. Air Rally (Story)
3. Micro-Row (Story)
4. Bunny Hop

Master of the Delayed Response
"Patience, grasshopper (or chorus kid, or robot technician, or bird...)."
1. Glee Club (Story)
2. Fillbots (Story)
3. Blue Birds

Game Gamble: Beginner
"You strike me as a risk taker. A real go-getter!"
1.Random (GBA)
2.Random (DS)
3.Random (Wii)
4.Random (New)

Saltwater's World

Soul of Japan
"Games with a Japanese flair."
1. Dog Ninja
2. Power Calligraphy
3. Samurai Slice (Wii)

All Singing, All Dancing
"You've got rhythm. Here's the music to go with it."
1. Glee Club
2. Frog Hop
3. Tap Trial

Full-Belly Dojo
"Learn the lesson of fullness!"
1. Fork Lifter
2. Fillbots
3. Chameleon

Round-Object Fan Club
"Round objects... I know you think about them just as much as I do."
1. Working Dough
2. Bouncy Road
3. Fork Lifter
4. Flipper-Flop

Factory Tourism
"It's fun AND educational to learn how the things you use were made."
1. Fillbots
2. Built to Scale (Wii)
3. Screwbot Factory
4. Machine Remix

On the Job
"Everybody's got to pay the mortgage, one way or another."
1. Working Dough
2. Board Meeting
3. Packing Pests
4. Monkey Watch

Getting Vocal
"Let's sing together! (You can sing quietly if you're shy.)"
1. Fan Club
2. Karate Man Combos!
3. The Dazzles
4. Airboarder
5. Karate Man Kicks!

Be a Good Sport
"It's good to move your body sometimes."
1. Hole in One or Spaceball
2. Rhythm Rally
3. Figure Fighter or Fruit Basket
4.Air Rally
5. Exhibition Match

Extreme Sports
"It's good to move your body a great deal sometimes."
1. Spaceball
2. Rhythm Rally
3. Hole in One
4. Air Rally
5. Fruit Basket
6. Figure Fighter
7. Exhibition Match

So Many Monkeys!
"Do you like monkeys? I think they're all right."
1. Hole in One
2. Monkey Watch
3. Exhibition Match
4. Animal Acrobat
5. Tap Trial
6. Fan Club

Monster Maw 2
"Land more aces to escape the even-more gaping maw!"
1. Spaceball
2. Flipper-Flop (Story)
3. Rhythm Rally (Story)
4. LumBEARjack

Remix Medley
"It's almost like a remix of remixes. A meta-remix, if you will."
1. Machine Remix or Honeybee Remix
2. Donut Remix or Citrus Remix
3. Barbershop Remix
4. Songbird Remix
5. Lush Remix

Super Remix Medley
"So remixed it almost comes back around to not being mixed at all..."
1. Lush Remix
2. Honeybee Remix
3. Machine Remix
4. Citrus Remix
5. Donut Remix
6. Barbershop Remix
7. Songbird Remix

That's Show Biz!
"You're gonna be the star! Or a strong supporting player!"
1. The Clappy Trio
2. The Dazzles
3. Glee Club
4. Airboarder
5. songbird Remix

Game Gamble: Intermediate
"Care to play dangerously?"
1.Random (GBA)
2.Random (DS)
3.Random (Wii)
4.Random (New)

Paprika's World
Note: Nearly all the songs in this world are sped up; with Wario...Where?, possibly Game Gamble: Advanced, and the first level of Lockstep Lockdown; being the lone exceptions.

All or Nothing!
"To err is human... so this series is only for nonhumans."
1.Exhibition Match
2.Sneaky Spirits
3.Ninja Bodyguard

Demon Slayer
"So many unsliced demons! So many unrescued villagers!"
1.Samurai Slice (Wii)
2.Super Samurai Slice
3.Super Samurai Slice 2

Tales of Romance
"Being young and in love is the best. Being old and in love is still pretty good."
1.Double Date
2.Blue Bear
3.Tangotronic 3000
4.Bossa Nova

Back and So Forth
"You can achieve more if you work with a partner. That's just a fact."
1.Catchy Tune
3.Sumo Brothers
4.Air Rally
5.Cosmic Rhythm Rally

Karate Joe vs. the Monster
"Coming soon to a multiplex near you!"
1.Karate Man (Story)
2.Karate Man (3DS)
3.Karate Man Kicks!
4.Karate Man Combos!
5.Karate Man Senior

"Innovation is overrated."
1.Rhythm Tweezers (Story)
2.First Contact
3.Working Dough
4.Rhythm Tweezers
5.Second Contact
6.Working Dough 2

Group Activity 2
"Find MORE harmony with other, like-minded individuals."
1.Marching Orders
3.Jumpin' Jazz
4.Cosmic Dance

Lockstep Lockdown
"Look, this one's tough."

Getting Vocal 2
"Let's all sing together! Or at least lip-sync!"
1.Sumo Bros
2.Pajama Party
3.Honeybee Remix
4.Machine Remix
5.Lush Remix

"Pew pew pew!"
1.Launch Party
3.First Contact
4.Space Dance
6.Cosmic Rhythm Rally

Rhythm Safari
"Look at all the animals! And look at their sense of rhythm!"
1.Bunny Hop
2.Rat Race
4.Blue Birds
5.Flock Step
7.Fan Club 2

Hello, Ladies...
"Think you're woman enough to take this one on?"
1.Fan Club
2.The Dazzles
3.Cheer Readers
4.Pajama Party
5.Exhibition Match
6.Hole in One 2
7.Jungle Trapeze

Game Gamble: Advanced
"Careful you don't lose your shirt. You might want to pin it to your pants."
1.Random (GBA)
2.Random (DS)
3.Random (Wii)
4.Random (New)

"You know who I haven't seen in a while?"
1.Tap Trial
2.Munchy Monk
4.Super Samurai Slice

Wario...Where? 2: The Sequel
"Oh, and look who else is here!"
1.The Clappy Trio
2.Freeze Frame
3.Catchy Tune

Gatekeeper trials.

1. coin Toss
The objective of this one is simple.
Pres A and a coin will be tossed into the air.
A cowbell will count off 3 seconds, then you're supposed to press A again to catch the coin before it hits the ground.
a toss will sound like this.
Ding tick tick tick tick tick catch.
The first time you do this, you'll just hear the ticking.
After that, laughing and music will join the sound and replace the ticking.
catch 4 of these musical coins, and the tempo will slow down, and the process repeats.
Sometimes, the music will drop out; forcing you to keep rhythm yourself.
To help with this, it might be in your favor to make up some ridiculous; easy-to-remember; phrase, and chant it to yourself to help keep time.
Just don't chant it in a public place, or you might find people asking questions or giving you strange looks.

2. Sick Beats.
In this challenge, you use a directional pad-shaped fork to stab bacteria before it gets to a blob and attacks it.
You'll figure out the sound for the attacking bacteria vary quickly, and it can always be killed by tapping one beat after you hear the bacteria attack.
In button mode, directional inputs are required to pass this challenge, however, directional button inputs for Saffron's trial are listed below.
You can always just switch to simple tap mode, and button inputs won't matter, as tapping the screen acts like pressing any directional button that's required by the challenge.
right, right, right, right, up, up, down.
right, right, right, right, right, right, up, up, down, right.

3. charging Chicken.
In this game a chicken is sitting behind the wheel of a car; God help us, and your objective is to charge the car enough to get it over the rocks to the grass, but not so much that it falls off the island into the water.
You're given a distance in yards and you then hold A to charge the car, then release it to send the car on it's way.
You'll get a countdown before you press and hold A so you know how fast the beat of the song is.
If you hold A for to long, the car will explode; roasting the chicken.
And that's how we're going to do this game; seeing as explodeing the car doesn't cound as a miss or failure.
You see, if you need to send the car 8 yards, it will explode on cound 14.
8 Yards, count 8, 15 yards, count 25, 16 yards, count 26, and so on.
The yard counts for the harder challenges are not set in stone, and that's why I gave the method above.
I may have more distances soon, however, Saffron's distances are given below.
8, 16, 4, 8.
That's what you'll get most of the time, but if you get something else, just try again, and you'll most likely get what's listed above.

4. clap trap.
In this game your objective is to block Karate chops by clapping your hands together at the right time.
You'll hear three cowbells followed by a wooshing sound.
You have to press A at the right time to clap and block the chop.
The time you'll have will change, but the concept remains the same.

Thanks for reading, and I'll add stuff as I; or anyone else; finds it.

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