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hi i try to explain how to setup return of the king.

first download the game:


then download tools for nvda includes clipreader, qtranslate saysetup.exe and clipcopy.nvda addon

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/452 … 0tools.zip

After extracting the game and tools install saysetup.exe and clipcopy
start clipreader.exe and qtranslate.exe.
choose the languages in qtranslate and press escape to close the window.

install chinese simplified keyboard layout.

before start the game press alt+shift to change layout to chinese simplified.

when the game is running press cursor down then g to copy text in clipboard and then ctrl+, to hear the translation

when you are in login screen tab to the second switch and press spacebar.


the first field is emailadress the second username and the third and fourth are password.
then you have a list with following
warrior male
warrior female
mage male
mage female
caller male
caller female
hunter male
and hunter female
after choosing your class press tab and space
then listen without translate in the chinese words are a number your game id.

keys in game:

up move forward
down move backward
left and right move left and right
q and e switch between cathegories like skills items and so on
a and d switch skills or items when you choose with q or e
space attack
z choose view between all your own and enemy
y attack mode
left ctrl+ f1-f8 set skills on the keys
alt+1-8 set items like gold or potions
g copy text to clipboard
h same as y
j and u track things on a map
b activate tracking
tab choose player npc or enemy
right ctrl lock enemy
shift+backspace after choosing a player you can give items to him/her
v coordinates

if you want make exp with me my name in game is atlan smile and my skypename is derbruedi

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