2015-02-10 18:57:52

This year we will be attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, where we will be participating in a Panel Discussion on the subject of 10 years of game accessibility. Here's a description of what it will be about:

"In the ten years that the IGDA's accessibility group has been running we have seen many advances in the field, with awareness growing, and more and more developers considering accessibility for gamers with disabilities. But there's a long way to go, with work still needed to remove barriers in areas such as hardware, software, third party tools, online communities, education and policy. We will be taking a retrospective of some of the key achievements and developments over the past ten years, and with your input, also look at the next important areas to focus on, providing a roadmap of how all of us can help the industry move towards greater inclusion, allowing the entertainment and quality of life benefits of gaming to reach even wider audiences."

For this Panel session we would love your input! We have designed a tiny survey (just 4 questions!) on your view of the past 10 years of accessible gaming, as well as a possible way forward. We kindly request everyone to please take 5 minutes to fill in this survey. The results will be presented on the 5th of March during the Panel Discussion, as well as in a printed hand-out. Of course we will share the results through this list too!

Please use the following link to access the survey:


Should you be in the vicinity of San Francisco in the week of the 2nd of March and you would like to meet up with members of the GA-SIG, gamers and other GA-enthusiasts, check out the following schedule:

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gdc-access … 5589776441

Thank you very very much for filling out the survey!

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2015-02-13 21:58:53

Well, it's not accepting responces.

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