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I will be updating this post as I discover more trofies, so check here often!
disclaimer: this documentation contains spoilers and is not to be read if you want to find the trofies on your own. thank you!
1. thank you. register the game to get this trofy immediately.
2. down to the wire. get a clock while you have less than 3 seconds of time left.
3. personal high score. get a new high score for the first time.
4. fearsum phillip. get at least 168 egs on normal mode.
5. normal. play normal mode for the first time.
6. no beek for you. play a game without getting caught by the chicken.
7. rest in peaces. kill 1 chicken.
8. really happy liam. post on the scoreboards.
9. champion. get number 1 on the normal scoreboard.
10. you’re a quitter! press escape while playing a game.
11. practice, practice, practice. get less than 10 egs on any mode.
12. going egg hunting on friday. start the game on a friday.
13. manic munday. start the game on a munday.
14. clasic. get a score of at least 80 on clasic mode.
15. blast from the past. play classic mode for the first time.
16. classic king. get number 1 on the classic scoreboard
17. chicken nuggets. get a score of at least 209 in chicken coop.
18. super chicken. play chicken coop for the first time.
19. wings anyone? kill 10 chickens.
20. thre's a croud. post on any scoreboard and get number 3
21: not quite enough. post to any scoreboard and get number 2.
21: 83 in a third. collect at least a thousand egs.
22: rock around the clock. collect at least a hundred clocks.
23: beek buffet. kill at least 50 chickens.
24: Cheep plug. Get a score of at least 45 on Minute rush.
25: Sixty Minutes: Play Minute Rush for the first time.
26: Uncertainty. Survive at least 216 Seconds in Survival.
27: Wellcoem to the jungle. Play Survival for the first time.
28: Eye of the Tiger. Survive at least 120 Seconds in Survival.
29: unlucky. Have 15 or less? Seconds left and get caught by the chicken.
30: You're not so mixed up. Get at least 146 Points in Mix up.
31: you spin me right round. Play  mix up for the first time.

Bar, bar, bar...
Bar is my name and to go bar is my aim...
Sometimes I'll go "Bad bar",
But in the end its always bar, ahem beer, ahem bar! beer bar!

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