2007-05-01 15:19:33

Hello, Bryan! I wayt of the audiogamemaker! Sory, bath you a verry slowli programmer! You have sait, tat you have 2 weaks for the programming. Bath i wayt 3 weaks! I hope, tat you not have a jear for your programm! Not best regards, CLaudio!!!

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2007-05-01 17:41:12

claudio... you shouldn't be angry with someone just because a program is delayed. programming is more then just throwing something together, it stacks with real life issues, including a huge fire that destroys offices.

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2007-05-01 23:08:47

The admin with a large forumthreadtrashingsledgehammer does not like this topic...sorry. Please be patient for the AGM, these guys are doing their best! Sure, they can send it to the community right now, but why not fix some bugs, do some serious testing and implement some really necessary things first?