2005-04-13 18:13:56

hi all

i have some great news for you jim kitchen fans, well this message

is for richod and sanderman really,
you may already know this, but jim

kitchen is not shutting down! to proove it, he's got a new game under the

windows text to speach games section, winskunk!
and, on the "fantastic

games and where to find them!" section, it says that he's developing an

american football game.
so he's not shutting down!
i think this is very

good because i have most of his games and they are good for children like

me, and they are good for all ages.
happy gaming.

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2007-04-21 14:42:14

Aaron: Winskunk has always been there and the american football game(winnfl) has ben under development for a while; it's at version 4 or something. Maybe I missed something, but I don't think he released anything about shutting down...

2007-04-21 15:57:55

well andy ressurected this topic. if you look at the date you can see that aaron's message was nearly two years ago.

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