2006-04-29 15:52:10

Hi, does anyone know how Ritcherd got the sound of the sick hitting the shuttle in Drive? I'm just interested. I'm affending anyone by asking am I?

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2006-04-29 20:51:42

Oh no, you're not offending anyone smile
If I remember correctly the design is a mix of several sounds, together with a recording of the voice actor doing Bob.
We did not use real vomit...

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2006-04-30 20:39:44

It was me...something happened with my food... smile


2006-05-01 16:40:01

if you didn't use real vomit then it is probably some water splash or similar or some kind of liquid at least.

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2006-05-05 15:34:06

Could you tell me what files they were and what they contained? It's because I'd like to try to get different sounds of sick hitting surfaces and playing them backwards.

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2006-05-05 15:49:45

they probably bought the sounds somewhere and you'll probably have to buy it from a sound effects site... i'm not sure though.

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2006-05-05 16:25:43

oh no, not playing files (especially sick ones) backwards, again, samuel! it annoys me onskype when me and dog are trying to talk you call me and say something that you brewed or something you killed on alter aeon, (which i dont play anymore -- people are right: it sucks. i sometimes play it still but hardly anymore), and play files which are quite cool but... well... hmm... ya know.
it's just a bit annoying some times. but anyhow it'll be funny if i played the files backwards.

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2006-05-07 15:53:27

Yeah right, actually it sounded quite funny playing it backwards. he had also the bob of drive and sneller being sick at the same time. pretty interesting, because it is not the same sound. the skype thing was rather off topic but well... as for alter aeon, it's good. when you're starting with muds. which i am not, so don't like it. you might as well like it when you are experienced with muds, but i just don't.

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2007-03-11 21:36:13

The sick sound is so real that my wife doesn't like me to make bob sick. LOL

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2007-03-11 21:50:35

Would be a rather cool item on the featurelist for V1.1:
We're glad (and kinda proud) to tell you that we just released our new version of Drive. And guess what, today's release is based on real vomit!

2007-03-13 13:48:04

lol. well yeah it's real enough actually.

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2011-06-12 22:22:40

err sounds disgusting lol tongue

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. -Abraham Lincoln

2012-02-26 21:11:48

this is eallly off topic but a a. is great or i think it is. i mean it is the only mud with a full sound pack. yeah that space mud soed have one but i don't like it lol.
hmmm everyone likes differnet things. yaaythat means we are all differnt yay

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