2006-01-26 20:33:52

we're happy to anounse,that Lighttech Interactive is now on the map of accessible gaming and software!
Lighttech Interactive is commited to deliver high quality, entertaining accessible games!,we at LighttechInteractive put all hard eferts and thought, needed to create the best  ,fully feetured product.
we hope to bring sevrall happy years of entertainment with some great and accessible Interactive Games!
some of our games are available for download, while other titles are still in development -- as well as implementing a fully feetured Lighttech Interactive score server
be sure to check lighttechinteractive.com often as we  post news on our currently in development titles , as well as any changes we make on other software from
happy gaming!
Lighttech Interactive : Yakir Arbib , robert osztolykan , parham doostdar