2018-10-11 23:02:27 (edited by Slender 2018-10-11 23:03:54)

Since the ban hammer has had to come down a lot more than usual lately, I have a question about bans, mainly because I'm curious and have never been banned myself big_smile. I wonder what a banned user sees when they log in to the forum?

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2018-10-11 23:16:50

All they see is a forum message that says that they were banned from the forum, a moderator message of why they were banned and a notice that if they were dissatisfied with the ban they should contact the forum administrator (senderman).

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2018-10-12 09:58:56

Does this message tell them the remaining time before the ban gets removed? And is the banned member allowed to sign out of their account to view the forum as a guest?

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2018-10-12 14:47:11

Since you would be banned, there's no way to sign out except to delete the audiogames.net cookies, but that would allow you to view the forum as a guest unless the moderators decided to also ban your IP address.

And this is just a guess but, since your forum log in also works for the entire audiogames.net web site, it wouldn't surprise me if the ban also bars you from the rest of the web site as well.

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2018-10-12 15:54:15

or use private browsing i've never been banned from a website before but i think it'll work

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2018-10-12 16:53:12

Private browsing would let you view the forum as a guest, if your IP address isn't also banned. Obviously creating a new account would then be seen as evading your ban.

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2018-10-12 21:30:48

I do believe IP addresses are also banned unless, again, you use private browsing; I've learned this the hard way after accidentally kicking myself out of my own forum...oops. As for the rest of the website? Doubt it. You could still search for and download/find more info on games, I would venture to guess that your favoriting functionality would be broken as well. Although you are exactly right in that that is what you see when viewing the forum as a banned/suspended user:
you are banned from this forum.
The administrator of the forum left you the following note:
etc etc. This facilitates the perfect bashing tool for spambots as well since you can put whatever you want in here. Lol!

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