2018-10-11 04:39:34

Not so long ago, I was interested in the development of robotics and artificial intelligence.
I started reading about it. I learned that such programming languages as C, C++, LISP, MATLAB, Python, and Java are actively used.
Are there developers here who are interested in robotics and can answer my questions?
1. Can a blind person be free to practice in this direction of programming?
2. About programming languages. For myself, I decided that C and C++ are mandatory programming languages to learn.
About high level programming languages, I choose between Python and Java.
Python is a simple language. It has a raspberry pi.
Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language. It attracts me because I can program under the android. But is it worth being guided by this?
What can you say about this?
Thanks in advance!

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2018-10-11 07:16:04

Python is pretty popular in scientific computing circles when it comes to AI, machine learning, data processing, and robotics, for example [PyTorch] and [SciPy]. There are also quite a few robotics projects using Raspi's and Python available, like hacking Roomba's, building Drones, Mechanical Arm's, or even [InMoov], an open source fullscale humanoid robot.

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2018-10-11 17:41:31

i don't know anything about robotics, but in terms of artificial intelligence, here are some libraries that you may try in python:
1. scikit-learn
2. tensorflow
3. theano
4. cntk
5. keras
6. scikit-neuralnetworks
7. mxnet
8. lasagne
there are of course a lot more, but here are the libs that at least i've tried (not all, but some)

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2018-10-11 19:07:59

I haven't spent too much time with robotics programming in python. From what I remember about java, it was a pain in the neck. Though, most of it had to do with the competition that my group was working on had very specific demands, and the system they had us working with was pretty poorly designed. You may have better luck if you can find a better robotics system.

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2018-10-12 03:22:48

visualstudio, What should I know for artificial intelligence and machine learning?
I saw only literature for professionals, but I have never worked in this direction.

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2018-10-12 06:26:09

Some good books you may wish to get to learn more:
* Artificial Intelligence with Python (9781786464392)
*Deep Learning with TensorFlow - Second Edition (9781788831109)
* Google Cloud AI Services Quick Start Guide (9781788626613)
* Hands-On Machine Learning with C# (9781788994941)
* Hands-on Machine Learning with JavaScript (9781788998246)
* Machine Learning - End-to-End guide for Java developers (9781788622219)
* Machine Learning for Developers (9781786469878)
* Mastering Machine Learning Algorithms (9781788621113)
* Natural Language Processing with TensorFlow (9781788478311)
* Python Machine Learning - Second Edition (9781787125933)
The numbers listed here are the books ISBNs. Just look them up -- you'll find 'em.

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2018-10-12 07:13:47

first, checkout scikit-learn's tutorial, thats good for working with scikit-learn
you will grasp the basics of machine learning
then, google is your best friend
for example, pythonprogramming.net has some great tutorials
third, here is a greate tutorial for natural language processing. but, you should install nltk for using this book since this book is just for this great library
forth, spacy also is good for natural language processing, which you might check it out
fith, if you want to study about computer visition, you might checkout opencv_python

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2018-10-12 10:33:19

Based on the foregoing, if I look in the direction of Python, I will not regret my choice.
Thanks guys.

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2018-10-12 20:38:32

again, i'm not familiar with robotics, but in terms of ai, i've told you my idea.

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