2018-10-09 00:37:21

This, is ridiculous. When will people learn? This, is why I'm not interested in ever developing commercial games, because of people like him. I know the audiogame market is small to begin with, but piracy just makes the market smaller. How can anyone afford to spend a year or two designing a game, coding, testing and releasing their games if people are just going to crack it? These little brats don't care, they just want free games. Free, free, free, and I haven't even published my first game yet, which is still in the works. Sorry for ranting, but I had to get it out somehow.

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2018-10-09 10:39:48


@tmstuff000, what people have said here is correct. We don't support any discussion or recommendation of cracking games because the game theft directly hurts developers for the reasons which people have previously stated (for more see the faq).

This is an official warning, we don't support audiogame theft in this community or those who engage in it. Continuing to discuss cracks, much less recommend them is a very good way to get yourself banned from the forum in quite short order.

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