2018-10-02 09:31:48

Hi all,

I thought some of you might be interested in a website that provides high-quality sound effects specifically aimed at those working on a budget. It has a fast-growing collection of >29000 sound effects and royalty-free music spanning all catagories.

You can sign up for free, which gives you access to mp3 versions of the sound effects, as long as you provide attribution for their use or, for £3/month or £20/year, you can access a faster download mechanism, get access to the higher quality wavs and need not provide attribution.

The donations are not payment for the sound effects, but rather go towards maintaining the site and growing the platform.

Check it out at:

Hope someone finds this useful,


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We already have it on the list in the off topic room, but that list isn't sorted yet, so thanks for this anyway!
Here are some more high quality sound resources you should be aware of if you aren't already.



Their are more, like 99sounds, soundimage, opengameart, freesound, soundbible, noiseforfun, pachd, pacdv, fxhome, and psyionic games, but these are generally more hit and miss or mainly music based with sound effects on the side.
You can also find free packs on the individual websites of most of the smaller designers who list their stuff on sites like asoundeffect, audiojungle, and sonniss.

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2018-10-03 11:50:26

hi. just signed up for this, amazing! looking forward to using these sounds in my new project, absolutely awesome! thanks for this!

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