2018-09-26 02:28:37

hello there. I just have afew quick questions. can someone give me an idea of how they started there game in bgt. I am studying the code, just for fun since I can't seem to get how to execute python code yet, and am still figuring out if python is good to learn givin that the indentations are in there. anyways, I am wanting to make a skating game or something of that nature. I know how to make a menu and submenu's. the next question is, how would I be able to make a simple starter run. like a skater going forward or something like that. if anyone could help with this, I would appreciate it.

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2018-09-26 02:35:21

Well, you would do if key pressed key whatever. So a basic  if statement. Then, say what to do if that key  is pressed. For example, give the X +5 or whatever. You   would also want to give It a sound. Scate.load skate.ogg;  then, another statement same key though. skate.play;

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2018-09-26 02:50:59

is there any recorded tutorials for the bgt manual? I hate reading since its a bunch of technical jargin.

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2018-09-26 08:52:22

Hi, i normaly use the sound pool, so here is some code:
int x;
sound_pool p;
timer movetimer;
void drive()
if(key_down(KEY_RIGHT) and movetimer.elapsed>=1000)
and so on. i know this is not the best code, but it can basicly give you more or less an idea on what to do

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2018-09-26 15:41:44

You don't want to learn through recordings. You need to understand how to read code by reading a manual.


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2018-09-26 19:47:23

ok, thank you for you r help. another thing. maybe its the hole math thing, or maybe something hasn't just clicked yet. can someone give me an idea of what they coded at first to get used to coding? I have printed statements, and created a menu. I have scene some offline fps style games, and I would also like to make something like this. what are some good excersises to use to get used to coding a map and movement and things like that. I recall that there was someone who posted some scripts earlier on, but I don't know how to use the scripts. am I supposed to convert them in to text then create the code from there? or can I just include them in to my script itself. any help would be great. thanks.

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2018-09-26 19:54:19

Simply include them and invoke the functions with the declared variables in your program. That's it.

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2018-09-26 20:22:53

Personally When i find an open sourced game or any game sources that are interesting, I read through them and learn the way, the formula or whatever special thing that they used and try to implement them in the games i make, possibly with changes, improvements to look like what I really want them to look like, etc etc. If you are new to programing, Reading complex codes and trying to implement them yourself isn't a good idea because all it brings is confusion. But just reading them and not trying to mess with them a lot will help because you have a bit of knowledge of them in your mind which you can use to your advantage later. Just don't go too fast, and don't go too fast, and don't go too fast. That's all.

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2018-09-26 23:23:47

does anyone have any idea of where I can grab some open sorced bgt games so I can study the code? I guess its the fact that I hate having to learn so dam slowly lol.

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2018-09-26 23:33:00

sorry for double posting here. the bgt scripts I am talking about wanting to implement would be the ones from the 2d framework scripts. lets say I wanted to make a map with the map.bgt script. how would I do this. I have thought about converting the file in to text and trying to write it out from there, but that just seems way to tedious. any help on this would be appreciated.

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2018-09-27 00:44:50

That wouldn’t really work since most of those are designed spasificly for 1 particular engine. As for editing code, you do know about the edit script option right?

2018-09-27 01:41:01

in reply to post 11, I do not. mind explaining to me what that is?

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2018-09-27 09:32:42

Basicly, do shift f10 on the bgt script and click edit script. You can also compile the script and do other things from here.

2018-09-27 10:08:11

if you want some open sourced games, go to masonasons.me and go to projects and then go to the opensource projects and download the 7z file. there are no fps style of games, but they might help you

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2018-09-27 10:31:31

How do i impliment rawdata? I made a working map buy the way. How do i create a tile map. Its way faster

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2018-09-27 12:38:30

Well that really depends on how your code is done. Here’s a little example, let me know if you run into errors.
String stuff=input_box(“stuff”,”enter the stuff you want to add to the map”);
File f;
I know i could have probably done that a lot better, having to type all this on the phone. Hope it helps anyways.

2018-09-28 06:16:26 (edited by UltraLeetJ 2018-09-28 06:28:19)

I remember this one, called skate scape. have you looked into it?
they also have a mirror of GitHub source code for some of their games and a bunch of old ones, also with source code. Needless to say that there is source code in many more games than what you would have imagined throughout the whole archive, so there is plenty to study.

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2018-09-28 07:20:42

Isnt skap skate written in lua?

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2018-09-28 12:27:42

No opensourced bgt games published by dragunapps. They are all pure basic, Autoit, and recently javascript

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