2018-09-14 22:19:19

Hi all,
I don't recall ever seeing a topic like this on the forum, so I thought I'd create one. I occasionally see recommendations for podcasts to check out, but I thought it would be cool if we had a central thread to swap recommendations, favorites, etc.

So, what podcasts do you all enjoy listening to and why? I'll add mine in a separate post once this topic gets going.

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2018-09-14 22:31:49

Check out Twenty Thousand Hertz. It's all spelled out, not numeric. It's a podcast all about sound. I also enjoy Dark Net Diaries which consists of stories about the darker side of the Internet.

I'm also into several of the audio drama podcasts. If you don't know about We're Alive and love horror and action, it's a great show! I also like The Leviathan Chronicles which is about immortal humans. Sadly, that one is incomplete and may never be finished. I also enjoyed The Byron Chronicles, although that one can be very confusing. It's about all kinds of supernatural creatures and their conflicts. There's also stuff about parallel worlds and the end of reality which was very interesting.

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2018-09-15 19:55:57

My favorite podcast is Myths and Legends. Not just the Greeks and the Romans but Native American, Viking, Asian, Mexican, if it’s a myth or Legend there is or will be an episode on it! At the end of every episode there is a creature of the week. From a cat that steels butter to try to make you rich, to baby sea monsters that want you to save them from drowning only to have their mother cast a powerful storm on you in anger, to a smelly scary looking wolf that just wants you to pet him. There are so many interesting and different creatures both good and bad. The same guy does another podcast as well called Fictional which are different takes on fictional stories such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Count of Monte Cristo, and Sherlock Holmes and more! I've also started listening to Lore which covers a number of interesting stories. I did try to get into Tanis which involved strange things such as a cabin with endless rooms that would reappear randomly and other strange mysteries told in a way that made it sound real. However each episode left me with more questions than answers and I got bored with it. It was interesting for a while though. It is classified as a mystery horror podcast and if you're into that kind of thing you might want to give it a listen. Another reason I don't think it worked for me was when I listen to podcasts it is usually when I'm working out and listening to 5 10 podcasts and not really getting anywhere was really annoying for me. Still the idea of Tanis being anything from a colt, a way to the afterlife, to all sorts of weird things the podcast attempts to find out what exactly Tanis is. I heard the Black Tapes is good to but I never got into it and it’s produced by the same group Pacific Northwest Stories. Myths and Legends though has been 1 of my favorites for a long time and I can't recommend it enough! Fair warning some of their episodes have adult themes and violence.

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2018-09-16 00:35:13

A new audio drama that just started is Starcalled. Has the same epic production as We're alive or Leviathan Chronicles.
Speaking of Leviathan Chronicles, production has started again apparently.
If you like country music--real country music, hint: Sam Hunt or FGL is not country music, check out Cocaine and Rinestones, a podcast produced by David Alan Coe's son talking about the history of country music.

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2018-09-16 02:13:07

I was hoping someone would start up a topic like this one day!
We need a good podcast repository.
I really like Fire on the Mound.
It has many seasons and is completely finished.
Every episode is there.
Think awesome story about ships and supernatural fiction mashed together.

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2018-09-16 03:12:36

The Magnus Archives: British horror/mystery anthology with a fantastic meta plot and tons of connections between episodes.

Rusty Quill Gaming: An actual play Pathfinder podcast by the same folks making Magnus. Showcases a bunch of other tabletop systems too from time to time.

Potterless: A 20-something-year old guy reading the Harry Potter books for the first time, commenting on them chapter by chapter and always having a fan or two in as guests to explain/debate.

Archive 81: Horror/scifi. Super weird but pretty well made. Especially the third season is really great.

On the topic of Tanis and The Black Tapes: I will honestly not recommend them. There's over 30 hours of Tanis so far and I can't really say what it's about without explaining far too much. And TBT is, so far at least, ending in the worst way possible. As in it's right out terrible writing and a lazy excuse for just ending the series. If anything I guess listening to both can be recommended if you're in doubt about what not to do when making a story.

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2018-09-24 15:40:06

Hi. I've recently watched the white vault. My question is all about the white vault artifact. Did anyone of you sign up for patreon to watch the special episodes especially the white vault artifact?

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2018-09-24 16:47:44 (edited by flackers 2018-09-24 16:48:58)

I really like CASEFile true crime podcast. Really well written, researched, and narrated. I also love Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre podcast. I love Richard's irreverent humour, and he has great guests.

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2018-09-24 23:46:30 (edited by turtlepower17 2018-09-24 23:54:00)

Great responses so far guys, keep 'em coming!

I'll admit right off the bat that I tend not to listen to audio dramas, at least not in podcast form. I honestly don't know why this is. I have nothing against them in general, but I guess, to me, when I listen to podcasts, I'm looking for reviews, or other nonfiction content.

A few of my favorites include:

The Hardcore Self help Podcast. Listeners write in questions about mental health, and a psychologist answers them, but he's really laid back, down-to-earth, and isn't afraid to let out a few curse words. I really like his style and approach.

Curiosity Daily. For awhile, I was really into the Curious app, which I think I wrote about some time ago on this forum, but over time my interest in that kind of fizzled out. I don't think this podcast is affiliated with that app in any way, but it's similar. You get about a 10-minute episode each day which gives you two or three random facts about various subjects. I also like Brain Stuff for this reason, but the reason that one isn't getting its own paragraph is that it tends to have a lot of ads, which sucks.

Disgraceland. Ever wanted a deep dive history lesson on musicians who either died under mysterious circumstances or living hard in general, or caused others to die under such circumstances? If so, check this one out, you won't regret it.

Clockwise. One of the very few tech podcasts I still listen to, I like this one because of the hosts' commitment to keep all episodes under a half an hour in length. Besides, they aren't either super pompous or just so dry that you could use it as a means to fall asleep at night like some of the tech presenters I've heard. They usually cover three pertinent tech-related topics of the week. Honorable mention here is WSJ's Tech news Briefing, I like them too.

Skeptoid. This podcast can really only be described as bullshit busting, although I don't think that's a term the host would have come up with. If misconceptions about a topic or event in history abound, you'll probably find an episode about it here. The one caveat about this show is that, for some reason, you have to pay for a subscription if you want to listen to anything past the 50 most current episodes. That's a bit of a downer, doubly so because I can't for the life of me figure out how to subscribe through the website. It doesn't seem to be accessible.

The Upgrade. This podcast is produced by Lifehacker, so you know it's good. Ever wondered how to tell if you're dating a psychopath? How about what microdosing is, and how to do it? How about alternative ways to view/treat alcoholism? These are just a few of the episodes I've recently listened to, and there are a lot more to pick from.

I think that's probably enough for now, those are the ones I actively follow at the moment, anyway. As you can see, I tend to prefer podcasts which aren't super lengthy. My concentration and attention span these days doesn't really allow me to listen to stuff that's an hour or more in length.

The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's just holding half the amount it can potentially hold.

2018-09-25 13:10:43

Hi all.
Well, I have a long list of podcasts that I'm subscribed to including most of the podcasts mentioned here. as for my fave podcasts, hidden brain is amazing, it tackles topics on a weekly bases and their reporting style is outstanding.
Other podcasts I'd recommend include: the sonic society, radio drama revival, most of the how stuff works podcasts, the truth, lightning bolt theater of the mind, 19 nocturne boulevard, everything is alive just because its amusing and I have more which I can't remember at the moment. I'll be posting here later on so stay tuned.

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2018-09-25 22:47:55

I didn't know Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind was still a thing, wow. That was one of the first podcasts I was ever introduced to.

The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's just holding half the amount it can potentially hold.

2018-10-01 01:23:03

I love Stuff You Should Know and Stuff You Missed In History Class.
Also, My Brother, My Brother and Me is really hilarious, keep in mind that this podcast is very explicit. They take questions from people and try to give advice, when really they just goof all of their advice and turn the show into comedy. But like I said it definitely wouldn't be everybody's cup of tea, as they do swear like truckers.
I really get into comedy, so if anybody knows of anymore great comedy podcasts, I would love to hear of them.


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2018-10-01 07:59:58

I particularly enjoy the joe rogen podcast. he always had some funny shit to say, as well as some funny guests. new epasodes every week, and its just great. the things he talks about sometimes are good to listen too. check it out.
the joe rogen experience, give it a listen. there is also one called the church of everything. pretty good one as well.

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2018-10-01 22:46:44

I definitely really enjoy star called! It very much has an audio descriptive feel to it as well!

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2019-01-15 06:54:39

I'm going to bump this topic back up to comment on a couple of things, and give a few more recommendations of podcasts I've stumbled across in the past few months.

First, Disgraceland's third season is coming out on February 12, and I'm stoked! The lineup, from the hints that are being dropped on Twitter, looks amazing.

Second, I tried to get into Cocaine and Rhinestones, but the host sounds like such a pompous shitbag that I'm honestly having trouble with it. Which is a shame, because it really is fascinating. I listened to the first two episodes, but he grates on my nerves. I did find out earlier today that he's involved in another podcast called Your Favorite Band Sucks, which I listened to, and thought to myself, "ah, he's right at home here, ripping on popular music." In that context, I don't mind him so much, but when he's doing serious deep dives on a subject I'm actually interested in, I get way too distracted.

So, what have I been listening to lately? Well, I've finally gotten my butt in gear and started listening to Myths and Legends, and I love it. I would say that even people who don't think they're into that kind of thing will find something to like about this podcast. The recent three-part series on the original story of The Jungle Book was particularly excellent, as was King of the Mountain. There's also Box of Oddities, which is a podcast where a husband and wife duo dredge up stories about weird historical events, or even talk about little-known places or animals. For example, do you know what a stink bird is? Odds are, you don't, but you might find out if you listen to that podcast. Then there's Science Vs., which is a bit like Skeptoid that I recommended above, but is a bit more informal and less academic than that, and doesn't impose any limitations on how many of the shows you can listen to. I learned that essential oils are basically bullshit, and mainly provide a placebo effect, while the war on whether antidepressants work or not is still going strong and shows no signs of stopping, due to a lot of hair-splitting about statistical success rates and the scales that are used to measure them, among other things.

What podcasts have you all been listening to lately?

The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's just holding half the amount it can potentially hold.

2019-01-16 01:14:41

Well, I absolutely love anything from the TWIT network (Mac Break Weekly and This Week in Google are a few favorites), then there's Linux Unplugged from Jupiter Broadcasting, then there's  songonauts, an audio drama about indie music and a weird surreal universe.
Speaking of audio drama's, I've been catching up with Red Panda Adventures from Decoder Ring Theater, which is a superhero drama in the style of classic, 1940's radio programs.

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2019-01-16 17:33:58

Rusty Quill just launched season 4 of The Magnus Archives last week, so I'm all over that at the moment, along with their actual play podcast Rusty Quill Gaming.

In short, nothing's really changed for me since my last post.

To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.
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2019-01-20 09:40:46

I really like Starcalled. I didn't know about it until I saw this topic, so Thanks for mentioning it Orin. I love We're alive and the Leviathan chronicles, and I'm looking forward to the rest of Season 2 of Leviathan. I've listened to most of the stuff from Darker Projects, and I'm also listening to the Byron chronicles.

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