2018-09-13 18:42:04

I like the X R and personaly now I like bigger phones because I have space for my big fingers and for example I tipe super fast on my old s7 edge and on an s8 plus, for example.
But because I can not even aford another s7 myself or another expensive phone with my own money, I will piss my mother off until she will help me get an iphone 8 and I will have it always connected to a small bluetooth keyboard, so, no need for a big screen anymore.
I was planning for a 7, but, do not ask me why, but I just hate it, it is a mater of prefference and, you know, boot loop disease.

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2018-09-13 19:14:26

Hey everyone!

I have a galaxy s8 from T-Mobile USA, in Midnight Black which I just paid off.
If I were to get an iPhone in a few years, it would most likely be  iPhone 8 Plus, in gold. If the iPhone XR, it would be in "yellow" or "coral."
The only way I am going to get a Galaxy s10, is if Talkback from Google or Voice Assistant by Samsung get new features added to their screen readers, or if more applications from iOS get ported over to Android.

As you can see, I am in limbo here. Regardless of which phone I get in a few years time, I'm keeping my S8 for comparison purposes.
Bixby, is one of the main reasons why I went with an S8 in general. Luckily, I still have my iPod Touch 6th gen which is getting iOS 12 next Monday, so I can keep up with Apple stuff, regardless of the phone I upgrade to.

Have a wonderful day!

2018-09-13 22:03:11

I like the idea of stereo mics, but here's the thing, android phones have had that for years. I will be going to android after my iPhone 7 dies, because I don't want to pay that much money for a phone, and android can do everything I need.

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2018-09-14 07:00:31

@post 13, so what you're saying is you replaced the battery, and the new battery's capacity is already down to 79%?

That is pretty bad, I'm also using a 6S, which I have had for almost 4 years now.

I bought mine a couple of months after it was released and the battery hasn't been replaced yet.

Mine is at 88%.

It started draining the battery ever since that iOS update came out around June.

I honestly don't know if I'll upgrade, my phone still works, still receives updates and all that.

When apps stop being incompatible I might consider upgrading, but I'm in no rush.

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2018-09-14 07:44:27

Everyone talks about how expensive the iPhone is, but when you look at the prices of Android devices, they are, honestly, not that much less expensive.    I remember when I got my Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, it was the same price as the iPhone 10-S is going to be, and that was 3 years ago.  I liked the phone, and honestly miss it sometimes, but with my vision loss meant I had to do what I had to do, so in 2016, I got my iPhone 6s Plus, and as of today, I ordered the iPhone 8 Plus.    Since I have a feeling I will be holding on to this phone for a while, I went all out and topped it off with the 256GB of storage space. 

Apple has apparently procured the necessary pattons to eventually come out with a fingerprint scanning screen, or something along those lines, from what I understand, but not sure how true this actually is, so don't get me to lying about it. 

After having done some homework, here's the order of iPhones, from worst to best, in my opinion; for this information is based on phone specs and features. starting from the 2017 generation.

iPhone 8, 10-R, 10, 8 Plus, 10-S, 10-S Max

I put this order together in terms of a balance of features to power.  Although the iPhone 10 was originally advertised as the best phone Apple ever made last year, when looking at the internal numbers, it has  pretty much all the same hardware as the 8 Plus, and for us, the things that really don't matter, such as screen backlight, and resolution, which really is the only main difference, besides the obvious face/touch ID.  Although having a larger screen, the physical form factor is smaller than the 8 Plus.  The one main reason I put the 8 Plus above the 10 was the battery life, that, and the louder speaker levels.

The 10 R will be the faster phone, but doesn't have nearly the same amount of features, and they mentioned the phone will last an hour and a half longer than the 8, it will not, however, apparently outlast the 8 plus battery, or the 10 battery, hence why they specifically mentioned the 8 and only the 8, not the 10 or 8 Plus, which we know have larger batteries; another reason I went with the plus over the standard.

Being blind, who's going to care about back lighting, or screen resolutions as much; for we are not playing video games or watching tv shows with our eyes, we use our ears and truth be told, that's the bigger thing they pointed out about the new iphones, especially the 10-S and 10-s Max which if I recall they compared to the 8 and not the 10 for good reason.  They talked so much about gaming and visuals, and that's it.   hence why I said stuff we won't care about basically.

SO yeah, the 8 Plus 256 GB for me, and then put the rest of the left over money on some hardware to use for the phone, like a bluetooth to aux output adapter so I can hook my phone up to my mixer and such.

Enough of my complaining.

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2018-09-14 14:56:41

I think nothing about these new phones; they're a new level of Apple's downfall in terms of innovation, options and features. They did away with 4.7 inch devices, which was ideal to me and many customers. 5.8 is the new standard for Apple I presume; we'll need to ttake extra bags to carry these new phones. I'm going to do something: I'll buy a new 7 inch tablet and try to get used to the bigger sizes because there's no choice for us left in the future, except for switching to Android which I'm not willing to do right now. It still doesn't meet my needs in terms of what I can do with my phone. However, if Apple continues to make matters worse, switching to Android will be the only solution. The fingerprint technology, which Apple stupidly took away from its devices, was the safest technology next to passcode. It was fast, stable, reliable and was accessible to all users. They've now implemented Face ID which won't work for most of us. When I go out, I always put on my glasses. I occasionally use them even at home which means that I will need to take them off to unlock the device, something which will approximately require the time I use to reply to a short message on WhatsApp with my iPhone 6. We can use passcode, but it isn't fast enough and what's more, not safe because people around you can hear it. Doing away with the fingerprint technology was the dumbest thing Apple has ever done. Completely disappointing!
Next month, I will purchase an iPhone 8 and I'm going to stay with it for the next two or three years. I am currently using an iPhone 6, and were not the battery dieing, and some heating issues coming in the last months, I would still keep it as my primary device.

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2018-09-15 01:45:11

the 5.8 screens are in a form factor about the size of the iphone 8.  The only reason the screen is so much larger is because they can cover more of the front of the phone, nearly the whole thing with the exception of the very top where the speaker and camera are.    I was actually thinking "well if the 5.8 inch phone is the standard, that'd be all I need" but whe I heard about them at the deal, they mentioned that the form factor is not much, if marginally larger than the 4.7 inch display phones.

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2018-09-15 04:02:27

Face ID has been in the iPhone x for a year and I haven't heard blind people complaining that it doesn't work for them.
I'm sure if you want fingerprint scanning, Apple will be happy to build that in a little dongle you plug in to the XS.

I'm using an iPhone 5 s so I'll need to buy one of these new ones.
I'm hoping that Digiteyes or Seeing AI will be able to use the built in laser in the XS and XS Max to scan bar codes on cans.

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