2018-08-14 23:10:33

In light of recent events, and in deed many others, I'd like to see the rules, specifically 4) Posting warez, cracks, serials or hacking tips is not allowed, modified to include any sort of sharing of copyrighted material. Besides obviously including games using redistributed sourcecode, this would affect torrents, btsync folders and the like that often appear in the off topic room. All of these are as much legal violations as game cracking is, so I see no reason to allow it here. If people want to do that stuff they can do it somewhere where people have less regard for intellectual property protection.

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2018-08-14 23:41:16

Amen! I second the motion.

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2018-08-14 23:55:06

I third the motion!

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2018-08-15 00:03:54

guess I'll support from the 4th place.

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2018-08-15 01:46:36

And me from 5

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2018-08-15 01:53:06


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2018-08-15 01:56:43


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2018-08-15 03:08:08


flawless victory!

2018-08-15 03:09:07 (edited by x0 2018-08-15 03:17:11)

I mean since copyright technically doesn't have to be applied for but is implicit on release I support this, although in some boundaries some would probably have to define the limits of copyrighted material. As far as what prompted this I agree 150%. Although the exception where I would not agree with banning discussion of copyrighted material is when people post things like the bbc just opened this up! Or here's a sonis bundle thing! Although I guess that wouldn't technically count because don't they call that royalty free?
Edit: should this include things like older games that can no longer be gotten that the dev doesn't care about? Like a lot of the stuff in the db. Obviously consent has to be a part of that, but like if somebody reuploads grizzly gultch or something... IDK just that word makes me complicate everything, and we're in the middle of a massive thing going down with ROMs so that word is even more of a triggerpoint for me.

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2018-08-15 04:24:56

9: those complications are taken care of by copyright law. The BBC explicitly stated those sound libs are free and posted them for all, which is pretty cool by the way. Royalty free does not! mean free folks, so don't post royalty free stuff here. Older games depend on the developer's legal status. Things like bavisoft games probably shouldn't be messed with since the developer never technically removed the price tag from those games, but since no one knows what happened to them I doubt anyone will care. Judgment day for example was abandoned and is now freely available. So really it comes down to whether the creator of the content would be ok with his stuff being freely shared which is almost always made obvious by the creator when he distributes it, and when it isn't, well we have another bavisoft. i'm sure a lawyer could explain it better than I, but I think that pretty much does it.

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2018-08-15 04:54:07

lol can people quit yelling numbers?

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2018-08-15 06:26:19

11: They're expressing their support for my cause. If you are just here to complain, there's the door, kindly use it.

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2018-08-15 06:53:07


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2018-08-15 08:45:15

i think i'm the 11th then

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2018-08-15 09:58:27

While I like the idea...it'd just create a lot more work for the mods and lead to witch hunts/false flags.

Let's say Bob joins, pisses of a few people off orr falls out with Sam or Ivan or Carter or somebody  (hey those were the first people who came to mind), and for some reason they fall out with the 'big guys'. Now, those 'big guys' are treated like gods. Let's say they fall out and because of immaturity start yelling that Bob's games are violators. Suddenly they puts pressure on the mods.

Or, ya know, other games may  not appear to have anything infringing on the surface yet if you look deeper (Eurofly f.ex having actual aircraft without licensing and nobody giving a fuck....and actual aircraft mods)

What about games that include torrented sounds, like most from some people then? Should those all be removed? Because here's the thing. You lot seem to think oh I need high quality sounds, you torrent sounds and then nobody cares where the sounds come from.

Plus....I doubt the mods wanna deal with a billion fake copyright reports. At all.

If in doubt, chocolate and coffee. Enough said.

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2018-08-15 11:12:15

ah, hell. why i got so late to this topic? lol. i'm the 12th one that's supporting this, even though i wish i could be the first. but well, the timezone difference is obvious.

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2018-08-15 13:05:44

I will agree as the 13rd position, I do not care what is my position, if I was reading this, I was the first, like Vlad said.

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2018-08-15 16:32:56


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2018-08-15 17:16:35

This is actually quite difficult. What would you, and would you not, want? The trouble iwth this is btsync and torrents are nothing more than file formats, the same way that a zip file can contain anything. A lot of the time, people are asking for help with torrents, and don't seem to be linking to actual torrents themselves. This, thusly, is then the person's responsibility. Also, in the recent bt sync topic, the guy said it's a bt sync folder for anything, and posts the invitation key. From that point on, it's up to the person if they join or not, and what they find there is the original poster's possibility to maintain and deal with, not necessarily ours.
I think there will just be too much false flags and sensorship if this goes ahead.

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2018-08-15 17:52:52


It's too easy to just get a group of people together, or be somebody the community respects and say oh, game X did Y thing and if this would go ahead, the mods would remove it.

Let's ues my Bob example.

Bob makes a game...let's call it Generic Audioshooter. Alice makes a similar game, Audio Shootermup, but the players of Bob's game see Alice's ame and start assuming....without any proof, Alice stole ideas from Bob's game. Both games have a pistol in them, in this example. Both games have health items, as another example. So the players of Bob's game, because it get gets a lot of traffic, start screaming Alice's game is violating Bob's copyright. They then start demanding her game gets removed...

Now. Under the current system, Bob would simply tell the mods, hey, listen, there's nothing wrong here. Under the proposed system, it's guilty until proven innocent. Plus it is far, far too easy to falsely report somebody's game under this system.

On paper. It sounds like a good idea. In actuality, no. It's a terrible idea.

And just or the record. No. You can't copyright ideas or concepts, either.

If in doubt, chocolate and coffee. Enough said.

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2018-08-15 18:18:09

thanks for the info @20, I have reconsidered my position, yay for not thinking things through. After all there are a considerable amount of people on this forum that believe that tk is nothing more than a redspot clone, the word clone got abused by the way and I'm not going into the complexities of clone/not clone/shut the fuck up etc. Really the idea you had was relatively sound but bcause you chose to bring copyright, the public fuckery tool, into this, we've got a nasty problem. And somebody mentioned games that use torrented sounds, let us not even go down that road because I bet you that's every game, even games by the almighty Tupy.

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2018-08-15 18:58:13

This is where we must trust in our moderators to use a gift well known as common sense. Hopefully I wouldn't just be able to develop game X and say that dev A ripped off my Game X with Game Y and get the guy banned, just as I can't simply say someone insulted me on pm's and get someone banned. There's a gaping chasm of a difference between the accuser's statement of the issue being all that's required, as you seem to be implying, and numerous witnesses and the victim giving evidence to prove his guilt. We can't prove all those people use torented sounds or that use of real aircrafts is illegal or any of these tiny details. What we do know is TK, redspot 0.5 and BTB are stolen projects, and the direct links to torents and BTSync folders here are obvious violations as well. If we examined every one of the current rules as thoroughly as you seemed to be suggesting, we'd be here for the rest of our lives. I just want the blatant thievery that's been running rampant on this forum to be dulled, as that's not why we're here and it's entirely disrespectful.

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2018-08-15 19:09:21

Except that already happens with people hurling the 'clone' argument around for similar games, or games that are mechanically similar. See the TK/Redspot accusations mentioned earlier, or the idea that oh I play game X but I don't like game Y so game Y is a clone of game X (yes that's how some people think)....

You seem to think people won't abuse the fuck out of the reporting. They will. Human nature tells us people will just do what they can to gegt rid of stuff they don't like. Again, TK/RS drama.

You  keep mentioning thievery. Aside from one case, can you actually conclusively point to any thievery with absolute proof, or are you simply saying oh stop the thievery without any proof? Now I'm not able to see if you've sent any proof to any mods, but here's the thing. I'm skeptical. I'm very, very cynical and I can look at your idea and point out where the flaws are. The mods are human and biased, and for every way you come up with I can easily come up with 10 or 20 ways around it. Again, on paper there's nothing wrong with the idea....but in practie it'll kill the audiogaming sene as well and mean less games to play and scare off new creators if the forum seems heavy  handed about policing any potential copyright issues.

If in doubt, chocolate and coffee. Enough said.

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2018-09-11 13:44:17

To sum up the past X lost weeks of posts:

Aaron wanted to discuss this with the mods and we had a whole big as discussion on it. Ethin citex exemptions which I disagreedd with simply because they specificially cited under US law, that the audio tracks are solely for the use of disbled persons. The fact the vautl uses Sendspace and does not encrypt any of the files or have any DRM, and also rips from copyright and DRM protected DVDs and TV broadcasts is also a giant, giant red flag as well.

If in doubt, chocolate and coffee. Enough said.

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2018-09-11 17:04:32

Well lets not open the can of worms up again just yet.

Since the  site faq is written offline by me anyway, restoring the modified copy with the extra rules added regarding matters such as clone  code is just a copy and paste job which I'll take care of right now, so no need to backtrack with all the discussions again since the conclusion has been reached for the time being.

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