2018-08-11 16:34:42

hi. First. I don't knonw this should be in general game discussions or not if this topic must in general game discussions, please fill free to move it.

Now. I really interested in vatsim and aviations. so, I wanna ask you all guys. can a blind play vatsim? Does vatsim have blind pilots? thanks

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2018-08-11 18:40:15

as far as I know you cant really play vatsim as a blind person because you have a real person telling you what to do and you have to tspeak with that person in a pilot's language so he can understand you and most likely the person will be angry if you don't do what he says.

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2018-08-12 02:40:23

o. so, no blind pilots online there?

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2018-08-12 02:41:06

i'm hoping other individual will develop an addon for free for us to play fsx or other simulator.

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2018-08-15 00:07:05

Yes you can fly on vatsim as a blind pilot, I have done it, although it is a little difficult with the add-ons we currently have, it’s certainly doable but it takes quite a lot of explaining to controllers. Its Certainly not a walk in the park

2018-09-11 15:32:32

How? It doesn’t work with fsx pilot

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2018-09-14 22:07:14

What doesn't work. Vatsim is a virtual controler network, you log on and fly as you are controled by ATC. As such, it works with fsx pilot, you just fly on a flight plan as normal. Some things don't work, like all sids and stars with their restrictions, but as long as the controler is understanding enough then it is doable.