2018-09-14 01:37:48

Pretty much, yeah.

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2018-09-14 03:29:09

I seem to be stuck again, now on level 25. I found the key but can't seem to be able to get through any of the doors. Am I missing something?

2018-09-14 03:32:36

d opens the doors

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2018-09-14 03:59:59

Hi I'm stuck on level 20 I can't seem to get down without dying I only have 5 timebombs.  Should I restart?

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2018-09-14 04:41:38

Omfg. I seriously love mason's selection of his testers. Just lovely guys. Look at what this game is. It should be called tomb bug. Not tomb hunter.

have a nice day if you must,
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2018-09-14 04:55:40

Hi Audiogame,

That feedback is really helpful. smile

Also, we're working on having the game tell you more info about things you need to do hat may not be so obvious to prevent headaches. Thanks lots for the feedback and keep hunting!

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2018-09-14 07:04:12

Hi Mason I'm loving this game!

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2018-09-14 07:23:44

Hi there, I'm enjoying the game is well. Just waiting for the update to come out so that I can play level 7 more effectively. I can't wait to continue on with it! Keep up the awesome job Mason!

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2018-09-14 07:24:38

Hey I have an idea I think you should extend the seconds on the timebomb deactivation to 5 seconds so that you can get the numbers in plenty of time and you should make grabbing them a little longer because of enemies.

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2018-09-14 07:31:38

I agree with making the length of time before the bomb explodes a bit longer if you could, because I'm not very fast at putting things into my keyboard sometimes.

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2018-09-14 10:05:33

Let's not stomp on Mason for the fact that there are bugs. Bugs happen, guys. I mean, look at Xbox. lol That whole controversy where millions of the units became paperweights after glitchy hardware or some such? Yeah. It happens. To everyone. Bugs suck, but the mark of a developer is both in his ability to catch them before release and in his ability to squash them once they're found. Let's be honest here, too. Most people weren't upset that AHC was swimming in little bugs (and some were pretty game-altering, too), so why are we attacking Mason? He's got issues, and he needs to fix them (some bugs, some just design problems). At this point, my jury, so to speak, is out. I'll give it a little while, see how much changes, before considering a purchase. In the meantime, I suggest we knock off the straight-up tester-bashing and Mason-bashing. Being constructively critical is great. Being snide isn't.

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2018-09-14 12:54:57

I have an issue at the level 20.
I do the first section, and after the checkpoint, there are a thing to go up, but after when I go right, there a big jump and at the down, I Die. How to do?


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2018-09-14 17:19:37

Hello all, so is it just me, or on level 10, picking up time bombs with T, doesn't exactly work? I mean, these bombs that are ticking sounds, should indicate that they are time bombs that you need to pick up, but when I even step on one, they explode. Ah, please ah, you know, help? Lol. And this is at the first part of the level

Jonathan Candler, A.K.A, Jonnyboy

2018-09-14 17:38:12


Those are not timebombs, but bombs. Timebombs are later in that lecel.

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2018-09-14 18:00:48

Got it. Now about the time bombs thingy, S
when I jump on to that fence and go well, up where that electricity thingy is, I kind of only see one time bomb and I don't see anymore on that gravel thing. Unless I'm missing something with that level that I'm suppose to do.

Jonathan Candler, A.K.A, Jonnyboy

2018-09-14 18:21:32

and how to do in level 20? At the first checkpoint, there is a thing to go up, but after at the right ahere are… big empty to fall.
How to do?

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2018-09-14 23:16:47

Is this the full version or the demo? The link goes to the demo and the last few posts on this topic talk about the full version.

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2018-09-15 00:20:52

Hi, I can't figure out how to save in Tomb Hunter. I have the full version. I tried pressing f3, I tried holding down f3.  I am on level 1 experimenting with trying to save my progress. When I collect two potions, I want to save my progress.  Everytime i load a saved game, it says I have no potions, so it looks like the game isn't saving my progress.  Please help.  I want to know how to save my progress before I start collecting a lot of things and losing them. Thanks for any help.

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2018-09-15 00:36:55

The Suspense is killing me here. While I do know that there are bugs and yes that bolder thing is nasty, I have a friend of mine that just completed that level. What I want to know is: "what are the puzzle keys designed for?" In Montazuma's Revenge that was unfortunately never finished and discontinued, There were Ten Tombs and in each Tomb, there were scrolls. (or a piece of the Scroll in each Tomb.) After Tomb 10, If you had all pieces of the Scroll, you could read it. And in reading the whole Scroll, it would open the Master Tomb. But there would be a Nasty Final Boss waiting for you. (The Guardian That is.) So My question is: "After Level 30, Is there a Master Tomb with a nasty Final Boss in it?" To me that would make sense of those puzzle Keys.

John Follis

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2018-09-15 01:28:32

You can't save unless you complete a level. It's always best to strategize properly and finish a level with as minimal death as possible.

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2018-09-15 03:09:21

I found it, it's the full version. Just go to the website instead of clicking the link in the first post. I don't know if the game can save since I had to stop in the middle of level 1, but it still sounds like a good game. One thing that should go in the manual, hold down escape when playing the game to close it and return to the main menu.

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2018-09-15 03:24:16 (edited by amerikranian 2018-09-15 16:13:26)

Note: my review has been moved to the articles room, which you can find

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2018-09-15 05:10:09

Most of this post is directed at Masonian, but it's also worth reading to see my thoughts on the game.
@Masonian I've mostly enjoyed the game, gone through a few replay attempts due to bugs and such. I've mostly enjoyed the game, and do have a few thoughts. However, they are all overshadowed by the bug of not being able to finish the game. The fact that a patch for this still hasn't been released after more than a week of getting the game out and multiple people reporting it is quite disappointing. How would you feel if you bought a brand new audiobook and the last hour was just missing from the file? I would advise you in the strongest terms possible to release a v1.02 update to fix this as soon as physically possible, even if it's the only change made. If for some reason this is not fixable extremely quickly, I would also suggest you consider temporarily pulling the game from sale until this issue is resolved. With that out of the way, on to my other thoughts.
Overall the game was quite fun and I enjoyed it. Level 7 was quite satisfying to complete, but the boulder does seem a bit too fast, especially if you got unluck with platform or force field timing. Level 9 is one of my favorite levels in the game. It took a bit to figure out, but was a blast to complete once I got the hang of it. Some of the middle levels felt rather bland though. Levels 13-17 don't really stand out at all and I was done with the excitement from most of them part way through. You might want to consider adding a little more, especially to levels 14 and 16. I get your introducing weapons in those levels but they definitely need something more. The 20s are better, and have some really cool and creative ideas in them. That said, a few of them just felt a bit cheap. The stairs one had the enemies moving so fast you had to try to position yourself to get lucky with a shot, the first part of level 29 feels too much luck of the draw and I had to keep restarting until I got a favorable situation, and level 28 is just plain boring and I don't even get all that much for it.
My apologies to anyone on the forum who may have been beta testing this, but the testing done on the game was dreadfully insufficient. I believe that if someone had played this game all the way through without any prior knowledge of the levels, most of the problems that have been pointed out would have been caught on a full playthrough by a few people. The good news is that most of these should be easy to fix, such as giving people sufficient gold or gems near the beginning of a level to buy the required item, making certain items buyable, and putting level objectives or requirements at the start of certain ones.
For those of you considering purchasing the game, I'll say this. The game is truely fun to play and for the most part very fair and balanced. Do not buy this game expecting a faithful recreation of the old MOTA, as it clearly is not intended to be and to my knowledge was never advertised as being such. Some mechanics may take a moment to get used to, and a couple levels need some rebalancing, but overall I almost never felt cheated out of a life or like the game was killing me unfairly. Having a couple levels where you eat a few deaths trying to figure out a particular piece is by no means a problem but can be the mark of a well-designed hard level.
Finally, @masonian, please don't get discouraged by the negative feedback that many have been providing. Based on the bugs I feel you rushed to release to make the date you posted when it clearly wasn't ready and you still needed more testing. It seems you are already working to quickly fix the bugs, and please keep this up. I look forward to seeing what this game can truly become once the bugs and other issues are removed.
Ok, you've reached the end of the post. @Masonian please stop, close this window, fix the scroll in level 30, and upload a patch. You can write any forum replies later. I look forward to being able to complete the game.

2018-09-15 08:03:34

oh great. apparently, you actually need another time bomb at level 30 to get through the wall. Nope, I'm just about done. I really thought I could finish the walkthrough yesterday, but after finding out that I needed another time bomb but couldn't by any even though I had more than 4 gems, but now i doubt it's going to be finished at all. Unless mason adds the ability to buy time bombs in level 30 as well, or there's another way to get through the wall I'm too stupid to see.

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2018-09-15 08:20:24

Wait, which wall are you talking about?

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