2018-07-19 07:58:04

Hi guys.
As the title says, you guys know of any board/card games that i can play with my sighted friends?
games with graphics i  mean, not text based games like  playroom. as far as i know, playroom is text only.
any help would be appreciated <3

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2018-08-15 06:16:48

Hey there,
If you want non text card/board games, go for the Blindfold series.
It has visuals, but most of the action is spoken by the app in whatever voice you choose (usually under Settings>General>Accessibility>Speech>Voice)
Here are a few of them below:
Blindfold Crazy Eights
This app comes in two types. Blindfold Crazy Eights is a single player Crazy Eights match against the computer. Blindfold Crazy Eights with Friends gives you the option (using two separate devices, mind you), to play in two player mode.
You can either choose Game Center, or play locally with a code.
Here are some other ones...
Blindfold Travel Cards (also known as  miles)
Blindfold  Roadtrip with friends
Yes, unfortunately, Blindfold roadtrip still needs its name changed to blindfold travel cards with friends, but still playable.
I recommend going to www.blindfoldgames.org for more info.
hope this halps/helped...
And if you are lokking for any games for Android, the only game I can recommend, which are mostly dice games, is Dice World.

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2018-08-15 13:43:01

The only real pgraphycal platform for Windows is OnToys. However, you must mess a bit with broken English in some places, but let's say that about 70 percent of games should work fine.

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2018-09-13 22:13:03

Too bad the Blindfold games pretty much force you to do in-app purchases just to be able to enjoy them. But, sure, I suppose if you don't mind getting ripped off, and you and a group of friends get together and pass a phone around, it could work.

The only good thing that came out of reading that solution was that I was strongly reminded of when I first started playing audio games in the 90's. I played most of Jim Kitchen's games when they were still DOS-based, and I remember how excited my 10 or 11-year-old self was when I realized that the text was also on the screen, so my friends or family could play too.

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