2018-07-12 03:58:35

Hi all,

So I've signed into OKCupid again after a while, and notice the profile page has gotten a makeover as far as there are buttons for various prompts, like "I couldn't live without these apps", or "The last show I binged".

How do I fill in these prompts? I click the button, and, say, for the last video on Youtube, should I put a link there? Clicking that goes into my Essay on hobbies. If I can remove all that and make my profile better by filling in these prompts individually, that'd be great. Otherwise, why are they buttons?

Any help would be greatly appreciated on how this is supposed to work. Been on OKC or over a year and only got interest from one girl, but I think that's partially because the site shows people on the front page. Requirements for this appear to be that they have had to login within the past year. I wish I could get it to show me people who were online who have a high percentage with me who logged in recently, say, a week. Or maybe even a day.

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