2018-07-10 15:11:54

Hey everyone,
Been pretty quiet on this side of things. There's a lot I have to say, though I'll get to the main point first.
Firstly, phantomcrafting.com will be closing it's doors soon, so this is the last version of offensive world being produced. You can get details on this post or you can read the homepage, it has everything you would ever want to know about why and when phantomcrafting.com is being shut down.
As for the update, I've taken up cleaning up the old code for offensive world. Initially I was just going to remove the autoupdater, and that would be it. However as I started digging around in it and looking at all the various notes I'd left myself, I started rewriting functions and adding things here and there. And so...
Rewrote map code massive improvement on it's own.
Rewrote robot code and made them move a bit more naturally.
Rewrote item collection code.
Rewrote calibration code a bit, there's very little differences anyone will notice.
Moved app settings into the folder the game is in. If it can't write to the folder it writes to the appdata folder.
changes how sounds load, so no more initial hickups as sounds load.
Updated menus to provide minimal audible feedback.
Updated how you unload items from robots. The process is still the same, just nicer code execution and wayayayay less likely to runtime.
Adjusted pan and volume step values to hopefully make the overall image of the map clearer.
Updated and prepares for possible removal of speakers see end of post for details.
Slightly adjusts how some effected sounds play.
Removed the motivation item and replaces it with something else read below for details.
Actually fixed the clock so if you, somehow, survived for any time greater than an hour it actually would reflect that instead of saying 61 minutes.
Added a considerable amount of readable material to the help system and updated, corrected and changed some existing material already there.
Updated the function that starts new games so you always start with new materials and old ones aren't left behind.
Updated the difficult difficult difficult door. Um oops, I meant the difficulty menu.
Changed the minimum amount of metal required to select and upgrade walls.
New features
Added wall bumping sounds. Why I didn't do this sooner is beyond me.
Added r key to check your resources no selecting material needed.
Added demonic raiders. These guys are absolutely terrifying if your not expecting them. They are almost like normal raiders, however the main differences are they attack 30 times faster, deal twice as much damage, and can destroy a shelter in about, I'd say, 10 seconds, if not well fortified.
Adds a few new items that can appear on the map.
And the biggest addition: Adds pictures. These replace the old motivation item. They aren't actual images displayed on the screen instead they are composed of text and optional audio. This influences a new stat, motivation, and can determine how well your character does. Some depress your character, some motivate. You collect these during your game and will be notified what each one is and can view them later on.
Your also able to add audio to the photos if you would like, more instructions will be available in game. When it comes to collecting, some have greater odds of capture than others and some pictures actually require others to be present in your library! Can you collect them all?
Adds a new game mode. Wonder if anyone will unlock it? Hint... I think most will...
Alright so, lots to take in, though this does come with an added question that I could use your input on.
I don't know how many of you know the game provides minimal effects. If you didn't know, you can enable them in the options menu. Be careful though, it can cause the game to lag on older and or less capable hardware.
I actually compiled together a version without the effects, and the results were quite interesting. Most notable was the fluidness at which the game paced itself then, and the fact I could run the thing on a really old laptop with really crunchy specs, and it also ran pretty decent.
With this being said, would anyone miss them if I removed the environmental effects? I would keep the most basic ones in place, like basic alarms, steps and robots, everything else would be removed.
That's everything I've got for now, so please do let me know your thoughts!
Have a great day everyone! smile
P.S. As for why this is the last version, please read the phantomcrafting.com home page, it has everything you would want to know. Phantomcrafting.com will be closing it's doors on July 26th, 2018.
I aim to have this last version out ideally by the end of the week, plenty of time for everyone to download and archive the game.

Email through the forum is welcome. Twitter: @phCrafting website: www.phantomcrafting.com

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2018-07-10 15:22:43

I'm sorry to hear about your present situation.  I hope things improve in the near future.

As for your question about effects, I'd suggest leaving them in and just highlighting that they won't run on less capable hardware, providing the fuller more immersive experience to those who can access it through newer systems.  After all, allowing for choice on the part of the player is important especially for single player experiences.

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2018-07-10 17:27:22

I am so sorry to hear about your situation, I hope that things improve for you real soon.

First, for the environment sounds, I'd make whether they play or not a user selectable option, that way users with powerful enough machines can enjoy them, and users with lower powered machines can turn them off if needed.

Second, not all of us do social media, so I'm hoping you'll announce when the final versions are available here on the forums as well as on social media.

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2018-07-10 18:39:29

First things first, I am sorry to hear your situation, I had the same, not with my mother, with my second loved person in the family, my grandma and now she is ok, strong and healthy.
Howp your mother will have the same situation.
Second, I did not play ofensive world alot, but I love table flipper, it was one of the best time wasters there.

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2018-07-10 18:45:46

I am also for an effects on/off option if it is possible.

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2018-07-10 19:56:30

My grandma is a two time cancer survivor, my other grandma survived a bout with lung cancer, though I don't think it was severe, as in they caught it early and was able to remove the mass in surgery. My mom's boss is dying from systemic cancer that originated in the bladder, so I know how tough it can be. Do what you feel is right.

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2018-07-10 21:37:14 (edited by defender 2018-07-10 21:42:59)

Hard road ahead with your mom's situation, and I feel for you all having to go through that, but I thankfully haven't my self so I can't give much more support than that I'm afraid, aside from a (unfortunately rather small) donation when you get that all set up, which I'm happy to give for what it's worth.
Still, it's great that your able to support her with your talents, and the treatment prospects are allot better than they were even 10 years ago, which continually amazes me.
Hopefully this will eventually become just an unfortunate footnote that will bring you all much closer together and give you even more appreciation for each other.

I didn't even know about your audio projects actually, but that robot walking and the train are extremely impressive.
I also never really bothered with offensive world but I think I will after this update.
I'm interested to see this new domain...

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2018-07-11 00:56:46

Hey all,
I've managed to have the effects semi-scale themselves depending on the pc you use, though I've still kept the option of how they play in the options menu.
I just need to make sure there's equal coverage of them throughout whatever map size is generated. Other than that and a couple minor things this game is pretty much almost ready for you to play! smile

Email through the forum is welcome. Twitter: @phCrafting website: www.phantomcrafting.com

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2018-07-11 04:13:07

Hello Phantom creations. I have an error when trying to play the game. When I select a difficulty, mainly training mode, I get this error.
Error!  dialog  This system is unable to run this software. Please consider upgrading some components, or close applications. The game will now close.
I'm not sure if this is something with the settings of audio or something. Help? :d Thanks.

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Have a nice day peeps

2018-07-11 05:50:27

I am sorry to read about your situation, I hope things get better.
about the game, I think it would be good that the game announces the actuall amount of health of each wall. now, it announces the health of each wall as a percent.  the problem is I sometimes forget that how much i upgraded each wall, sometimes i forgot to upgrade a wall and just made the health full, and although the wall health is 100%, but because it hasn't been upgraded, it gets destroyed very soon.
I hope I can make you understand of my opinnion.

All the best,
Adel, Akbari.

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2018-07-13 06:22:55

Hey guys,
I thought I'd give you a little update on what's been going on since I last posted here.
I've spent pretty much all week drilling down and updating a lot of CPU intensive code that used to make the game make computers scream, so it runs way better now.
For calibration, I've changed up the entire options menu. This means, you will have to delete your settings file when you first download the update. You can choose from a few modes the game will run and play effects. The range the options provide should fit most if not everybody's computer.
I'll see you all in the new releases room tomorrow! smile

Email through the forum is welcome. Twitter: @phCrafting website: www.phantomcrafting.com

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