2018-07-03 17:09:52

Hello everyone.
I'm trying to learn Android development, and have a few questions about it. I'd be grateful if someone help me about this.
First of all, what resources do you recommend for learning Android programming? I know some Java programming, and I'm going to refresh my knowledge on it soon. There are good Java resources that being blind doesn't interfere in learning from them. What I need is a course or book about using Java to make Android apps. I had a look at a course in Udacity, but it wasn't very acessible. It was all video, and I couldn't answer the quizzes.
Secondly, following a small tutorial from androidn.com that teaches you how to create your first app, I installed Android Studio and with a lot of searching and hours of effort I was able to activate accessibility and actually run the default "Hello world!" app on my phone. The problem is, now we are supposed to change the layout of that default app. I know that the Layout Editor isn't accessible, so I set so that the layout files open in the text editor. But no matter what I do, I can't open the xml file in the text editor of Android Studio. It's always that damn Java file filling the editor. Can someone guide me how to do that?
Thanks in advance.

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