2018-06-24 17:46:00

Hi all, I'm trying to learn BGT and I keep getting errors when I reach the section in the manual where it talks about floating Veribles and bad peeches. do I really need to use calculations when I am trying to create a game? I also use matcher if anyone knows how to teach me how to use BGT affectively, please e-mail me or skype me at [email protected]

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2018-06-25 02:22:32

DO you need to use calculations? Absolutely, 100% you do. Does it always have to be floating point calculations, no, but sometimes it does. Cartesian coordinates might be represented in floating point, even if they are not displayed that way to the user. Some functions return floats, so you have to be able to handle that. I am not quite sure what makes floating point variables so difficult to work with, its not as though you have to write out the equations and do the arithmetic manually yourself, that's what the computer is there for, you just have to tell it what to do.

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2018-06-25 15:19:05

well i'd have to agree, you will have to make calculations when making a game.

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