2018-06-04 13:34:12

Last year I intended to buy either ESP Pinball Classic, or Extreme, but some issue kept occuring whenever I tried it.

Now I checked on it again, and discovered that there occure no issues anymore, meaning that I will finally be able to buy one of those pinballs!

However, before I make my final decision, there is something I just MUST know.

The matter may sound insignificant to the most of you, but I do have my, very important reasons for finding it out before making my decision.
(in order to avoid boring you with those reasons, I shall skip describing them now)

So what I must know is:
How large high-score list both of those pinballs feature?

To clarify:
The demo versions did not allow me to access the high-score list, I just know there exists one, but have no idea how many "places" it contains, aka how many of our best scores it saves.

Normally, I would also like to know, if an active online-competition is still featured by any of those ESP Pinballs, but in this case, the "local" high-score list, meaning the one for recording, saving our own best scores is of prior importance to me.

So, can someone, who actually owns the full ESP Pinball game, or maybe both of them, please tell me, how many scores, places their local high-score list contains?
(my minimal requirement for buying the game is 10, no way less than that)

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2018-06-07 11:39:10

As far as I can remember, the local high scoreboard recorded your highest top ten scores. And that went for both pinball classic and extreme.
As to anything active relating to competitions currently, I highly doubt it, but don't see why something couldn't be worked out with other pinball fans from perhaps a blind gamers email list or the AG community here if there's enough interest.

I'd contact Draconis first and see if you get a response from them on this before making your purchase. I've heard from a lot of folks that they've been extremely unresponsive of late, so just be aware. I.E, not sure how much support you can expect from them.


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2018-06-09 10:34:34

Many thanks for this info!

I will definitely contact them before purchasing anything, in order to make sure of the existence of a top 10 local high-score list at least.

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2018-06-10 19:17:12

Well I can guarantee they both have a top ten scoreboard feature. As I beta tested the pinball extreme and the party packs for Draconis, way back when.
No problem, do let me know if you get in contact with anyone there.


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2018-06-12 03:31:43

Errr...it seems the only way to contact Draconis, at least the one I can find is sending those so called "tickets" to them.

I did send such a ticket to them last year, when I had problems with ordering one of their pinballs, but have recieved no reply ever since then.
(I just double-checked it again, still no response)

So the only thing I could think of was, to add a reply to that, already over 1 years old ticket, telling how I still wish to buy one of their pinballs, and am waiting for their response, their confirmation, to make my final decision and purchase.

Is there anything more I can do?
I mean, do you have any suggestions, in which other way to contact Draconis?

Or should I have started a new "ticket" about the, actually same matter?

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2018-06-12 03:51:00

I was afraid you might have that experience. Sadly I have no other contact info for anyone at Draconis. Try submitting a new ticket telling them they have a paying customer waiting to fork over his hard earned cash, and will they please respond with something before you spend dollar 1?
Its the least they could do to reassure a potential customer that their money isn't being spent or wasted. Best of luck, I do hope they begin to show signs of careing about their customers, if they still have any left.

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2018-06-23 23:18:19 (edited by Caccio72 2018-06-23 23:19:27)

No, still no response to my new ticket either.

I guess these guys went totally inactive...unfortunately.

Do you guys happen to know another accessable pinball game, with an (at least) top 10 scoreboard?

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