2018-05-28 13:51:24

Hello i have a small question this question has probably been asked a lot but i am still  going to ask it, Last week i found a website called web3 schools, its a website that lets you learn code, but it has no option for learning pithon and i want to start to learn pithon. Are there any good websites or books for me to get started with pithon?

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2018-05-29 00:27:22

There are a number of free books available, such as [Think Python], [How to Think Like a Computer Scientist], [Dive Into Python], etc. Many of these cover the core language, but for other things like third party libraries it would be best to read their documentation or seek out examples.

-BrushTone v1.3.3: Accessible Paint Tool
-AudiMesh3D v1.0.0: Accessible 3D Model Viewer

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2018-06-07 14:35:36

thanks i will try some of them i think that i can buy the books in the kindul store

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