2018-05-20 05:34:56

So I have a idea that I was just thinking of would it be possible to take the forums and convert them into a usenet ntp server. Rather than just have people log on to the site they can use there mail clients to post and check messages. I'm not sure about downloads but I know usenet servers can transfer binarys.
The structure of the server.

The announcements room would be limited to admin posts.

What is ntp usenet?
The Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) is an application protocol used for transporting Usenet news articles (netnews) between news servers and for reading and posting articles by end user client applications.

I wanted to see what everyone thought.

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2018-05-20 07:00:37

I already see a problem with this: the large amount of emails. This forum has way too many users to be a mailing list, or a usenet server. People would be absolutely flooded with emails on topics they may not care about, or on topics they would care about... we'd need quite a lot of filtering. I don't know much about usenet so can't really say much more but I can imagine this as one major problem.

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2018-05-20 07:06:59

I hate email lists, and that sounds like a variant of an email list.

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2018-05-20 09:50:18


Firstly since this is a site related question I'l move this topic to site and forum feedback.
Secondly this is a question we have been asked a lot, so often indeed there is an answer in the faq:

Site and forum faq wrote:

18: Can I reply to topics via e-mail?
No. This is a web forum and is intended to be access through the net. The most you can do is use the "subscribe" link at the bottom of each topic to have an e-mail notification sent to you when someone replies to a topic, but you'll still need to come onto the forum to reply directly yourself.
If you would prefer to use e-mail rather than a web forum, it's recommended that you visit https://groups.io/g/blind-gamers and sign up for the Blind gamers mailing list for discussion of accessible games, which communicates entirely by e-mail.

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2018-05-20 13:42:48

Not to mention that usenet these days is simply over run with spam because there is no filtering or any attempt to stop it. No thank you! I like the forum just the way it is.

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2018-05-21 13:06:55

Usenet is a very old protocol and most things don't support it anymore.
Mayber some email clients do, but not everyone would be willing to switch.
Think about it, even not everyone here wants to join whatsApp groups or skype groups...
let's not say a very old protocol

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2018-05-21 13:41:30

If I wanted to join any usenet news groups, I'd use a program specifically designed for it rather than an email program that happens to have usenet access too.

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