2018-06-01 19:54:59

I never record in mp3 because then editing it, first off a lot of people don't bother saving off their file as a lossless format after, no it won't get back what NVDA threw away, but will make editing safer since editing mp3 is just a bad idea. Then if you don't do this, you're saving it and its a transcode of a transcode, at best, the same sample rate, bit depth etc, but if you change that then yeah. Each time through MP3 is chucking out more. I prefer to record in wav even though the files are large. But, my suggestion is that if you need to edit an mp3, import it into your editor of choice, save it off as a wav file, edit that, then only after its down and you want to compress it, then would I save it as mp3 again. Your editor is decompressing the audio when it imports it, still, if you edit and save directly off to mp3, sometimes you get weird artifacts in the file around your edits.

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2018-06-02 15:34:12

That's very true @post 51

2018-06-10 10:22:22

another recordert that works well with the SP-TFB2 mikes is the olympus LSP2 recorder. It has the bennifit of having speach for about 98 % of the menues and it also has a normaliser feature witch can be applied directly from the recorder. It also has an ajustible limeter that can be switched on/off depending on your prefference.

One problem I have found is that when recording on a medium volume there tends to be some clipping witch you would only expect from higher volumes. I am still attempting to find a selution for this issue, but other than that the recorder and mikes work together as well as a married cupple.

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2018-06-12 08:43:14

i want to buy good recorder for my soundmans and i think about zoom h1n for example.

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2018-06-12 10:30:42 (edited by flackers 2018-06-12 10:32:10)

A word of caution about the Zoom recorder. I'm still experimenting, but I was having major battery life problems. I wasn't getting anywhere near the six hours. I didn't take much notice of how long the first set lasted, but it didn't seem long, but the second set definitely lasted less than an hour from brand new, even with stamina mode on half the time. I then got some rechargeables. I also thought maybe having plug-in power running the binaurals wasn't helping, so I turned it off and used a power pack, but the rechargeables straight out of the pack lasted around half an hour. I'm hoping they weren't properly charged as new. I'm currently testing how long the fully charged batteries last with normal useage, that is, using the on-board mics, and so far so good. I've been using the recorder for two or three hours and it's still going. Once I run the batteries down, I'm going to fully charge them and see how long they last just using the binaurals with a power pack. I'm wondering if using external mics, even ones that have their own power, is somehow draining the batteries. Don't know how long it'll take me to get to that point because I'm using the recorder for genuine recordings rather than just pressing record an dletting it sit there til it dies. But I'm still happy with it because it sounds good with an acoustic guitar using the built-in mics, and it's a lot quicker to record than messing around with laptops, interfaces, preamps,  and mics. If I still only get less than an hour using the binaurals, I'm going to have to dig out my Olympus and see how that sounds.

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2018-06-12 11:06:28

the problem with olympus is that, it's very not resistant to louder sounds. You know, meybe i should buy olympus ls, not dm and it will be difference, but my olympus dm550 it's a lot of dynamics problem and when i am speaking louder, or closing doors, it sounds very ugly. At first i thought that it is just problem with microphones but i tested it with zoom h2n and it sounds much better.

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2018-06-12 16:39:06

Something I noticed with the sound professionals was that they were overdriving really easily no matter how much I kept turning the level down, but when I switched to using a 12v power pack, it seemed to get a lot better. I thought maybe the 2.5v plug-in power of the zoom wasn't enough to power them properly.

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2018-06-12 19:46:56

Think I was talking nonsense about the power pack. Not sure it actually makes a difference to the clipping thing. Still trying to run down these rechargeables, so thigs maybe aren't as bad as I feared.

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2018-06-12 20:59:02

if you say clipping you mean overdriving?
i can't decite which recorder should i buy, i think about zoom h1n or h2n or something from olympus, i think about olympus ls p2 or olympus ls 14. i am a bit afraid about olympus, because brendan griesel said a bit about clipping.

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2018-06-12 21:46:07

I tested the olympus lsp2 with the sound professionals and it works a lot better than it did with the mikes I previously used. If you record at a medium volume you shouldn't experience much, if any, clipping at all. I haven't tested it in a very loud environment yet, but it should do just fine.

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2018-06-12 21:53:09

@flackers, I use rechargebles all the time, and they work fine for me, not sure about the power packs though, I think the power pack might boost the signal as well as the max spl and dynamic range, not sure though, but it could be, haven't used a power pack myself though, but sound professionals do have battery packs one can purchase, which will boost the maximum dbspl from 105 to 120db.

2018-06-12 23:04:45

Yeah, by clipping I mean overdriving. I don't know why but closing doors seems to really affect it badly, even when it doesn't sound that loud in realtime. It must just be the sudden percussive nature of it. @Donavin, yeah I have the power pack from sound professionals. Based on what you said, it might make a slight difference. It definitely seemed to when I first switched to it.

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2018-06-12 23:16:17

@flackers, I'm glad for you, will check into buying 1 myself as well. I do have an odd issue though when I use my zoom with the mics, I get some type of electrical interference, especially when touching the recorders display during recordings, just of interest, which type of mics do you have, the standard or high sensitivity, and the standard or premium cables? I think my problem might be the cabling, I think the standard cables might be unshielded.

2018-06-12 23:35:14 (edited by flackers 2018-06-12 23:36:46)

I got the master series ms-tbf-2 with the upgraded cable and nutrik jack. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing. It didn't seem that much more expensive so I thought why not. I would like to find some fur windscreens that fit well as the foam ones I bought from SP don't stop wind noise as well as I'd hoped. On the bike, it was terrible, but it was a pretty windy day out on the coast. I got some fur ones that are for lapelle mics, but they're a little bit big and stuff my ears up pretty good. Going out on the bike tomorrow to a small forrest and some country roads, so I'll try them out then. Wish I had some better fitting fur ones though. And also wish the ASIO driver was compatible with win 7 64, which it doesn't appear to be. Acoustic guitars sound pretty good through the Zoom. It's like you don't need to bother with a high pass filter or any EQing at all. Sounds nice and crisp without it. It'd be really convenient to just plug the zoom into the laptop and go with no messing about with mic stands, stereo mics, cables, preamps, and filters.

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2018-06-13 01:06:39

BrendanGriesel1 wrote:

I tested the olympus lsp2 with the sound professionals and it works a lot better than it did with the mikes I previously used. If you record at a medium volume you shouldn't experience much, if any, clipping at all. I haven't tested it in a very loud environment yet, but it should do just fine.

When i tested my soundmans with zoom h2n, microfone gain was almost full and i didn't see any clipping

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