2018-05-16 15:15:14 (edited by gabriel-schuck 2018-05-16 15:17:00)

Hello guys, greetings: My situation is this: I'm developing a music game in bgt, but on one of the levels I have a problem that I do not know what else to do to
solve it. It works as follows: A song is drawn by the game and then the user must identify their chords by pressing the corresponding chord letter of the chord
as the song plays. This song has already been previously "taught" through another program, which records everything in a text file with the sequences. Technically
speaking, in each line of the file has the chord that the person must identify, followed by a vertical bar and the position of the audio file that is obtained through
the sound object of bgt. For example:
 This is all checked while the song is playing in a loop. Two variables are constantly receiving the chords and their positions. What's happening is a timing problem.
In pcs of which I was able to test, everything seems to be going well. But still in tests done by my friends, the thing does not work as it should. Later I see
if I can post some snippets of code for illustration, but for now I would like to know how you would do that and really work well. I remember being commented here
on a problem similar to beatstar. Thank you in advance for any help. The Portuguese version of the game is already available, but I am planning to make the game
available in other languages as soon as it is more mature. Regards