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I've been disliking IDE's for several reasons, but it's starting to be very hard to manage projects only with commands and manual file manipulations. And some libraries assume that I'm coding in VS, and some just do not work on mingw.
I have some questions (there will very likely be more) about VS. My goal is to create C++ projects.
1: I was able to add a source file to my new project from the menu bar. Is there a quick way that I can copy everything needed, then add all files to the project at once?
2: After building the project, the focus jumps to the code editor and I cannot go back to solution explorer. Where can I view a list of shortcuts or NVDA-specific tips, as for navigating in VS?
3: I haven't installed VS NVDA addon. Will it help me a lot or is it outdated?
4: I want to use an external editor for writing. How will it work? Do I need reloading every time I make changes or does VS automatically follow? Or, is using the built-in one is the smartest way?

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2018-05-16 16:01:32

Control tab opens up this in-IDE sort of Alt tab seeming list of stuff, and that's what you do, hit control tab, hold the control, then use the arrows and you can jump around to files you have open, the solution explorer, the error window, the properties window, the task list and so on. I would honestly just use the built in editor. I don't know what would happen if you tried to use an external editor while vs is open and you saved the file, I would imagine it wouldn't take effect on vs unless there was special code there to loop through and check the contents of the file stored on disk, because when its open in the built in editor, that's in active memory, your loading it into another file is not going to instance that initial active memory, its going to just allocate another block of memory and add load it there.

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2018-05-16 16:58:30

Thanks. After throwing my first post, I found out the multi tab-ish structure on VS. I've been gotten used to Eclipse, so this is one of the major different things to me.

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One of these two things will happen: either VS will automatically reload the file, or it will pop up a message and say that the filesystem copy is out of sync with the editor copy and ask you to reload. Either way, it will detect changes; I don't remember how it does it though, since I hardly ever modify files outside of VS because the built-in editor is absolutely amazing! smile I prefer editing files inside VS because it's so much more responsive than even something like Notepad++. Community 2017 is by far the best VS IDE to exist yet and I'm thrilled at the accessibility strides Microsoft has taken since they first shipped VS.NET.

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