2018-05-13 07:41:57

Hi all,

This game is pretty accessible. Its late, so I won't write much on it, but I will say this. The game has a lot of story and plot involved, with multiple characters to get involved with.



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2018-05-14 09:42:54

shit this game is good. though I was  surprised to see some of the concepts this game gets into.

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2018-05-15 09:06:34

yeah, and it is stil just an alpha.

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2018-05-15 15:31:26

Slightly disturbing, but then again what would you expect from a mind control Erotic game?

For all that, the gameplay is pretty good,and I have done up to chapter 2 (the max that you can play atm) still the size is quite huge, and you hardly get bored at all.

Obviously as its in alpha atm it has a few obviously glareing bugs, but those should be taken care of as the development cycle goes on. but worth a try if you have a strong stomach wink

Thanks Orin for the find!

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2018-05-16 06:01:35

Had never played a game in my browser like this one before and I must say it was pretty cool. Would be nice to fine some other titles they don't have to be exactly like this but the first couple chapters of this one was fun. Can't wait to see where it goes.

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2018-05-16 10:23:42

I am actually enjoying this. I was worried it'd be very, very disturbing gross out but I haven't seen that yet, or rather so far I've been able to go back rather than continue to, well, that particular point. It feels more like a psychological style of thought process, what would you do if you could do what the game character does. Yet at the same time, at least at the point where I'm at before I accidentally lost my save, it actually didn't seem too nuts, unless that changes a bit later. What I like is that if you find a move that you suddenly get worried about what comes next, you seem to be able to go back and, well, not do that activity if you don't want to, which is definitely a good thing for people who might be more interested in exploration rather than full on erotica, unless you end up having to take part later. But hopefully by that point, I'll be ready, as I'm just exploring the systems at the moment. I like how it introduces them one by one and it does seem, honestly, sane enough for the moment. It's kind of what I expected in terms of this style of universe, but also not as nuts as I was expecting which is brilliant.

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2018-05-16 15:45:17

i played through the 2 chaptors. now i am guessing i am done with it for the time being. unless they add something else

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2018-05-16 19:56:06

Just finished chapter one.
I don't know this one is a little nastier in a way than something like CoC or flexible survival, since the implications of what your doing are really not ones you want to think about too closely, and the  less said about affairs with your mum the better big_smile.

At least in something like CoC or Flexible survival I can sort of play characters who are trying to do the best they can despite the world of insanity, or maybe its just that erotica without a really crazy fantasy setting is harder for me to take.

The game is well written and the drugs and how they affect relationships are interesting, particularly the idea of more powerful drugs changing things around later.

The one problem I did have is there didn't really seem to be any comparatively harmless options in a lot of situations, for example the end of chapter one (those who've seen it know the scene I mean), or indeed what you do to your lab assistant just as a random test, hell I've never actually been able to bring myself to try out any of the syrum on some characters just because they're too nice big_smile.

Btw that also reminds me, how  most of the npcs are women, assuming of course the genders aren't reversed  you play as female or trans, this actually  seems a little odd to me, particularly with the only other man in the game being a total arse hole.

Certainly an interesting one, but oddly I have more reservations about this one than stuff which is more graphic.

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2018-05-17 10:32:40

I think I have used the Syrum on everyone that I could. Kind of hope there is something added to be able to use all the other chemicals you make.

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2018-05-18 03:13:24

Is there a way to skip the gender transformation? I want to play as "male"

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2018-05-18 11:58:34

post 10,
disable the forced player transformation

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2018-05-19 02:36:41

How can I do that within the game?

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2018-05-19 06:24:16

If I remember rightly saya asks you about it during one of the dream sequences during chapter one, indeed I did sort of like the way the game introduced settings toggles through the course of the story rather than on a long menu at the start.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2018-05-19 12:20:37

@Dark, thank you for your reply. If so, I missed it completely.

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2018-05-19 13:50:02

it seems so

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2018-05-20 01:13:44

Is it possible to download the game for offline playing?

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2018-05-20 03:14:53

Here is a link to the offline version:

https://mega.nz/#!xbRgBCSR!yT1FAGT0sDYA … UnWG1ALqS0

A question though, can you do something with the boss yet?

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2018-05-20 04:55:55

Except making her let you call her by name, I do not know.
I did not play past the first two weeks yet.
I really, really want to put a certain character in his place, but I have no idea how to do that or if it is possible.

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2018-05-20 14:30:53

This game is great, please may someone notify me when new chapters and functions will be available.
It took me a whole weekend to finish it, not counting other things I had to do, but it's super addictive in it's form, and by that i don't mean the sexual situations, but rather the plot of the story and many many options and functions you can try out.

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2018-05-28 20:32:30

If by certain character you mean a male character, then
hint/spoiler alert!
Go where you usually have lunch (commons) when there's nobody around there. Then you can bring this guy a beer, to which you can add, of course a certain ingredient.

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