2018-05-12 16:30:53

Hi all,

So, what with this Javascript craze as of late, namely Gorth and now Oriol, is anyone else attempting to learn Javascript now to do this?

I think its got several advantages over Python, although Python seems to have a better organized syntax. I do like Electron, however there seems to be issues on the Mac when it comes to edit boxes created with it. E.G. the VS Code editor isn't accessible. I had an engineer from the VSCode team look into it, and the conclusion they came up with was that it was an Electron issue.
I'd like to use Coderunner, however I don't see the advantages I can get with it VS. accessible code completion and intelesense on Windows.

Just curious re: thoughts on this.

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2018-05-12 18:28:02

Electron apps are bulky, that's my only thing against them.

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2018-05-12 18:31:17

That's because when you build them, it generates three of the same build for different platforms. I think it also depends on the browser you're using.

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2018-05-12 19:14:46

electron apps are cross-platform, something python is too, but it may require platform-specific tweaks and some things just don' t work like libaudioverse. Electron apps should also work on smartphones, but have not tried them. Although electron apps can be heavy, python apps are also quite large, the entire python compyler needs to be shipped + compiling isn' t actually officially supported, so it broke a while back for all recent python versions (no idea if this has been addressed). I personally hope that the last problems will be ironed out, such as screen readers not always pronouncing all text correctly. It just seems very promising.

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2018-05-16 20:49:07

Why do people insist on using JavaScript to make desktop apps? That's why god gave us web browsers! tongue

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2018-05-17 17:06:00

@5 Okay... so I'm not alone in automatically assuming that if someone writes a game in js that it'll be a web game, until I download it. Good. I always expect they will be

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2018-06-03 15:51:33

I think that these days javascript and related languages became too popular compared to other platform-specific technologies.

Personally I don't like it that much, but I should admit that this approach is so much more productive.