2018-07-22 10:17:55

jonikster wrote:

ironcross32, I have friends who have studied in America under the Flex program. And for example, at the American School in Texas, they teach a story that benefits America. Perhaps this is not in all schools, but it was.

Do they not teach a story that benefits Russia in Russia? One that benefits England in England? One that benefits Mars on Mars? History is written by the victor, and that may just be the one who feels superior. Do American schools lie? Sure. But so do schools in other countries. As far as someone helping you on the street if you're crying, I wouldn't count on it in America. You seem to have a lot of strange information about America.

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2018-07-22 12:59:19

Oh god, you just dredged up a monster, I mean you're new, so it ain't your fault, but we really wanted this topic to die, and it finally did, but now its back at the top. This topic I think was getting on a lot of our nerves. Please, I beg you, please do not post in this other guy's topics and bring them back up too.

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