2018-05-06 13:11:43

In the beginning, I'd like to say that this is only a discussion, and I'd like to listen to your opinions and advice.
For those who don't know me.
I'm from Ukraine. I'm blind.
I was in the US 8 years ago. I liked this country.
It's easier for me to move to Russia, but it's not for me. Why? Because there is no freedom. Poor attitude towards people with disabilities. Basically, if a person sees a blind person, he says "Why are you on the street? You need to stay at home."
In Ukraine or Russia, I can't fully realize myself.
When I communicated with the Americans, I was shocked, how they relate to life and to other people. If I'm told about America that this is a bad country, Trump is a bad president, etc., I know in any case that people in America are good. I know that there will always be someone in America who can help, if I need help, if I feel bad on the street, etc. I know that people will not pass by.
Since childhood, I have a good English accent. I did not learn to pronounce English sounds, I easily do it. Now when I speak with native speakers of English, in the first seconds they think that I am a resident of Britain or America. But I have a bad vocabulary.
Now I choose between England and America. I know that it is better for me to live in these countries, but I would like to make initial conclusions now.
In England, there is something that does not exist in America, and in America there is something that does not exist in England.
If you live in England or America, I would be happy to talk with you. You can express your opinion in this topic, or write me on Skype volibor4444, or on my WhatsApp +380660871027.
Now I will describe what I like and don't like in England and America.
In both these countries, in my opinion, people are better than in Russia. In Russia there are good people, but not so many, as in England or America.
About friendship. It seems to me that in England it's easier to find friends. I will say that for me, friendship is a good relationship between people, when they are ready for much for each other's sake.
I heard that in America, if you said that we are friends, that does not mean what I said above. The next day, an American can forget about it.
I heard that in England people have a character trait that I don't like. If you cry in the street, people will be afraid to approach you and ask what happened, because the English are afraid to interfere in their personal lives, personal problems. I like that in America, you will be approached in any case.
It seems to me that in England there is more discrimination than in America.
I'd like to be an actor of scoring. In America's animation studios are ready to help me, in England I haven't received good answers.
For the blind:
When I contacted the organization to help the blind in England, I received a response quickly. I was offered a guide dog, but I said that I needed someone person to help me move about the city, I said that I was willing to pay for it. They agreed to help me when I arrive.
When I went to the organization to help the blind in America, I did not get an answer.
I ask you to tell me about the opportunities for the blind in your country. What services are available, what are the problems, etc.
I heard that in England and America, children don't have freedom. In Russia, children can move around freely in the city, buy products in the store, communicate with whom they want, etc. If I want to communicate with a person who is 12 years old, for example, I will need permission from him parents, etc.
Free possession of weapons:
In the US, free possession of weapons. How do you feel about this? How do you feel about being shot in the middle of the street?
In America, I can find any climate. If I live in England, I would like to live in London, but in London the climate is not the best for me.
Immigration and citizenship:
In my opinion, getting permanent residence and citizenship in the US is easier than in England.
I can't say about everything at once. For this reason, there may be other messages. But I'm ready to hear from you.
Thank you.

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2018-05-06 14:30:28

Well there is one factor you haven't considered  which I think is quite important to your decision.
In England, if someone posts about 60 times on the same subject and keeps getting the same answers, they are more likely to get a slightly sarcastic joking response, where as I believe most Americans will be more likely to tell them straight that they're being foolish.

this is a major issue I believe and one which you must consider very carefully, since you need to decide whether the mildly snarky annoyed English humour is better to you than the more straight forward American variety, since it seems that posting so many times on the same subject over and over again is such an important matter to you.

Okay I will apologize for the sarcasm here, but really! Jonicster, I thought we hashed this out in This topic from last month

You've likely got all the information your going to get on this subject from this forum, now its time to either get going and look into immigration, plus I might suggest teaching yourself some skills so that you can! for example get around without needing to pay someone, or leave this subject alone and just be happy where you are.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2018-05-06 15:12:37

@1, I don't actually think that friendship is matter of your location.
If you're good on socializzing you will find friends every where, no matter what. Yes there are closed mind people, but I don't really think you can compare states that have more closed mind people than others. I think wether a person wants to be a friend with you depends exclusively in his mind, not in the state in which he lives.

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have a nice day.

2018-05-06 15:19:18

About American Schools:
I've heard that there are a lot of lies in American schools. That the first cosmonaut is the American man, they say that America was key in the Second World War, etc

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2018-05-06 18:17:47

American schools do not teach the first Cosmonaut is an american man. Half these people you talk to seem like they don't know what the frig they're talking about in their own countries, and you're getting half truths and generalizations. What did I tell you about generalizations, apparently it didn't sink in. So, no, you're not ready to hear from us, you're ready to rehash the same old story, say the same thing, propagate foolishness and so on.

What is it gonna have to take for us to get through to you that what you're doing is not good. It's not good for you, and its not good for us. How is it possible to help someone who isn't prepared to listen? How is it possible to correct misinformation when that person isn't prepared to listen? When I say listen, I am not merely talking about hearing, hearing and listening are two different things. If I hear a car go by, I can tell only that its a car going by. If I listen though, I can start to pick out details. Maybe it has squeaky brakes, maybe I can hear the tires crunching stuff on the road or kicking up rocks or dirt. The car's profile will sort of determine the whooshing road noise it makes. I can tell by the engine if its a newer or older car, and you combine all that, and I can tell if the car belongs to someone I know. If you go to university and you sit in a lecture and you hear it, maybe you hear someone droning on monotonously, or maybe they're passionate about the subject, but when you listen, you really start to get the subject matter. In short, hearing is passive, listening is active, it is a process in which you engage yourself, you prepare your mind to receive information, to process and analyze that information.

SO, back to the original point, how can we help you when you're not prepared to listen? The answer is that we can't. Either you're going to do this thing and apply for immigration somewhere, or you're not, but either way, why are you doing this thing where you ask the same questions over and over and over again, and put up these examples of weird, half truths or in some cases untruths altogether. SO, what's the solution to this problem, are we gonna just have to deal with you spam posting all the time, or are you actually going to take some time and consider it.

I feel like I'm screaming into a void for all the damned good it will do. In America, depending on where you go, you will encounter different people with different attitudes. I told you this already. However, that doesn't mean that everywhere in the north are all ass holes, and everyone in the south are all open, hospitable, and friendly. It doesn't mean that everyone from Jersey are jerk wads, and everyone from New York City or Manhattan are snobbish, up tight, uppity, posh, etc. There are no dividing lines on the map that say above this point, be northern ass holes, nose, opinionated, get in everyone else's business. Besides that, people move about the country, you can move from state to state, you don't need paperwork. Now, there are some logistics to take care of should you wish to take up residence in one state and leave another, its not as easy as it could be, but there are no visas, no passports, that's only for out of country, or for immigration.

One of the best gifts on this earth is the unconditional love of an animal

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2018-05-06 19:05:32

I think moving to the ocean is the best choice for me! I'll have all the fish I could ever eat, I can swim whenever I want, and I can collect fresh water in a jug. Does anyone know how good the internet is in the ocean? Also is there devices that can handle a lot of water? Lastly do any of the shark repellent or bracelets work? I just have to choose between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Kingdom of Loathing name JB77

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2018-05-06 19:09:31

ironcross32, I have friends who have studied in America under the Flex program. And for example, at the American School in Texas, they teach a story that benefits America. Perhaps this is not in all schools, but it was.

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2018-05-06 19:20:57

But I must admit that now I'm more inclined towards America for some reasons.
First of all, this is the speed of development. America was founded in 1776. About 250 years passed. You can see for yourself that there is now America.
Whoever does not tell me, I believe that even if all immigrants are in America, the nationality of Americans already exists. Yes, they came from many countries, but they are Americans!
In America, I can do almost everything via the Internet.
In America, I can say that I'm blind, and this will not cause much emotion.
And finally, America is in fact 50 countries, where I can choose any for myself and move freely around these countries. But I do not know much about the life of the blind in America. What are the services, conditions, etc.?
I heard that in America it is better to have a car. How to deal with this blind? Hire a driver, use a taxi or public transport? But public transport is not developed in all cities.

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2018-05-06 19:43:00

Jefb, there are pros and cons to both oceans.
If your a smoker you would likely prefer the pacific, since I hear that the mariana trench is full of black smokers who are really deep into it, where as smoking is prohibited in other parts of the ocean.

on the other hand as we all know the Atlantic got its name because it contains Atlantis. This means life in the the Atlantic ocean is  technologically superior to that anywhere else on earth, what with all those egyptian pyramids and stargates and such, though of course you've got to have a very good job  afford to live in atlantis as its very  pricey there, only professors of archaeology or timelords I believe could get space which might be a less good thing.

As for the net, well last I checked  very large net connections were prohibited by green piece, and we all know the pacific has a very active fishing filter, so you might have to resort to dolphin sonar, ---- or the sharks have a very good bluetooth connection.

On the plus side,if enough oil gets psilled into the oceans your blindness won't matter at all since everyone will be in the same boat, ----- or rather  out of the same  boat, so its generally up to you.

the major problem of course with any living under the sea is finding any sort of relationship, given that  despite the claims of crab based dating agencies, the actual amount of mermaids available is approximately 7, and usually they're going off after rich men on shore with bigger boats, though there is reputedly an octopus somewhere in the pacific who is very good  finding matches for any poor unfortunate souls who really need them, so that might be a bonus for the pacific there big_smile.

Of course the down side of the pacific is that you can't use Jaws, absolutely not! indeed the locals have this weird prejudice against jaws and generally blow up anyone who uses it. I do here Orca is very popular in the atlantic which might be handy, though elsewhere you'd likely need to go back to the dos days and get flipper working.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2018-05-06 20:33:07

Jonikster, I think everyone has had different experiences with services for the blind, travel, etc. Any recommendation I might give, someone else would have had much worse experiences with it and suggest something else. I think that maybe that is the bigger problem: the uncertainty.
... But I have never heard anyone claim that Yuri Gragoran was American, and I have never heard anyone claim that Allen Shepherd reached space first. I've heard some suggest that a part of the motivation behind the Apollo program was to get to the moon first, since the USSR had already beaten the USA into space.
The World Wars, though, people frequently disagree about. Some say that the USA wasn't needed, and the Soviet Union could have finished the second world war on their own. Some say that the War would have gone on for many years more, if not for America. Others say that it's somewhere in between, but disagree over whether one side is more correct, or the other, or if the truth is exactly between the two. Some say other things entirely. However, I haven't heard teachers or historians disagree so dramatically on the details about what specifically happened, although some might put more emphasis on the parts that support their view. It's to the point that university history courses summarize the different opinions as part of the course.

Some of my games
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Ear Ninja?

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2018-05-06 21:26:46

The Atlantic ocean is home to a research complex known as Barnadyne. Set out to change their status in life, Barnacles hired a secret organization known as the Krel Initiative. Evidence to this effect has recently turned up. The barnacles, not happy with their need to attach themselves to survive, had the under water facility constructed to research ways to have other things attach to them. Their nuclear reactor was sourced from North Korea, and suffered a malfunction which caused a massive radioactive leak inside the facility. Due to superior shielding technology, no radiation escaped the facility, however, it did have a profound effect. While the humans who worked at the facility were killed outright, the barnacles were transformed. They are creatures which must absorb electricity to survive. The power they take in nourishes them, and their increased size makes them quite formidable.

Scientists discovered the enlarged creatures while surveying the ocean. At first, they thought it was a new form of marine life, but taxonomists discovered their relation to barnacles. These oversized creatures soon became the number one predator of the sea, eating anything ,but especially electric eels to survive. They crawled along the ocean floor, and scavenged for food. While they could absorb the energy from any creature they ingested, they couldn't' find sufficient electrical energy to nourish themselves adequately under the water, so they sprang forth. Appearing at first on docks, and harbors, people didn't know what to think. The barnacles emerged from the water and were able to exist outside their previous confines. The height of the creatures range from about 1.7 to 2.4 meters., their weight averaged about 90 kg. They scale tall buildings as a means of tapping power lines directly. They also have been known to chew through wires running into buildings, or wires leading from a running generator. Far from sterile, their ability to procreate is dependent on sustained access to power. They reproduce asexually, in a method scientists have yet to discover. They are quite a nuisance to human society, as they try to attach themselves to power lines, causing them to snap, and drop. They feed from the lines until detached by human workers, or until they are sated on electricity.

Despite their penchant for devouring electricity like blue whales devour plankton, they nevertheless prefer life under the sea, so trek back to the deep blue waters when they can, where they spend most of their time. There have been several surges of the creatures, as when they live together, their feeding periods become synchronous. It is due to this fact that scientists are desperately trying to come up with a solution to eradicate the creatures. The human population cannot go without power, and the creatures' feeding tendencies have disrupted coastal cities along the eastern United States.

One of the best gifts on this earth is the unconditional love of an animal

It is pure, free of judgement, and raises me to the utter height of glory.

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2018-05-06 23:14:14

@1, have I done my déjà vu  joke yet?

if duct tape doesn't fix it, you haven't used enough.

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2018-05-07 03:36:22

Just glancing back at some of your previous topics, what I don't understand is why you don't just google this stuff. You won't find much that will be of practical use, of course, because you insist on sweeping cultural generalisations as @ironcross points out, but you'd probably have more luck than posting what is it now, 19 topics on a forum about audiogames when it's clear that no one here knows what to tell you anymore.
In previous topics, people have suggested resources like youtube channels where people have moved to either the States or the UK, and so could offer some possibly useful information to you. and yet, all you seem to do is post on the audiogames forum.
You talked about writing to Oxford in your last topic. how is writing to Oxford easier than googling for people's experiences when moving to <insert country here>. slightly unrelatedly: I hate to dash your hopes, when Oxford says  they're happy to accomidate you, that doesn't mean your accepted- just that they can provide the resources for you to study there, you'd still have to qualify, which would include showing that you have near perfect levels of English, which you do not (yet!). You wouldn't be able to apply for a student visa till you got accepted somewhere, so if you're serious about this, you'll really want to focus on getting yourself up to being able to read academic texts without struggle.
Now, I try to not make a post unless I have something to contribute, so how about I give you a more concrete question compared to "where is better for the blind," even though a big chunk of it is answerable with a google search. If people answer it, you might get some useful information, I just hope you do something with it. Also, I'm mildly interested myself to see what people say.
Who is responsible for providing different accessibility services (E.G: mobility, provision  of assistive tech and training, disability income ETC) where you live? by whom is it funded? What kinds of services can you expect, and how hard is it to get them? Which of them, if any, are offered to non citizens/permanent residents?  Are there any other disability related accommodations/resources that someone new to your area might want to know about? For example, I hear in the UK Audio Description is significantly more common.
I'd answer it myself, but I live in Canada so I don't think you care.
If you ask a question like that, that can be answerable with facts, it is a lot easier for someone to help you. Asking "is it easier to get a job in America" isn't going to get you far, because there is no real answer: it depends on the field, the area, and yes, who you know, no matter where you are in the world.
I hope I've made my point, and if we do see a new topic from you in the future, something tells me that we will- I wonder why, I hope you find yourself some more concrete fact based questions.
P.S: this community is awesome for having tried to help you as much as possible over god knows how many topics. if this were virtually anywhere else on the internet, you would have had your head bitten off much more harshly 53 posts before you did.
PPS: I am actually curious about the answer to the question I posted above. A move to the UK may be in my future, and while I've done my own research, I'd love to know if there are things I may have missed.

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2018-05-07 03:52:50

have I done my déjà vu  joke yet?

he'll never get over asking. he's a dreamer and loves to keep his fantasy going. he'll never get a visa to stay in either country, he probably can't afford it anyway and I sometimes think he does this just to see if he can get people arguing about who's country is the best. toss a coin mate. or just go to Australia. they're good with disability rites, I never heard anybody complain they make things up about who landed on the moon and the weather's nice.

or you could just go to somewhere that doesn't have internet. which would be good for all sides.

oh and have I done my déjà vu  joke yet?

if duct tape doesn't fix it, you haven't used enough.

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2018-05-07 04:02:56

I figured I'd try- not sure why I'd get through to him when it's obvious that no one else has, but there you go.
Also, lol, I just reread the first post. I'm not sure how things work in Russia man, but there's pretty good reasons that grown adults randomly communicating with children is frowned upon, you've got to see why it looks suspicious to parents if they find out their 11 year old child is texting some guy in his 20s, and if you don't, you may want to have a good think about it.

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2018-05-07 04:06:37

Lol Ironcross, Sounds like you've been playing the shark game a bit too much :d.
@rashad, I will answer your question about the Uk, indeed I can probably do so a bit more accurately since Mrs. Dark has had to go through all the business of coming here as an American citizen.

The first thing about coming to the Uk is that you need to be registered as blind over here, this is pretty easy if you see an ophthalmologist and have some proof of identity, though since seeing said doctor requires interacting with the health service you'll need to be on a visa that lets you do that, EG a spousal visa which includes health service payments since obviously you can't just come here as a tourist and have yourself declaired blind and then recieve services.

There are two main things in the Uk in terms of disabilities, bennifits and services.
Benefits such as personal independence payments or indeed income support allowance you'll only receive if you firstly qualify for them (and that's pretty difficult even if you have a disability), and secondly if you are a Uk citizen or have a permenant visa, indeed you can jeopardise your visa applications if you accept any bennifits from the government at all so you need to be very careful, as this also counts things like applying to a local council for disabled student's allowance  if your doing any studdying, (though being as unless you have a spousal visa at the least you'll have to pay international student fees anyway, which are even more astronomical than usual student fees that probably won't matter), and also the usual council tax break you get if your partner is disabled rather than having to pay full council tax (yes this is irritating)).

Other than financial benefits the main other thing available in the Uk are services provided through charitable organisations.

the major one is the RNIB who I have to say are a bit slap dash. They're good if you want to buy stuff from them and they have a talking book service which is free.

On the other hand, a lot of the RNIB's output is heavily geared towards the over sixties, this is why you can find all the knitting patterns you want but nothing on braille rp books big_smile.

Other than the RNIB each location has their own society for the blind for the local area. It is the local societies that often provide things like independence or tech training, for example when in 2012 I wanted to try out an Iphone with voiceover before actually buying one, I got someone from the local society for the blind to do me a tech demonstration of one.

they also have get togethers and events, though again mainly aimed at old people.

Another organisation I have a lot of respect for is guide dogs. As well as providing actual guide dogs along with training and support with your dog, they also do other services, for example they have the crappily named but actually quite handy "my guide" service which is a regular contact with a volunteer to do a specific thing, (I see a very nice lady each Tuesday who helps me take Reever for a free run off leed, since I'm too worried about not seeing where she is to do so on my own).

Various teams provide mobility training. guide dogs, the local council and some societies for the blind, its a question of finding one your good with. My lady is currently getting mobility lessons and cane practice with someone from guide dogs who's also done routes with me around the new town we've moved to.

The problem generally is that services are fragmented, and the RNIB are a bit all pervading and since their ethos is very much geared towards older people, the majority of stuff available is intended that way.

In terms of audio description, the audio description office is one part of the RNIB who are really good.
You can get audio description on several free view channels. Turning it on yourself is a bit of an arse however if you can't read the menus. There isn't however a specific listing for what programs are described, generally its a bit of a pot luck affair since unfortunately providing audio description is still dogged by that great bugbear copywrite, indeed up until a few years ago the office had to apply separately to do audio descriptions for films at the cinema, on dvd and on tv which is just nuts, though I believe that situation has now changed and once they're allowed to describe something the same description track can be used for everything.

In terms of general stuff, towns often have tactile markers on the pavement, and pedestrian crossing with either bleepers or rotary buzzers. You can also phone and arrange assistance with catching trains which is good, since the Uk train service goes mostly everywhere around the country with all major cities having at least one station each (often  more than one), indeed in the Uk you'd really have to be out at some little village in the middle of no where for it not to have a train station.

The assistance works fairly well, and a porter can meet you  from the desk at one station, gtake you to the train and then take you to a taxi the other end (plus help with connecting trains), this is one major difference I noticed in America since there the trains were far harder to get to and there seemed to be no central way of getting assistance.

Metro and in town tram services in cities like London and Newcastle are good because they announce the stops, though less good recently because they're using far more inaccessible automated ticket machines, though when I used to use the newcastle metro every week I could buy tickits at the main above ground train station.

Bus services sadly are not as good. Only some busses (particularly those in London), announce the stops (there was a campaign about this a few years ago). also bus drivers aren't always helpful, especially as regards needing to sit in the few seats where you can get your guide dog since most bus seats are set  close together (we had some unpleasantness with this the other day, having to stand up for an extreporous woman with two children a buggy after an equally peevish man in a wheel chair got on).

Generally I tend to avoid busses myself, one reason why I'd like a good quality phone satnav.

Hope this answers most general questions.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2018-05-07 04:22:38

thanks Dark for the info, especially the visa stuff.

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2018-05-07 04:38:48

oh my guide rule. I have a lady that comes to help me free run my guide dog as well every week for the same reason. I'm scared to let her off leed on my own and I'm scared she'll cut her paws on glass or get stuck in the stream or what ever. she loves to swim in anything she can find. unless it's a bath, in which case, you'll need 5 burly men in protective clothing to get her in there.

and audio description here does rule but I am still fighting with some tv networks etc. for example, the SCIFI channel suddenly turned off audio description a few years ago and I can't find out why they did it or if that's legal. I also should have posted on here but didn't think of it: about the Ofcom consultation back in February but by the time I even found out about it, it was pretty much over. it's a consultation to see if manufacturers of TV's, set top boxes etc should have to include talking electronic program guides. so you could actually read the menus, record things, play things back, use the on demand services, read what's coming up on the channel you're on and, basically all that stuff you're paying for as a customer but flat out can't use if you can't see.

oh and have i done my déjà vu  joke yet?

if duct tape doesn't fix it, you haven't used enough.

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2018-05-07 04:55:42

Hmmm I don't think my BA in Psychology will help me get a home in the Atlantic and I'm a year away from my MS in counseling which might not be enough. For now I'll stay here in lake Erie. It’s a bit grimy but its home.

Kingdom of Loathing name JB77

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2018-05-07 04:58:08

Somehow Sirbadger I have this odd feeling I might have heard your  déjà vu   joke somewhere before.

btw, that offcom thing sounds interesting. I confess I don't currently own a tv, well I own a tv but it's got a pc, a gamecube and a snes plugged into it and never actually is used for watching tv, I don't even have a license (oh and yes you can have a tv with no license contrary to the licensing authority's scaremonger tactics, just if your caught watching tv on it your charged a whacking great fine, which doesn't bother me since as I said I don't use my tv for tv anyway big_smile.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2018-05-07 06:24:44 (edited by SirBadger 2018-05-07 06:30:07)

@dark: i should have posted it on here in an off topic room. didn't think of it. but in America they are required by law to make menus etc for all that kind of stuff accessible, which includes text to speech. i think it's the FCC over there that made that ruling. now Ofcom are looking at it here and i went on a bit of a crusade about it. hoping it'll work out. long story but i found out for a start that tevo already have text to speech in their software. virgin media use boxes with tevo operating systems but for some reason, they didn't include it. i spoke to a very nice man from virgin's head office who got rather scared when i threatened legal action over that and said they would fix it as soon as possible. that was back in march though.

but hey, if anybody in England is a nat west customer, I did grab them by the proverbials and made them make their online banking work with screan readers again. ok I probably wasn't the only one but I did do a lot of yelling and kicking.

if duct tape doesn't fix it, you haven't used enough.

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2018-05-07 15:17:59

Sometimes unfortunately yelling and kicking is the only way to get things fixed. There is a long, complicated and rather confusing story about the fact that up until I went over to America to see my lady in December of 15, the only airport you could legally travel from with a guide  dog to a location outside of europe was Heathrow. it was a wonderfully confused mess which involved the airport telling me they'd love to but didn't have the right authorisation from the ministry of agriculture and fisheries, and the ministery of agriculture and fisheries (who were  far nicer than a governmental department are rputed to being), telling me that they'd love to give the airport authorisation but they just hadn't applied for it big_smile.

Thanks to me throwing my phd around and words like "disability advocate" the situation finally did get fixed, and so now you can travel with a guide dog from Heathrow, Bermingham, Manchester or I believe Glasgow big_smile.

Btw I haven't done online banking myself since I like to keep my bank details off my computer as much as humanly possible, so I usually do banking with lloyds over the telephone instead.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2018-05-07 17:03:34

rashad, now I'm more inclined towards America. If I live in England, I will live in London. But this is not the best city for life for me.
About people, it seems to me that in America people are more open.
On specific issues, I talked about them in the first reports in this thread.
About Youtube, everyone has their own opinion. You can just write in google "Comparing England and the US" and get answers, but that's not what interests me.
1 of the questions that interest me, these are conditions for the blind. Where is it better. I'm not talking about other countries, because I can't live in other countries.
I agree with you, as a parent, I think about my children, but for example, I like to communicate with children. I am 16 right now, but all my friends are 11-12 years old. I think that the situation will change slightly.
SirBadger, my parents are businessmens. I have other rich relatives. If it's about money, I don't have problems.
Stand in my place. I live in a country where anyone can mock you because you are blind. I was in America and I liked it. Besides America, I like England. For this reason, I ask people their opinion about these countries. Where is better, etc.

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2018-05-07 17:38:49

And you think no one will mock you for being blind in these countries? Yeah well, sorry to burst your bubble, but it will happen. This is what I mean, and OK, the fact that you're a teenager sort of brings some of this into focus a little more, the wish washy type stuff, the not being able to make decisions type stuff.

No one will look at you strange for communicating with kids if you're still not an adult, but yeah, adults don't generally go around talking to random kids, its not good and people will watch you very closely. I'm sure you can reason it out of you think hard enough.

One of the best gifts on this earth is the unconditional love of an animal

It is pure, free of judgement, and raises me to the utter height of glory.

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2018-05-07 20:11:21

If you don’t want people’s opinions, why are you asking for peoples opinions…

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