2018-04-27 09:22:33

I was wondering if it's possible to make an app for the iPhone and Android for this website. In my opinion, it might be easier to navigate on a mobile device, but that's just me. It would be a layout of this same website, but for mobile devices, so you can find the topics easier and post new ones as well.

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2018-04-28 17:50:53

Hmmm, I'm just wondering why you would need a specific ap to navigate a website? Heck likely even if someone did! put the time into developing an ap all it would be would be linked html pages anyway so probably would be pretty much the same as just opening this website in your tablet browser of choice.

Besides, to be honest websites are always easier to navigate on a pc anyway.

If your having trouble yourself, you might want to look at key shortcuts your screen reader has for skipping around webpages, for example you can navigate most things in this forum by heading, (h in most screen readers), you can get straight to the quick reply  by going straight to the edit area. On the main website you can skip straight to a game's entry with headings again, or hit c (for go to combo box), to get straight to the dropdown to quickly take you to a game's entry page in the database.


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2018-07-28 23:18:38

well, it would be cool, if someone took advantage of the power of mobile and made it so you would get notifications for private messages, replies on topics, etc.

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