2018-04-07 15:10:47

hello all
i'm interested in creating games with bgt i'm reading tutorials of bgt but i can't understand it. so please if you can give me an audio revew for explane how to make a game on bgt. thanks

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2018-04-07 18:10:46

Well sure, you connect the razvellec to the impellomifraz and then all you have to do is throw the switch and hope she don't blow!

No, seriously though, coding is not only a science, its an exacting science. The BGT tutorial is written in such a way that it can easily understood. If you don't believe me, check out other programmer's guides in other languages, or documentation for, say Python etc. If you can't understand the BGT tutorial, perhaps coding, / development is not for you, its certainly not for me, I am quite bad at it.

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2018-04-07 19:52:56

Ok, i am not going to be rude on this one, but all that i can recommend to you is to get a group to ask questions if you are stuck, there is a skype group i just don't have the link. it is called blind programmers.
the people on there are reely nice there and they will help you.
and last of all, is you need to go and read the manual, and if there is some thing you don't understand there, you should ask the questions there, but try your best to understand as much as possible.

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