2018-04-05 17:44:10

Hey all, I’m interested in making some games
However I don’t know any coding engines or how to code
So can someone send me a guide on how to coding BGT?

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2018-04-05 18:43:09

bgt has a manual in the main folder, try and start with that. but keep in mind, it's not that easy. you don't just read it and  learn how to code. it takes a long time

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2018-04-05 20:12:04

Copy some of the examples, try to run them. When you get that to work, try making small changes to get different results. Repeat with slightly more complicated examples. Try to make something original via what you learn from these, even if it's just copying and modifying pieces from the examples. Continue until you understand how the parts work well enough to make something small from scratch. Do this long enough, and you will start to notice what other resources you should look for, or questions you should ask. With any luck, you will be able to create something new after several iterations of this. smile

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2018-04-07 19:54:44

all that i can say here, is to go and read the manual, copy the examples there and learn to understand them. then you make little changes to the examples and at the end of the day, write your own games. if you are still stuck, ask questions.

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