2018-04-07 20:09:02 (edited by Valmorian 2018-04-07 20:11:12)

I could write one, but it's not that hard to do you click on invite links people give you, and hit the join button on the page that comes up, your servers and messages are at the top the lines of numbers are each servers you can only voice chat on servers that have it you can see a list of channels below your server list as for muting and unmuting your mic I'd have to check again because I don't remember. ctrl end can take you to the bottom navigating by headings is your friend and it also navs the messages each person has there own heading as in each message list I think if someone posts a message twice with no other message inbetween it still stays under that heading you can press ctrl end then shifth to go to the last message I think if someone mentions your name in a server you get a number below the number string that is the server it was mentioned that or it just means you have unread messages

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2018-04-15 20:05:58

I'm checking back with you guys to get some early impressions and see how things are going.

What's the word so far?

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2018-04-16 12:23:08

aside from what's been mentioned about hp and such nothing really but i haven't had time to play much lately

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2018-04-16 21:52:40

So, here is the helpfile we have presently for accessibility:

There are several features of Armageddon that were written specifically to reduce issues for people on assistive technologies, such as screen readers.

The brief command provides several features that helps remove extra content.

brief combat - Hides 'miss' messages in combat.
brief exits - Changes the directions shown in room descriptions from [NESW] to [N, E, S, W]
brief ooc - Compacts the output of OOC commands into one line.
brief prompt - Changes the prompt so that it only shows when something has changed.
brief room - Removes the room description from the default output when moving around and using the look command.
brief songs - Compacts songs that span more than one line down into one line.

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