2018-04-01 15:53:46

i don't know post in this room is correct or not.
because english not my main language,so explin low.
release time not confirm,because i have no server,only data inside my school.
teen ring is a RP enforce moo set start at 2565,a space and fandicy mix.
this moo for who are teenagers,children,or want to roleplay that kind character.so all rp event need take care the age ,although the races not really children,consider as alliance races have low age personality,simple or one kind of pure.
because we allow love,or mudsex,so this system is adding,but not main feature,by the way,lover is one kind of class.

teen meaning teenagers,or children.
ring meaning their two known sectors
teen ring,the alliance space,5 planet like a circle shape,also 5 races home planet.
other ring is adulter ring,it's the main emenies we aganst too,same as the alliance ring,5 planet and 3 emenies races,why 3,not 5,because adulter meaning adult,they need more resources,the time line will tell the player why we have the alliance races all childlike..
we also have the race need follow good rp rules,consider hard to play.
when it first open,our goals are have 5 races,18 classes,anda medium world.because classes not a choose,you can think it's a kind of skill set,but hard to get.
we are not want to clone the sc,miriani,or cr system,following are some different part
sectors,one sector are 6.6 ly,the,ship have some drive mode,0.1ly,0.01 ly is the count unit,so a sector is 666*666*66,because in our game setting,one star system the z location most are 6.6ly.and z location are mark of a ring,meaning if you not go up or down,the travel at the same ring,so a ring allmost can not count,although in coding it have data base.
the location looks like this,we are at the main ring,3e,5s from the center
the ships not using space station,we use the elements,large amount ship type consider as a spell set.
i don't have too much time to write infomation right now,we have two problems,first,i said,my english not so good,so chinese translate to english.second,vipmud disallow enter chinese character,and mush client have the auto change line problem that can not fix.ohh,finally,i even don't have a server.
their are most finish 3 races and 5 classes.
teen ring have 3 playable races this time,list of low
emedi are half human,half aqua,consider as mermaid.
they have a quiet,a bit prideful personality,and especially love singing.
have +5bonus in water,allmost nonsense,they can do everything in the water,even better than otherwhere,male +8,female +5
+10 bonus on singing skill,male +10,female +12
+3 on magical,male +4,female +6

roleplay note,if someone talk to you or try to get you attention,you can turn to it,but consider keep your quiet at first
potions only can give away,can not sell
crystal can make you very happy
height,0.7 to 1.3m
weight,8 to 19kg
grow up at 3 years old,life about 30 to 35 years
mid-ring are dolls like,yes,they are no bones,and can not speak aloud
mid-ring are cutest race in the world,usually be other's pets,because they are helpless
they are sweet,simple,and weak
warm,heal friends to full status,as long as least one mid-ring in the room.male(range+2)
EXTR,because they can not speak,have special ability to sense other status and comm unit.
best magic user in the game,+35 to magical,male(+32,range +6,speed dubble),female(+35,range 0)
bad perks
weak,they have hands and feet,but allmost useless,if no one want to help,they can become very dirty and melancholy like,when so long not change diaper or energy level too low.
active,if no one around,they will begin crying or try to suicide
roleplay note,they all have best intelligent,meaning they are so clever,but you should keep your mind simple,if you don't follow this rule,you maybe kill yourself inside
always help your friends,even they ever try to harm you for any reason
don't try to aganst someone or try to defense yourself
you can do everything as you want,but if others tell you to do something,you should always follow the command
height,0.05 to 0.3m
grow up at 2 and half months,life about 6 to 11 years
chilad are the most close to human,if they are not child like,right?
they have humanlike personality,but more playable
nomral,can wield heavy weapon with out bad effect,male,brwl+3,range+2
magical,+1 to magical
thank you,do the things consider no bad effect will get xp,help yourself or help others,xp?you know means not that,anyways,make everything leveling up.
shineing star,the ability to get special spaceships
height,0.9 to 1.55m
weight,18 to 42kg
grow up at 7years,but at 10 to 12 years can grow to the form like a 15 years old human,but more smaller
life,about 50 to 70 years

no,no,not a man wielding a long sword,the fighter class are like their name,ability to access fighter class small spaceship,and use the powerful weapon,you got the answer.,what small ships?remember the one person fighters?or one pilot fighters,i even can not spell the name but.

ohh nancy,it's a name?yes,because the person who discover magic is a mid-ring called nancy.nancy are magical people who can use a lot of magical ability,uhh,why i continue saying magical?just because it's too magical.
ability to access a type of ships called mind bubble,but if you not a mid-ring,find your teacher first,mind bubbles don't need to transport,because it's a spell it self,too be honest,they are a spell set.
user,or call player
player are playable children,oops,everyone is child,but they are player right?
ability to access all ship weapons,all ship drives,and,a set of minigames have specialty effect,even destroy a group of powerful looks like,emenies,what?i mean never try to aganst you,i just rolled a ball,if your ship destroy,not me,again,not me.
yes,i'm a student,i'm a very good student,so i like to learn,even you are my emeny,right?
ability to copy all the enemies abilities,even object.
ohh,you have that?laser,i have better laser than you,uhh,why i can make it so good?i don't know.
this class is hard to say,because they are two parts,one call boyfriend,other one?girlfriend?correct,-10points.
i like children,even i do myself right?ok,you need this class,you both not even same race,i don't care,aren't you?
a:if you have one,or want to have one,your pets?your lovers?sadly,no one can help you.if you are,sadly thing agiain,i'm not going to help you.
oops,what i said,class?they are not even class,guild?skills?finally,it teachable,but need a different way,let me have a drink first,i won't tell you.
finally,and finally,the infomation about races and classes contain a bit secret.

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2018-05-14 13:54:22

so,update time

we said the ring extended from all the 2d world,this is jump syste come from
location looks like this
we are 3 e,6n from the center,the ship now in the home ring
so you see,the ring just like a circle,or easyer to say,looks like a 2d map
3east,6 north,the course is 3 6 .r0
let's find  what it means
first number we call A,or X,run from east to west
second we call B,or Y,run from north to south

.r0,R is the first  in the word ring,.r0,the starmap use the home ring as a center point,and named number 0
so no C,or Z?sure it is,C,or Z run from up to down,but to make the system easyer,the ring use another number,,if you go up one unit,the location look like this
3 6 1 .r0
we said,a sector is 6.6ly,and a ring include  666 by 666 by 666,so time to talk about the ftl system
we usually called the x to a,y to b,z to c,rather than X,y,z,remember,that's different
if you want to go the center,do ftl a0 b0 c0,and hit enter
ftl range depend the ship,next time we will talk about races update,and ship energy,remember,if starship have enough energy,it never out the range,ftl range just depend how far  you  can jump once
so we  say a ship have the 5 sector range,you set a 15 sector away point,it will jump three times to get to it.
easy enough,isn't it?

how to get out the ring?
good question,get out the ring you now into,it need a new system called hyper mode,or hyper space
but in this game,we call it ringing space
only C can get out the ring,remember,if you get to 2d 666 unit from the sector,the only thing you can do is head back
but,if this location
3 3 666 .r0
the C number is 666,if you up once,it will get into another ring only the charted sector and ring have a name,
it's a uncharted,the location looks like this
3 3 0 .r0C1
why have C1,it means,this ring on the C1ring from the r0,C is the Z number,so just up 1 ring
ringing system
to get into the ringing space,you need a little energy,and wait a bit,in the ringing space,1  normal unit =1 sector,6.6unit.
ringing sector don't have the 2d edge,but,finally you need return to normal space,so if you get to it,ship will ask what you want to do,go up or go down to switch ring and continue ringing
ringing is very fast,only cost 10%the time as normal,it is good way to exploring or flying around
hope you can understand our space travel system by this update
see you next time

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2018-05-15 07:40:46

How much would you pay for a server? Then I might be able to offer you something.

Best regards SLJ.
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Happy gaming... :D

2018-05-15 16:55:52

@3,i'm need get to medium exam at june 9 and 10,next months,the update maybe slow
for now,i don't have any money,because i'm a student,can not receive any,but the moo is testing only in my school
if have any questions,just free to ask

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2018-05-16 07:22:39

Okay, I see. I wish you the best of luck. Sounds like an awesome school project to be able to run a moo.

Best regards SLJ.
If you like the post, then please give it a thumps up.
Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D