2018-03-03 08:15:02

Will do.
Also. Bump.

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2018-03-03 15:56:04

If you guys wanna find new audio dramas. check the audio drama subreddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/audiodrama/
Also, there is a group on facebook called  Audio Drama (Radio Drama) Lovers .

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2018-03-03 17:40:02

Yes, Phenomenonwas really good!

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2018-03-15 13:04:56 (edited by Orin 2018-03-15 13:09:43)

Here's a new one for you all to check out.
Ars Paradoxica. It's a time traveling story, of course. But it's a good one.


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2018-03-17 23:55:16 (edited by Chris 2018-03-17 23:56:10)

Ars Paradoxica is awesome! I've just finished the little crossover episode. It looks like I'm off to check out the Bright Sessions podcast. This sounds like it would be right up my alley. Keep these podcasts coming! I enjoy all the ones listed here.

On another note, I hope Leviathan resumes sooner rather than later. I want the rest of the story. Also, does anyone know if there will be a way to purchase or somehow obtain We're Alive Frontier? I'm not willing to pay a monthly subscription to a random gaming website I don't care about.

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2018-03-28 11:36:07 (edited by Orin 2018-03-28 11:57:15)

And the good audio earworms keep coming.

Check out the first episode of Joseph, a SciFi action series. I'm not sure when this one updates but the sound design is top-notch binaural.


And for more lighter stories on yet another time travel note, a brand new podcast just started on Sunday is "all's Fair", by Tom Parsons. The first episode has me interested.

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2018-05-14 12:43:43

hi guys, i love the pod casts listed here, but i need to know what app i can use to download them.
i've tried q cast, but its messing up because it downloads 1 file. then restarts the file and then murges it with the same file.
so a pod cast that is supposed to be say, 20 minutes long. now becomes 40 minutes long.
is their any other easy ap we can use to just coppy the feeds in and boom, it begins?

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2018-05-14 13:06:12

If you use firefox, you can paste the feeds into the address bar.

You can then subscribe to it with live bookmarks or download individual files, I do the later.

Live bookmarks require you to check for episodes manually, I use iTunes for that.

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2018-05-14 15:02:18

Funny how this topic got resurrected the day I finally create a topic about my current favourite podcast, The Magnus Archives. The thread talks a bit about it, go have a gander if you're into horror/mystery.

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2018-05-17 17:59:44

I just finished season 1 of Ars paradoxica and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.
At first I found the main character to be winy and quirky in all the worst ways, but I really started to become invested in all the characters after about 3 or 4 episodes.
While they do use complex language and concepts to describe time, they do it in such a way where if you don't understand, you can still easily follow along and enjoy it because the narrative is strong enough to make that just an afterthought, which I really like.
I really wish they had tried a bit harder to use period language and more period scenery because it could have added allot, but they do make some references here and their.
They have some really cool concepts about time travel and it's effect on the mental state of those that use it too.
They don't use constant sounds or any music aside from the intro and outro, but the sounds they do use are really cool, particularly the radio transitions and the effects used in the tape recordings in respects to E M interference and advancements in recording quality, really colors the hole podcast in a neat way.
I'd say that almost all of the actors are good, though Sally's laugh and Hellen's voice in general leave something to be desired LOL, and while Donavin's actor is really good at the tone, his voice is just wrong for the role.
That said though they do a very good job at putting you in the moment... And the emotion is definitely their.

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Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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2018-05-17 19:08:42

After listening to all the available episodes of The Phenomenon, I wanted to know the rest of the story. After looking around I found that the only ebook of the novel version is a Kindle book, so I loaded up the Kindle app on my iPad Mini and bought the book.

All I will say is that the podcasts are around 40% through the story, and that I thought the ending was a bit on the lame side of things, but that is just my opinion, your milage may vary. Despite my opinion of the ending, it is a pretty good story.

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2018-05-18 13:53:26 (edited by defender 2018-05-18 13:55:45)

Finished Season 2 of Ars Paradoxica last night, yeah, I got a bit obsessed.
Their seem to be some plot holes in that character's motivations get a bit muddled sometimes, but I understand that they needed to move the story forward.
In episode 12 onward,  sound effects are used a hooole lot more, so that's pretty cool.
Their are also many more characters brought in, and things really get much deeper and more treacherous in respects to o dar.
I will say though that I found the season two finale to be really preachy, which I did not appreciate considering how good the actual storyline was, and having an agenda so ham-fistedly shoved down my throat was really distracting...
I understand trying to spread a good message with your art, and when they were referring to period issues it made allot more sense, but this was very left biased, very obvious, and ignorantly oversimplified, coming from someone who considers them selves very much in the middle of most issues.
It's not gonna make me stop listening to the podcasts or anything, unless it happens this much every episode now, which I really doubt, but I don't know why they thought it'd be a good idea to piss off like a third of their audience.
In a (somewhat) similar vein, this podcast has two LGBT relationships in it which, I don't mind at all and don't seem as forced in this setting because of how interesting that would be for the time, I really enjoy the fact that they tried to keep it period appropriate, but I do feel that they could have gotten into that a bit more and probably should have, because  the participants them selves never discuss it internally or with their partners when not being actively confronted.

Also I stand by Hellen's speaking voice being pretty nails on chalkboard, but her singing voice is perfect considering she does Burlesque both in and out of character.
Still great acting in season 2, and you can really feel that they care about their work, though their is a Soviet spy with a truly terrible voice LOL.

I wish they hadn't made the minisodes a Patrion exclusive, though they did at least put a couple in the archive, but I totally understand why they did it anyway, and I think all you have to do is donate 5 bucks one time to see them.

This... -- Is CNN'.
Well Ted, it sure looks like there's been uh, quite a bit of violence around here
"aaoh, that violence was terrible'!"
Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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2018-05-20 22:49:44

Search for podcatcher and use it to download podcasts.
Its a bit buggy but it works.
You can also try to use winamp to do that too.
Best regards.

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2018-06-03 18:22:35

Whisperforge, the organization that made Ars Paradoxica, has released a new, humorous podcast called StarTripper. https://www.whisperforge.org/startripper

Follow Feston Pyxis, a former file clerk who left it all behind in search of the best times the galaxy has to offer, on a road trip through the cosmos!

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2018-09-12 07:22:32

Hi all,

Bringing this topic back to announce that an updating list of audio dramasare right here, and even better, we can nominate them for the audioverse awards. Point is, you'll probably find an audio drama worth recommending here.


i'm digging Kingfalls AM so far. The premise is essentially what Welcome to Nightvale is, but way less boring.

There's a lot of others I have yet to check out though. Post your thoughts if you've got any smile

On a side note, what are you all using for a podcatcher on Windows? Please don't suggest QCast because that thing runs worse than an antique car.

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2018-09-12 17:18:40 (edited by Orin 2018-09-12 17:19:47)

all I'm gonna say is... Starcalled.

Epic Scifi.


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