2018-02-10 07:38:23

hi all.
some of you may be familiar with jim kitchen's press your luck game for pc. for those of us who have Macs with the APFS file system, bootcamp doesn't work right, so those of us who want can't play this game anymore. I would like to see a version of press your luck for Mac or ios. if you run out of ideas or think this is an outdated concept, watch whammy, the new press your luck on youtube. try to make the whammies funny. if someone will take up this project, I volunteer to voice some of the whammies. you could also add double whammies to make the game more interesting. they could do something besides take all your money. of course, they couldn't dump things on your head as they do in the tv show, but the sound effect could be there to make you feel like they dumped something on your head. this is a great family friendly game that is fun for everyone

2018-02-14 04:42:29

I have a couple of sample whammies created

2018-02-15 00:16:05

Personally I would never touch a project like this. Not because I don't like apple or the game itself, it's just that the prices for becoming a developer and then storage fees for both appstores are insane. The game would have to be pretty costly to earn the money back you put into all that. Besides you would have to rewrite everything from scratch. Would you really pay for a game on mac or iOs that is completely free on windows?  If you really want to play this game try your best to fix whatever is going on with your mac so a developer doesn't have to go through all that.
If you are really determined though, you could talk to blindfold games, that make all kinds of games for ios, and see if they are interested. They already did this once with the RS games client, they might be willing to do it again.

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