2018-01-11 05:45:48

Hi all.
I sometime looking the old posts of forum for example of 2013, 14, and new. I try download games pasted in posts and links not working. My proposition is give a free or pay space to audiogames users to files and we can publishing games on ftp or uploader and fix the situations of broken links after few months or years ago.
Sory for English because it's not my defauld language.

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2018-01-11 14:22:30

Well, that will be hard cause the owners of the forum will have to pay more for storage.

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2018-01-11 15:11:58

Even better would be for developers to submit their games to the audio games archive where they'll have a reasonably permanent home.


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2018-01-14 22:45:24

I'd do that and also get a vps. They're really not that expensive. Or get a webhost that can reasonably accommodate your space needs.

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2018-01-15 08:27:19

Jack is correct on this.

I'll also remind people though that some old posts from 2013 likely won't have current links. The links in the db are supposed to be current with either hosting on a dev's website or the audiogames archive or somewhere else, but the new releases room is just that, it's a place to say @hay, here's my new [email protected] it's not intended as an archive of all released games, much less a place where developers can host things permanently.

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