2017-12-27 05:54:05

And who the techno bee that childs at the age of 12 or 13 are bad people?
Guys, get the kids out of here, they are bad people. Tha's what I want for my only discussion since sam is my friend but kuddley I really... I'm veary sick about this redspot redspot against redspot thing, if ths happens I will never, ever, ever, ever play it, nor Desafio Mortal.

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2017-12-27 06:33:39

@50 sorry, but its you that has the wrong of it. I should read your entire post, didn't I just pick it apart point by point? How then did I not read the entire thing. That just does not make any sense. And, spell check won't help you if you don't read the suggestions, you'll keep misspelling every 5th word  incorrectly and have to spend an hour or more spell checking anything you write. I would recommend you do a little more research before you write on here where anyone can see, and display your ignorance to everyone.

Please make sure I'm properly preserved!

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2017-12-27 06:41:04

Guise, ignore cuddley, his inteligents is to low to understand what are you evin saying.
You are probably gonna insult me when you see this post,, but I don't care.
I don't know why did I evin become a friend to a person who's that pathetic and stupid.
I'm just saying what's true.

When I've been hacked by jonny2, erlyer this year, I faught it was Sam.
But, by reading this posts, I realized that that's wrong, and that he's not jonny2.

Redspot is a virus, only to windows 10 defender, and windows 10 defender usually thinks that mostly everything is a virus.
I tried running redspot on windows7 and windows xp, works perfectly fine.

Cuddley is stupid.
Sam, isn't a hacker anymore.
And, redspot, is, not, a, virus!

Take care guise!

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2017-12-27 06:44:12

That's a little over the top man.

Please make sure I'm properly preserved!

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2017-12-27 07:08:32


Good gremlins this is a god awful mess! I was hoping as Aprone stated earlier that this topic might actually result in a civil discussion, hence why it was not closed  yesterday, but it will be now! and no, it will not be deleted since then there is a log of who said what and now who got what warnings! remember, too many warnings  and your looking at a temporary or perminant ban.

Oh and yes, we do have a rule for freedom of speech, we also have a rule to respect other members, and  neither rule negates the other here,  despite the fact that some people think it does.

@Cuddley, a mod warning for you right off for being directly offensive, and for starting this sort of ridiculous stuff again!
I don't care  who did what, but there are right and wrong ways to talk about something, and this is definitely wrong! do it again and your looking at a ban, really this is your last and final warning here!

Now to go through this hole  sordid mess and give out other mod warnings to people who deserve them , since frankly the behaviour here towards fellow members is pretty atrocious by all concerned and  makes me   dispaire of this community's ability to behave like adults! still if people will be childish,  then we must  treat people like children and now head master Dark will hand out punishments to all the other naughty  little kiddies!

@Nidza, a mod warning for you, for calling people "poor blindies" and being     insulting all around! no, this topic is not! okay, but neither is    descending to the same level.

@oussamabengatrane, while this isn't an  official, warning, posting such ridiculous amounts of ha ha ha and other random characters is frankly irritating!  and again, doesn't help the situation at all, especially since most people here are using screen readers. .

@Sam_Tupy, Credit to you for not responding in kind to these sorts of accusations and admitting wrong doing, nice to know at least someone! in this debate is acting their age, a thumbs up for you for that one.

@Shotgunshell, thanks for  stepping back and moderating your tone in post 40/41, a thumbs up for that one and for  recognizing how  easy it is to get swept up on the flame wagon.

@ironcross,  Like Nidza your stepping over the line here. telling someone they have no place, calling people ignorant etc. A mod warning  to you for excessive harshness in an already tense situation, you don't fight flame wars with further fire.

big gun, you were also getting a bit excessive there and starting further  arguements, also the phrase "I'm not going to point fingers" before pointing fingers is a pretty good indicator.
While you were attempting to tale things off at post 50, and I'm not giving out an official warning since you managed to just about avoid personal insult, you were definitely close to the lin there, so in future please learn to cool it.

@lav andric, a mod warning for you too. Calling someone stupid, and saying they have low intelligence is  definitely! stepping into the realms of personal insult, as I must say yet again! the provocation doesn't matter, it's the insults and personal attacks that do.

And that's it! now I need coffee! and hopefully people can behave themselves without adult supervision for half an hour!

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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