2017-12-26 15:53:58

hi everyone.
i have to inform you, that sam tupy can screw servers (he likes doing this) screwing computers (he's done this lots)
please avoid this dangerous server screwer and computer fuckifier at all costs.
redspot has a virus that if activated, will make your computer unbootable.
to conclude, sam tupy is a server screwing idiot, a computer fucking ass hat, and generally a danger to be round.
thank you for reading.

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2017-12-26 16:01:24

i don't know if anyone remembers svc host, which was a program sam tupy made which could control the microphone and camra, and control anyones computer he was connected to. and also, he basicly has full acsess to anyones computer who plays redspot, so basicly, if you piss him off on that game, you can say bye bye computer.

2017-12-26 16:06:02

Poor blindies who screwed up their computers by themselves and decided to blame a dev cause he probably banned them from a game. Post 1 deserves a reward for the most useless post of the year, and post 2 at least has some sense, but the program you are mentioning you choose to install by yourself, it doesn't get installed by him if that thing even exists. So, i am genuinely curious what this thread wants to achieve? If I think I should avoid a developer, I will avoid him/her by myself, not thanks to a random post i've read somewhere.

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2017-12-26 16:13:21

Could someone please move this to general game discussions, or just delete it? This sertainly is not a new release.

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2017-12-26 16:27:46

I don't get the point of this topic

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2017-12-26 16:33:00

@2 *sighs* SVChost is a normal freaking windows process, it was not made by sam tupy, it was made by microsoft and is a normal part of windows.

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2017-12-26 16:38:11

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah whats that stupid  topick
i didnot understand any thing from it,just, blah blahblah blah blah blah
I request the management to delete this, stupid thread hahahahah

2017-12-26 16:46:06

The only reason that leaves like these people write for games developers is that they have been banned them or their disagreements with each other, so please transfer your differences away, this forum is not to put Personal problems with guys  and bad words

2017-12-26 16:54:30

yawn, I can already invision what happened. Cuddley plays redspot. Cuddley cheats and gets banned. Cuddley gets really really pissed at sam because of something he brought onto himself, and thus he decides to try and ruin sam's reputation by posting in the *wrong* room of the forum, and not providing any evidence to support his claims. Move on, sensable people. Nothing to see here.

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2017-12-26 17:07:52

@ironcross32, SVC host is indeed a windows prossess, but sam tupy also made a program with that same name, disigned to spy on peoples computers, just look at the redspot topic for proofe. also, i could be wrong, but i think stormm was the one he first used it on, so if anyone he could tell you, don't quote me on that though

2017-12-26 17:09:32

i think it was around page 10 where sam told us everything, when ivan decided to have a fit and hack redspot and make that RS cheat thing

2017-12-26 17:15:58

Hi. Can this be moved out of new releases please?

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2017-12-26 17:19:10

Regardless, what does this do in the new releases room? Admins please move this topic and Kudly, look where you're posting before you do.

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2017-12-26 17:43:31

.  Please, move this topic.  That's all I'm going to say regarding this matter

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2017-12-26 17:46:47

I reported the post so hopefuly it will be removed soon.

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2017-12-26 17:51:16

Oh poor storm, everybody hacked his computer.

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2017-12-26 17:56:51

At post number1, I want to thank you very much for putting a smile on my face today, well I was already smiling, but you've caused me to burst out in a fit of laughter. I found your post so amusing,
had you done some homework, before you took the time to post in the wrong place on the form, to report a utterly wrong, statement, and then whent on to try to spread wrong information about a developer, you'd have realized that this was not the way to deal with the situation.
But dear post number one.
Thank you nun the less for making me laugh.

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2017-12-26 17:58:11

The reason this is in here is because the person who posted it wants the attention. These topics are everywhere. Why can't you guys just like not post this stuff. This more spamme than useful information let alone a release. It's a new release alright, a new release of uselessness. Please just del this, no need to actually even move it. There's about 399 of these in the general game thing already.

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Have a nice day peeps

2017-12-26 18:07:27

connor142 wrote:

yawn, I can already invision what happened. Cuddley plays redspot. Cuddley cheats and gets banned. Cuddley gets really really pissed at sam because of something he brought onto himself, and thus he decides to try and ruin sam's reputation by posting in the *wrong* room of the forum, and not providing any evidence to support his claims. Move on, sensable people. Nothing to see here.

yup probably exactly what happened.

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2017-12-26 18:09:26

aha guys,
thanks for your great imagination and thanks for your entertaining posts. SVChost is just a normal windows process, and sam didn't make a program like that. LOL LOL LOL LOL. Guys, grab a beer and some pop corn, and enjoy the show of entertainment! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAy lol lol lol i am dieing of laughter lol lol.
in all seriousness, grow up people
regards and a merry christmas

kind regards and have a nice day,

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2017-12-26 18:14:04

on another note, this seems to have come up just because of a ban or something, kids, if you get banned, get over it and move on. No need for this entertaining bullcrap everytime you get banned and go say some random bullshit about  a dev.

kind regards and have a nice day,

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2017-12-26 18:16:25

this was been put in new releases because it's a new release from a childish brain that doesn't have nothing to do in his life rather than speaking bad of people that don't do what he wants or because he got pissed off by other people.

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2017-12-26 18:30:38 (edited by braille0109 2017-12-26 18:34:10)

so, guys. you asked. what will this post achieve? the simple answer is, entertainment. I'm fucking dying right now. hell, if anything, any dev, who knows what they're doing, has the power to hack, OK, now move on. second thing, just look at the 2 users who bought up the topic, then decide whether the source is credible. then, look at cuddley's 20 gigs worth of cloned game sources, and question whether if Sam truly hacked him, maybe he did it for a reason? but seriously, come on, just take a good laugh, and move on. the guys are desperate, we all know.

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2017-12-26 18:42:09

Alright guys I think we all know this thread is firstly in the wrong place, and secondly is only going to cause drama.  I don't know if any other moderators are already looking into this thread or not, so rather than delete it I'm just going to move it to off-topic.  At least this way one of the 2 issues is officially resolved.

As for the drama part, without speaking to other mods first I wouldn't want to just close or delete this thread.  I may have a way to give each "side" a bit of credit, to help round out the edges and help smooth things out a bit.

The svc host program people are referring to is one that Sam actually admitted he created.  It was on page 12 of the redspot topic, and I'll quote part of it here where Sam sums it up.  Keep in mind that this was posted way back in June of 2016, so none of this is "new" news.

Sam_Tupy wrote:

Hi. Ok, time to set things strate. First, let's not have this topic turn into a drama imblazened mess. This SVCHost thing ivan is talking about does exist, one of the most stupid things i've made that doesn't even exist anymore. I did some really dumb things with it that I can't take back now, most of it way in the passed. If you guys want, i'll even post loads of recordings just so you can see how much of an idiot I was in those years. I wasn't originally going to say this and none of you believe ivan, but you deserve to know anyway. It was a really bad script that could do all sorts of dumb shit. It's gone now, but yeah. Back in 2014 before I could use my programming power maturely, I did all this shit, similar to what ivan did. I never stole anything, but it was similar. I hope i've shown though by my games and just generally me that i've moved on from that shit. The script doesn't even exist anymore. It was a lot of personal crap that went on, thus why none of you guys heard about it. I'd rather not go into it though. I regret what I did, but it's to late to take it back now. I'm expecting everyone to be pissed at me, but what ever. I've been considering posting a topic about it, because it's been a wait on my chest sence 2014, and I wish it would go away. Again everything I did was purely personal and didn't really do much, never stole one line of source code or data, but honestly. If I could take it all back? I would. I would have said something before if it wasn't that this was all personal shit that went on, but again. I don't know what the hell the response to this hole thing is going to be, but i'm sick of holding this shit all inside anyway. If you guys want more information about what went on, let's just make like, a skype group or something, ok? This is a game topic, not a let's throw shit at people topic.

So yes SVChost is a normal windows process, but also yes Sam did create a script of the same name meant to gain access to other people's computers.  Both sides in this thread have truth to them so there is no need to mock or dismiss anyone here quite yet.  I know I haven't done a good job of really ending the discussion in here, but people tend to be more calm and respectful when they can see where the other side is coming from.  Lets keep things civil please.

P.S.  My stepping in doesn't mean another mod won't close or delete this topic.  I was just passing through, so I don't know what may be being decided by other mods at this time.  Keeping things civil and having a respectful and rational discussion from here on out can only help things though, so I do hope that is what happens.  Take care.  smile

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2017-12-26 19:27:58

I need help! I'm laughing too much!
And yeah, svc host was tested on me a big while ago, but I deserved it.
Anyway, lol. I'm laughing.

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