2017-12-09 02:01:56

Hi. Just to let people know that resetting the PC helped it, and now I installed jaws just fine.

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2017-12-09 06:46:27

hi Nidza, glad it worked out for you. smile

There's a place for me in this universe. and our journey continues on, together

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2017-12-09 12:17:55

Windows 10 is not sucked. I was using it on a core I3, with 4GB ram, 500GB hdd on Dell Vostro 260 without an issue.

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2017-12-09 12:30:06 (edited by Orko 2017-12-09 12:37:45)

For what it's worth, Freedom Scientific changed to a new installer system beginning with JAWS 2018. Even though I don't have any issues with it, I don't like the new installer. The old installer allowed you to select which components got installed and which ones didn't. This new installer just installs everything.

Anyway, I'm glad you finally got it sorted out.

Has it ever occurred to anybody that the video intercept driver has been a part of JAWS for so long that to get rid of it Freedom Scientific would probably have to do a total rewrite and no company is going to do that to a successful product. Whether they want it or not, they are kind of stuck with it.

That being said, I would guess that video accessibility is just the video intercept driver implemented in a way that complies with Windows 10 requirements.

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2017-12-10 14:16:31

Whether they want it or no, one day they will have to rewrite it and even they know it. About the new installer, it's just a great thing they god rid of that ancient stupid installer that takes 1 hour to download .net framework and 30 minutes to get the OCR package. This new one took me 5 minutes to install jaws. Not as fast as NVDA, but that can't be even expected due to how many components jaws needs. About choosing the components you want: The previous installer allowed you to choose between typical and a custom install, while the new one doesn't. Either this is an oversight, although the custom install was mostly there for choosing some legacy components that noone uses nowadays like hardware synths, and also most people didn't even use the custom install option so they wanted the install process to be as simple as possible since they had to make TTS speak through the entire process.

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2017-12-10 16:15:53

My complaint about not being able to choose components not to install comes from the size of JAWS. If I allow only JAWS itself to be installed, it is less than 20 MB, but if I allow the remote access components to be installed, the size jumps up to over 150 MB.

With that in mind, and that I have no need for remote access functionality, I always marked those components to not be installed.

So now I'm forced to install over 140 MB of bloatware I'll never use.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

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2017-12-10 17:35:17

I agree that's quite stupid, though in these days 100 MB is really nothing. As I said maybe they've just forgotten about it when making the new installer, so if you're a legal jaws user it might be worth contacting them.

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2017-12-10 18:33:17

I already did, they basically said that they thought it would be better to have a simple install than to give users any options.

About as bad as Microsoft and Windows Update in Windows 10.

But you are right, these days, 100 MB is hardly anything when hard drives and SSDs are frequently over 300 GB in size.

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2017-12-10 21:12:08

Was afraid i would see that. Unfortunately that's the general FS principle. I don't need OCR, well who cares we'll download it for you automatically. Just like the training materials, the FS reader daisy book reader and so on.

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2017-12-10 21:41:54

Does jaws 12 have OCR? I have jaws 12 on windows 7, and since i don't want to pay to upgrade to 16 or 2018 since i'll have to pay like 1000 bucks to upgrade 5 versions to 2018, version 12 is the one i'm stuck with. Is there any built in OCR or anything I can install to use it? I've only just discovered that it works on pdfs, up until last week I thought those were completely inaccessible. I also would be able to actually use steam. I don't want to use NVDA unless I really have to, any solutions? I'm using windows 7 remember, so I don't think there's built in OCR like in 10. I will probably have to use NVDA for this, but if I can I'd prefer jaws.

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2017-12-10 22:45:54

Unfortunately, I don't know when Freedom Scientific introduced JAWS' convenient OCR. I started using JAWS at version 15 and convenient OCR was already in that version.

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2017-12-10 22:51:51

if you're upgrading from a version that old I think you should be able to get a deal to upgrade much cheeper than actually having to pay the full amount for all the SMA's from 12 to 2018. years ago a friend transferred his jaws 6 licence to me and it only cost me £250 to upgrade it to 14 which was the latest one at the time. dunno if they still do deals like that but worth asking them.

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2017-12-10 23:02:10

I just checked Freedom Scientific's web site. On the JAWS download page they have a combo box that lets you read the what's new for different versions of JAWS.

From that I was able to discover that convenient OCR was introduced with version 13.

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2017-12-11 04:16:33

You're right, Orko. The OCR thingy was introduced since the launch of JAWS13. JAWS 12 doesn't have capability to do the OCR. Unless you're using JAWS 13, or newer.

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2017-12-11 14:19:01 (edited by Orko 2017-12-11 14:22:19)


You must have a really slow internet connection, I've never had JAWS take more than five minutes to install, if even that long, usually only a couple of minutes is all it needs. Even on a freshly set up clean system with nothing but Windows on it.

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2017-12-11 15:03:04

Can't install jaws 2018? It's easy.
You don't.



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2017-12-11 15:20:23


That is your opinion, and only your opinion, and you are welcome to it.

Now, here's my opinion. I like JAWS, a lot. I definitely like it a lot better than I like NVDA.

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2017-12-11 18:17:39

i wish there was a way. to actualy extract the setup your self and only install the stuff you need. hmm, wonder if you can actually download the vidio accessability file manually and install them sepretly,

There's a place for me in this universe. and our journey continues on, together

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2017-12-11 21:36:41

I'd never love to install jaws on a clean windows. But anyways, ogomez92. Can't post anything constructive? It's easy, you don't! I'm guessing you read the first post and nothing else.

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2018-07-01 17:42:00

If you use the command /layout after the jaws setup file, it will download all of it's necessary files and put it in your specific folder, this will allow a user to install jaws completely offline.
Maybe, then you can extract the setup files and delete the remote feature.

All the best,
Adel, Akbari.

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2018-07-01 18:16:16

I'm going to ask you guys who think windows 10 sucks and is supposedly terrible: Why is it that whenever you or someone else has a problem installing or using something on windows 10, you immediately blame it on windows 10? What kind of fucked up, shitty world do you live in? If it was a windows 10 issue, every single person on the planet running windows 10 and who uses that program would be having that same problem. Clearly though, that's not the case! If windows 10 lags for you, please, first, consider your machine specifications, and for once in your lives consider that your machine might suck. I'm getting tired of seeing (and hearing it) whenever people have problems with programs, and them constantly claiming its windows 10 without any evidence to prove it! If you want to blame it on windows 10, prove it first!
Rant over. I had to get that out of the way.

"On two occasions I have been asked [by members of Parliament!]: 'Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out ?' I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question."    — Charles Babbage.

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2018-07-01 18:20:39

I can install Jaws just fine, I am running Windows 10 here   and there are no problems for me, so I highly doubt it is Windows 10. In fact, I know it is not

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2018-07-01 18:49:40

@Ethin @tysonsylvester123 The problem is, people on here will just mindlessly hate with no second thoughts. If they have a grudge against something, they'll blame that something for everything, and ridicule people who think any different. It's sad, but it's the truth.

If anyone wants to add me on Skype, it's garrett.brown2014.

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2018-07-02 04:15:13

@8: I still don't know of a screen reader that doesn't implement virtual buffers except in the case of Window-Eyes where they made the screen reader view a dynamic version of the page and did away with snapshots altogether (which ultimately didn't work out too well, IMO.) NVDA certainly does use virtual buffers; they just call it "browse mode." This is why you have to toggle the screen reader out of Browse Mode to enter data into a form. So, yeah, we need to think of a new way to present web pages to blind people because the method currently employed is outdated, but for now every single screen reader I know of uses it, including both JAWS (as you mentioned) and NVDA. So this isn't just an FS problem, it's a problem all around. I'm a full-time NVDA user and have never even had JAWS installed on this system, so my only reason for posting this is to point out that the issue you raise re: virtual buffers isn't a valid reason to not like one screen reader over another.

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2018-07-02 10:16:08

The only time I had trouble installing JAWS on Windows 10 was when I tried to install the latest version while setting up this machine back in January. I suspect trying to do that before updates were applied wasn't the best idea. The previous version worked though, and then I was able to install the latest version. I don't really know if that was due to Windows updates being finished or something else though.

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