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Since I probably can't put it any better than they can, here is a copy of the official announcement from Out of site games:

In the summer of 2013, two blind game developers came together around a shared dream: to create a game that could be played without sight, but recaptured some of the sense of wonder and discovery they had enjoyed in mainstream titles. Before long, they had started work on a project. The road would be long, but they were confident they could deliver—all they needed was time…
Over the next years, the duo grew into a small team, taking on the name Out of Sight Games. The team had the skills and means to make the quality of game that the founding pair never could have dreamed of making on their own. They were going to do something special for the community of gamers blind and sighted alike—all they needed was time…
This past January, that community rallied around a Kickstarter project in awe-inspiring fashion. Suddenly, Out of Sight Games had the means to expand and develop this passion project more than they’d dared to hope. They finally had all the tools—all they needed was time…
On December 29, 2017, that time will have come.
We’re incredibly excited to announce the official release date for A Hero’s Call. On December 29, anyone who didn’t earn a free copy of the game by supporting our campaign will be able to purchase it directly from OutOfSightGames.com for $19.99 USD.
You can expect more details about release in the coming weeks—but in the meantime, here are a few things to note:
- This release will be completely non-visual, meaning it will not support graphics of any kind, and will be completely playable through sound. We’re still working towards a full graphics update in the future, but we wanted to ensure that the game’s original target audience got to play the game as soon as possible. Blind gamers get left out often enough in the gaming world—it only seemed fair that, for once, they should be the priority. If you’re interested in playing with graphics when available, but don’t want to wait to purchase, don’t worry—the addition of graphics will not be a separate release; it will be a free update to the game you can purchase starting December 29.
- The release will only be available for PC, and only for sale at OutOfSightGames.com. While we do hope to release the game through other marketplaces in the future, and are continuing to look into the possibility of publishing for other platforms, none of these hopes are going to become a reality in time for our December 29 release.
- Not all incentives will be available on release. For those of you who have earned tactile cover art by donating at Level 3 or higher, or the lucky few who scored the collector’s edition, we have to beg your patience a while longer. This is because we want the collector’s edition disc to include the full-graphics version of the game, and will not be ordering our cover art prints until we are getting the physical media as well. All free digital copies will be honored, however, including for those who will be receiving collector’s editions. The bonus item pack will also be available on release for all who donated at the appropriate level.
This has been a moment a long time coming—far longer than our estimate in January, and nearly 4 1/2 years in total. We couldn’t have done it without you, and thanks to your support, this is just the beginning. As for what’s next…time will tell.
~ The Out of Sight Games Team

If you have any comments (which likely you will given this has been a pretty major deal for quite some time now), then feel free to make them in Yonder topic

One thing is certain, obviously 2018 will be a pretty good year for audiogames!

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Blindness isn't a disability, but a diffrent way of seeing things

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cool! looking forward to that for that's something i love. adventure, and specially when things come in at unexpected times. oo yay!

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come on, you could have done much better then copy_pasting the announcement! lol

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I have to agree there—Dark's posts are always a joy to read. Either way though, we appreciate the shout-out.

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