2017-10-30 00:50:38

Well, sadly for me, I ws looking quite forward to this after reading both threads, but it's sad to see that in that large amount of time you weren't able to add emulator support.
This program will be great for people who  have large amounts of cash to by all the latest and greatest pc games but i was really hoping for something to make ps3 or ps4 games accessible. aka "sony fight"

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2017-10-30 01:04:09

Couple things here. First of all do you realize how difficult it was to make this? Emulator support will be added eventually, but this is just a first release. I for one really do appreciate it and hope that r3dux doesn't see this and think people are that ungreatful. Secondly do you realize how much is actually needed to emulate a ps3/ps4 game? You say this is just for people who can afford the great pcs/games, but how do you expect to emulate ps3/ps4 without "the latest and greatest pc games?"

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2017-10-30 01:06:11

Well he did say that it wouldn't be included in this release, but it wasn't ruled out as a possibility. This is the first release. Just give it some time for any issues to be ironed out and to see where things go.

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2017-10-30 01:14:35

Sorry to double post, but I am also having the same problem outlined in post 23. I have checked the version and product numbers and they match the numbers presented in post 24. I also made sure that I was actually on the main menu instead of the dialogue on first run that asks you if it should create a new save. I also made sure that both the game and SoniFight were run as administrator.

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2017-10-30 02:03:29

Thanks for release it!
I'm downloading it now!

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2017-10-30 02:17:34

Okay maybe I should explain more. Basically my problem is with the name of the program itself, sony fight suggests that this program works with sony playstations. Second off the first post should be updated to say this program works with pc games only. I literally was super excited when I first read this topic, then totally shot down when I read more.

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2017-10-30 03:18:43

first off,
thanks for releasing SoniFight V1.0.
second, I do not know if this program is accessible.
also, how do I use it and how do I play it?
if I download the program how do I install it and what is it for?

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2017-10-30 03:53:43 (edited by brian.kurosawa 2017-10-30 03:54:22)

Use the links and read the documentations. Thats the purpose of it.

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2017-10-30 04:29:35

I have the most updated version but unfortunately it only reads character names.

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2017-10-30 04:34:42

wait so how did you get the spoken menus working? is that with cheat engine too?

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2017-10-30 04:35:50

also the mortal kombat config stopped working for me a few times when I first tested it. now its working great though.

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2017-10-30 04:44:08 (edited by r3dux 2017-10-30 05:15:03)

Hi there.

Well, v1.0 is available and there are some teething problems, which is to be expected on the first release of any piece of software - but if you'll bear with me I'm sure it's nothing we can't thrash out with a little thought and experimentation.

@atland and gamedude - Sorry it's not doing much for street fighter 4, I have a feeling it might be due to unicode string comparison issues - is your game displaying menus and such in a language that isn't English?

To start diagnosing this, could you run the PointerChainTester_x86.exe in the bin/x86 folder, then launch street fighter in a window, then give the chain tester the process SSFIV to connect to, give it a pointer chain of 132FDC, 180 and a data type of String (UTF-16) and then move up and down on the SF4 main menu looking to see what the output in the chain tester "Value" field is.

If the chain tester value says NOT CONNECTED TO PROCESS there's the initial problem. If it connects to the process and displays text in german or such, then SoniFight won't recognise it because it's looking for a match to the English strings. A german, french or whatever language version of the config could be created simply by changing the text in the game config for each trigger that compares to a string value via the SoniFight UI to the specific text that displays in your localised version of the game. This might be a bit of a pain, but a lot of the triggers are string based in the SF4 config unfortunately (this is explained in the pointer chain finding tips/tricks/fails video i.e. video 3).

Numerical values such as health, super, ultra and so on should still work in-game because they compare against numbers, and that should be universal.

@buu420 - This is not Sony Fight. This is software that performs son - (rhymes with John) - ification for (initially) fighting games, but uses a very generalisable technique that can be applied to other games. If you read the general game discussion post then you should be aware that I've stated over and over again that this software will only work on PC and not consoles, although it could be applied to emulated games running on a PC in the future.

The software is not designed to target only the latest and greatest games, and once it works seamlessly with emulators it should be straight-forward to create configs for many games which you can download and play for free. If you were absolutely determined to do so you could get SoniFight to work with emulators right now if you targetted a specific emulator loading a specific game - nothing is stopping you. However, when the emulator version changes it might change the memory layout and hence break the configs, which is why I'll be working on a 'seamless' way of doing it that locates the start of the emulated system memory and offsets from there in the future.

I'm sorry if you feel led on / let down, nothing would make me happier than to have a really clean solution to help provide sonification to any and everything - but unfortunately it's a difficult problem that we have to attack in a 'black box' manner (that is, without knowing how the internals of any game work). And the only way to do that is little by little.

2017-10-30 04:51:43

Wow, what a cool concept! I'd love to give this a go with mk9, but I have the wrong windows version sadly.

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2017-10-30 04:59:23

Oddly enough, when I use the PointerChainTester (X86) and attempt to use the chain you provided, the program crashes with the error below:
System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: '!!0[] System.Array.Empty()'.

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2017-10-30 05:00:24

Hm, yeah, I was thinking why my USFIV is not working with SoniFight and I realised it's in polish.
Also, I was expecting you can use TOLK / NVDA to read everything, is this actually doable instead of the samples?

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2017-10-30 05:27:35 (edited by r3dux 2017-10-30 05:42:26)

@gamedude - The pointer chain tester crashes?! Holy hole in a donut... I've never seen that happen. Do you have the .NET framework 4.7 or higher installed? The latest version is 4.7.1 which can be found here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downloa … x?id=56115.

Looking at StackOverflow would suggest that this is something to do with older DLLs on your system (source).

@Lirin - yeah, you can totally use tolk output rather than samples. There's a lot of samples in the SF4 folder because when I started working on it I didn't have tolk integration so I was just generating and playing file-based samples. You can happily modify a trigger which uses a sample to use tolk by simply checking the "use tolk" checkbox for that trigger and replacing the sample filename field (i.e. foo.mp3) with the text you want output to your screen reader - then save and run the config and you should be all set.

If this is the first time experimenting with triggers you might want to pick a trigger that you know works (like a clock or "health low") trigger, then modify it to use tolk, save and run the config and test it out. Be sure to launch your screen reader before you click Run Selected Config in SoniFight because it tries to locate the screen reader before it attaches to the game process.

Oh, and sorry about the string based comparisons for menu sonification in SF4 - I couldn't find another way to do it. The MK9 menu sonification is based on numbers though so should work fine.

2017-10-30 06:19:46

So, do I understand this? if not, correct me please.

To make a config I need to know the menus to write the text which will be played throught tolk or samples? or can tolk ust recognise what is on the screen?

This is actually something we used (with Mike Z.) in Skullgirls which is ully accessible on Steam.

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2017-10-30 06:34:42

@Lirin - Unfortunately it's not that simple. While we can compare a value to a string such as some text related to a menu, we also need to know where in memory we should look for that string, which is where pointer chains come into it. I've uploaded a demonstration video of the software, and 3 separate videos on finding and using pointer chains to YouTube which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/user/r3dux/videos.

SkullGirls uses the tolk screen reader abstraction library exactly like SoniFight does - but the skullgirls developers have the skullgirls source code which makes it easy for them to provide audio prompts - we're coming at this from the opposite direction where we don't have the source code, so we have to do a little bit more work.

2017-10-30 06:36:05

anthony002 wrote:

Wow, what a cool concept! I'd love to give this a go with mk9, but I have the wrong windows version sadly.

While I can't guarantee it'll work, you could always give it a shot - nothing ventured, nothing gained ;-)

2017-10-30 07:26:04

hi when i put in 132FDC, 180 i get this

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2017-10-30 09:23:48

Wow, thats a realy realy interesting concept!

What about older games which using Dosbox? Thats the same emulator-problem, wright?

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2017-10-30 09:28:32

Probably i had trouble because my game are in Brazilian Portuguese. Let me try setting the language to english. Thnanks anyway.

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2017-10-30 11:08:49 (edited by hadi.gsf 2017-10-30 12:03:08)

I still haven't  tried working with sonyfight, But that's because i'm  tousling with Fifa and cheat engine. It is an absolute nightmare, Sometimes values unlogically change, sometimes they work as intended.

BTW, regarding cheat engine,  I'd like to know, is there a way to copy the found memory address + the value of it with a hotkey or something? I tried right clicking on it but there is no copy function. It's pretty hard to write them by hand, specially with a screen reader. I for example have five memory addresses, three of them having very long value, things like that.
edit: I just found that first i should copy the address to the address list, and then from there i can copy it or scan for pointers.
which takes me to my next question, I'm trying to scan an address for pointers but after the scan is done i get 0 results. I'm not sure why's this happening.

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2017-10-30 11:12:44

hi i cant change my keys when i configure my keys and press escape i get no save option. or can i change the keys in a config file?

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2017-10-30 17:55:35

Wow, the whole speaking menu thing is really cool, and I can't wait when people will start experimenting on old school RPGs like Final Fantasy VI and others. The only thing I think would be difficult with the FF series is with the active time battle system, as it could quickly be very verbose and hard to follow, then it may just be due to the way I imagine things.
SO, congrats and keep up the good work!

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