2018-04-17 18:12:10


I'm not so sure, I really think we should be able to walk around and use lightsabers instead, because the combat system is great, but it just seems like you can not do unlimited things. For example, I'd love to twirl my lightsaber at enemies as much as I want, while having the ability to block and attach at the same time.

Also, it would be great if you can add stats. Damage would be how much damage dealt to the enemy. The lightsaber twirls could be a lot worse if it was upgraded. Also, we should have an online mode which players can do unlimited things like walk around, kill droids, kill people with their lightsaber ETC. Also, adding minnygames.

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2018-04-17 18:13:41

Hi again

One thing I'd love to do is help with some of the pain sounds for the enemy. Is it possible I can do that and if so how can I send some of the pain sounds I create to you? I could be the voice of the emperor also.

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2018-04-18 22:16:56

Hi can anyone tell me when the next update is going to be released? I'm so excited for the next update, thanks!

May the force be with you!!

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2018-04-19 17:37:18

I'm excited too, but I'm also happy to wait for as long as it takes.

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2018-04-19 18:17:09

Well i heard he has a lot of work, so yeah. I hope he will still work on it.

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2018-04-24 06:11:32

What do you think your next game is after the major update to Clash of Lightsabers?

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2018-04-26 03:42:23 (edited by Erick 2018-04-26 04:03:53)


It's Erick and I was wondering, did anyone read the features I would like to see in the next update and if so, what do you think of the ideas? Also you can add to them if you want.
Also the sounds for your Lightsaber are so great! One thing I need to point out, the twirl sound sounds like it's coming from somewhere else, or something. But overall great game and sound.As stated in my first post of this game, I said that their should be an online mode. If this happens [which I hope it will],, are you going to create it on a server? Also do you eve have a server for the online mode? I was just wondering, since you said their would be an online mode in the future. Keep up the games and may the force be with you.

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2018-04-26 16:37:43

@Erick, would you please consider using the edit post function?  there's currently several posts in a row from you with no response, which makes things look quite messy.
I too am excited to see where the direction of this game goes.  I see a lot of potential.  smile

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2018-05-08 04:39:24

I really hope this developer updates it. It seems like it's taking a long time and now he is not responding to eMails. I think he is busy but I would rather a response then just nothing.

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2018-05-08 22:49:43

this game i think would be good for modding. like a mod called dragonball z ultimate battles.

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2018-05-10 06:10:18

Um, yes, but he is creating a Star Wars game here. And it just want it to be a Star Wars game. But yes it could be good. It just seems like he isn't updating it anymore and I'm tired of waiting for the next update. I'm excited, but I mean, I'm just tired of waiting. But at least it is the first Star Wars game for the blind.

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2018-05-10 06:42:22

Honestly, this game could be revamped to be so much more.

The way it is currently, people would play it for a bit, then put it aside.

That is exactly what I did.

Bop it style kombat is so boring.

Maybe it's because I played some mainstream games, but the blind comunity could do a lot better than bop it style combat games, and that is what this game is.

You can disguise it anyway you like, but at the end of the day, that's what it is.

I'll keep an eye on the game, but I don't think you can do much more with the combat part.

You can add more levels but it still doesn't change anything.

Until you can move about during combat, similar to pontes duell, it'll just be another bopit style game.

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2018-07-30 20:38:56

What the heck is going on with this project?

I really want to know what is going on since it's bin a long someone has updated it. Please don't tell me the developer is quitting, because if he is,, I'd be pistoling off if he did that. I really hope he is not quitting, I'm a huge Star Wars fan and really would love to see more things in the game, and also making the Star Wars universe accessible to the blind. So far we got the Starship and Hoth.

I can't stop playing this game, but I wanna see more updates, please.

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2018-07-31 19:28:30

I still look forward to seeing this game being updated.. A revamp would be great!

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2018-07-31 19:31:47

I know, I even have some star Wars ambient sound effects like the Emporer's thrown room and also Jedi Starship.

If anyone wants then it's like 1hour long, so yeah. but I can't stop playing this game, even though I get board.. It's star Wars and I love Star Wars. I can survive on knight mode only once, meaning I can kill one knight. The twirling should be revamped, like it could be upgraded. Their should also be a leveling system and an online version.

Is he going to update this game? So far I've eMailed him and he hasn't responded yet.

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2018-07-31 19:32:58

I kind of wish it was more like a RPG kind of like how kotor was for the Xbox. instead of just combat.

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2018-10-01 12:46:18

i am verry sad; be kuz the game dont work on my computer. Win r a r bich

my reel name is mike
I am the stranger hu livs in the galaxy. If you want to contact me; you can e mail me at [email protected] And have a good dey

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2018-10-01 15:39:17

Well, a rpg, similar to Kotor would be really awesome..

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2018-10-15 19:11:02

Is this game even going to be updated? Because if it is not then all I can see is graaaaaaaaaa!

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2018-10-15 19:45:31

No I don't think so.

I’m half monkey, half human.
When in the forest, I grab everything that gets in my way, At school I watch videos or do something else,
It’s monkey business.
Business monkey’s here!

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2018-10-15 19:54:00

oh good luck. I will be try this game

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2018-10-15 20:02:21

I knew it. I knew it! Another game developer who dropped a game. This is ridiculous!

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2018-10-15 20:42:50

Yeah I know, audio game devs do make worse games these days, or when they finally make good games, they don't update it anymore or the dev puts the server down. I hate that!

I’m half monkey, half human.
When in the forest, I grab everything that gets in my way, At school I watch videos or do something else,
It’s monkey business.
Business monkey’s here!

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2018-10-19 06:06:44

did he really forget?

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2018-10-19 14:57:42

Yeah I think he did. Therefore, you can drop it

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