2017-10-24 18:18:29

If someone would write up a guide for the different menus that would be so helpful.
If someone could write up how to do the different moves, including finisher, submissions and pin that would be awesome and helpful.
Also if someone could write up a guide for how to get in the ring set the ladder down that would be great.

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2017-10-25 13:22:48

I'm playing a lot of here comes the pain at the moment.  So, so much fun. 
I can alter moves and everything.  I just wish I could OCR the season mode text.

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2017-10-26 00:25:06

SvR 2006 ftw....admittedly for managing the career in 2k18 I really, REALLY hate the bullrap scripted stuff, There's one point in the early areer where you get put into a series....and.....it's a best of five. Make that a best of two matches because you don't even get to play the start of the series, it's the same cutscene and exact commentary repeated twice to put you down 0-2, then you get put into a backstage brawl then you get to go and finally play the series out for the last three matches which you happen to win, by shenanigans, I won' spoil what but it's just screaming oooooh drama, DRAMA!

No. From an actual gameplay point, ya know, lemme play the matches, let the other  guy win by some cutscene 5 or so minutes into the match instead of go to match card, speak to producer, , loading screen, cutscene of loss, loading screen, go to car, loading screen, go to match ard, speak to producer, loading screen, interview,, loading screen, lose match instantly, loading screen, interview, brawl, loading screen.....I mean, the career overall, the idea is good, but.....that sort of thin just drags it out. I just don't like being told oh you're in a best of 5 series, instantly lose two without even gettin a chance to go out into the ring and put on a show.....that's just cheap and lazy I feel

If in doubt, chocolate and coffee. Enough said.

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2017-10-26 02:06:48

Can you explain a few things for all of us?
Which button on the xBox one do I need to press to pin?
How can I pull off a successful submission?
I got the game set on easy but I only won two matches against the computer since I got the game.
How can I win more matches?
If you could also explain the different menus that would be great too.

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2017-10-26 03:58:39

Well I played 2k18 again.
And of course I lost another match.
I don't see how anyone blind can play this game.
If I can't get any help with this title then I guess I'll see if Microsoft will refund me my money.
I heard from different blind people that I would be able to play WWE 2k18 but I guess they are wrong.
If someone would help me that would be great.
Then I will give the game another chance.

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2017-10-29 11:05:59

Hi. for those who are interested, here is a link to the wwe 2k18 controls for xbox1 and ps4.
http://www.usgamer.net/articles/20-10-2 … e-controls
Hope it helps.
note: you unfortunately have to copy and payst the URL since I don't know how to post it as a link.

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2017-10-30 06:33:28

just get some help or use OCR to turn the sliders down. I am playing just fine other than the damn pin system. also turn the reverse limit off.

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2017-10-30 06:34:57

also svr 06 is the best. now you're making me want to get my ps2 setup again to play it. too lazy to configure the emulator for it.

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