2017-09-16 04:07:28

Here are the steps to exclude files in Windows Defender.

what you'll need to do is go to your system tray and right click on the "Actions Needed" button. To do this, you focus on the button, press NVDA shift M if using a laptop layout, NVDA numpad divide if on desktop, then NVDA right bracket if on laptop, numpad multiply if on desktop. If using JAWS, route the jaws cursor to the PC cursor, and press numpad multiply. Once the menu pops up, hit open. Windows Defender security center should appear. From here, you'll need to tab to the list that says home 1 of 6. Down arrow to virus and threat protection and press enter. Hit Virus and Threat protection settings. Click the add or remove exclusions link, then add exclusion button. Down arrow to folder, then select the folder containing the stuff you'd like to exclude. After that, you can close this out.

Hope this helps someone!

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