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I've been noticing an unusual number of articles lately focusing exclusively on audio design in mainstream games, so I figured I'd share them here for those who have an interest:

[Composer and director of Rakuen on crafting an evocative soundtrack]
[Spilt Milk on the secrets of SpatialOS audio design]
[Video A postmortem look at the scoring of BioShock Infinite]
[Rise Shine Audio postmortem]
[Variation for the video game composer the music of Little Lords of Twilight]
[Making Ear Monsters Developing a 3D Audio Game]
[QA Creating Horizon Zero Dawns neoprehistoric soundtrack]
[The Ultimate Collection of Game Audio Interviews, Articles, and Videos]
[The minimalist sound design of The Witness]
[Creating Ambient Audio For LA Noire & The Banner Saga]
[What we learned improvising a live game soundtrack]
[Video: Designing EVE Onlines intelligent music system]
[Taking live soundtrack improvisation to the next level]
[Video: Deconstructing the Gothic horror music of Bloodborne]
[Audio Design Deep Dive: Scoring Wolfenstein II with the Baschet sonic sculptures]
[Video: Scoring Hell, Creating the music of Diablo III Reaper of Souls]
[Q&A: Musical scoring with SFX in mind for Call of Duty WWII]
[How to Build Audio For VR Games]
[Video: An inside look at the audio design of Killer Instinct]

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